Thursday, December 3, 2009

The “Who’s Jax” Art Show To Take Place In Atlanta

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By Danielle Harling

A little over a year after the untimely passing of rapper Chris “Jax” Thurston, renowned Atlanta tattoo shop City of Ink will host an art show in dedication to Jax.

Entitled the “Who’s Jax” art show, the show will be presented by, Jungle 45, and Binkis Records on December 11, 2009.

“Basically the motivation behind the ‘Who's Jax’ art show is a celebration and introduction to the brother Jax for those that knew him on a personal level to those that never got a chance to meet him,” rapper and good friend of Jax, Flux Wonda, told “Visual art work expressing Jax's character as a person and music. Bringing light to the legacy he already left with us. He and I started Binkis Records and within that Jax recorded five solo albums and a mix CD. Not to mention the countless amounts of collaborations. People need to know the brother.” READ

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