Thursday, June 30, 2011

VIDEO: The Black Opera "Sleep Tight" (Video Demonstration)

And let it BEGIN! - #TheBlackOpera WELCOME. These are The First Voices of The Black Opera. There are Many More to Come. What YOU are experiencing is an Official TBO DEMONSTRATION. This is Just The Beginning. Overture. WE Thank YOU. - #TheBlackOpera (Video by:

'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer HD

This looks pretty HARD!!!

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization's name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission grittier and more intense than this.


This Mixcd is a mix of North, south, east, west, international. old, new.
yea pretty much everything. You won't be bored listening to this joint!!

(Mix from the Das Racist Show @ Drunken Unicorn March/2011) Mixed by Dj Mafioso artwork by GoldiGold
DasRodriguez by mafiloko

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The first lump is going on thursday night with at THE EARL with Kool keith and all of Atl Finest. You know the deal! expect a fresh new showing of Binkis Recs as usual that night. Then at 12 am the jump off of FLUXWONDA BORNDAY!!!!

The second Lump. BINKIS RECS bornday cookout for the G-O-D Fluxwonda. It’s a potluck special also. Bring the goodness with the goodness and everything will be all goodness. the BBq jumps off at 3pm

VIDEO: Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun ft. Styles P & Sean Price - "That's Hard" [Directed by Court Dunn

YES YES Y'ALL!!! presents in association with Restless Films and Duck Down, ONE SHOT: PETE ROCK/SMIF-N-WESSUN/STYLES P/SEAN PRICE "THAT'S HARD" directed by Court Dunn.

Monday, June 27, 2011

VIDEO:Antifreeze (RBG Takova) by mikeflo RBG


Continuing on my journey to filmmaker, I consciously made an effort to stop and unpack my things for a while in music video-ville. I love good music, I love great video…so it just seems ideal for me to cut my proverbial teeth with directing and editing music videos. Here is my second video ever, Antifreeze (RBG Takeova) by mikeflo. Hope you enjoy the outcome as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

SENOR KAOS w 4-IZE- HARD TO QUIT THE RHYMES behind the scene video shoot

Quick behind the scene look at Senor Kaos w/ 4-IZE HARD TO QUIT THE RHYMES produce by Locsmif video shoot off of Senor Kaos - The Most Interesting MC In The World mixcd

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yep! The dude is about to hurt wack rappers feeling son!!!

BACK TO WORK by greatscotthiphop

Saturday, June 25, 2011

VIDEO: Nemo Achida - Dedication

Dope track and flow!

Greedmont Park presents "Dedication" the first and only preview of his forthcoming project, Goodbye Brooklyn. Available June 13th, 2011 [prod. by Sean "goldenchild" Mangan. Directed by Corey Davis]

Out Da Box TV: Large Professor (Beat Life Edition) Part 1


Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you Part 1 of a special Beat Life episode with legendary hip hop producer "Large Professor". We caught up with Large at a recent studio session, where he was gracious enough to speak with us. He touched on a number of topics including how he got his name, facing early industry obstacles, wanting to work with 2 Pac, and how his hustle has changed in the music biz. He even speaks on one of his greatest memories of recording "Illmatic". We were also able to talk with some fellow artists who have shared successful relationships with Large, including Neek The Exotic, J Love, Lord Finesse and Cormega. It was definitely an honor and a pleasure to build with one of the greatest producers Hip Hop as ever seen. We captured so much that we had to break this piece in 2 parts. So for now, please take the time to enjoy Part 1 and Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


i guess your weekend just started early!!

Jean Grae has hooked up with and mixtape heavyweight DJ Drama to bring fans her latest street album, Cookies or Comas.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Africano- We Don't Need No Light ft ( Q , Rasheeda Ali, Leroi Blackstone)

Some fly music with a bit of everything for them ears!!!

Beatbox - Africano ; Vocals - Q ; Flute - Rasheeda Ali ; Emcee - Leroi Blackstone
(Freestyle Jam Session)

We Don't Need No Light (Collab) by TheAfricano

More (Extended Version) by Adrift Da Belle

ATL finest by the way of jersey!!!!

First single from my forthcoming EP - DNA ( DRUGS N ADRIFT ~ A Tribute to East Coast Hip Hop) - which was produced exclusively by D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Undaground Sh*t).
DNA is scheduled to be released Summer 2011.

(Check out some behind the scene shots of the video right here)
More (Extended Version) by Adrift Da Belle

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fire Up Your Metabolism With These Power Ingredients In Your Smoothies

by Dr. Natasha Turner

Here’s a simple thing you can do to tune up your metabolism for summer: have a protein shake each day for breakfast. Choose to do this over cereal or a bagel and you will enjoy better appetite control, increased fat burning and blood sugar balance to avoid cravings all day long. When making your breakfast power treat, consider these super foods or supplements to enhance its therapeutic effects:

The Foundation: Whey Protein Isolate

This powdered supplement is the most bio-available source of protein we can get, making it a great addition to smoothies and shakes. Your liver loves whey protein because it offers us a concentrated source of one of our strongest antioxidants, glutathione. Whey has been proven to promote fat loss, preserve muscle tissue, enhance immunity, aid insulin sensitivity and support recovery after exercise. It is also a source of tryptophan, which can help raise our happy hormone, serotonin, and combat stress. Add one serving to your smoothies (approximately 25-30g of protein for women, 35 to 40 g for men).

Sprinkle In: Cinnamon

I encourage you to add cinnamon to your smoothies, foods and hot drinks as often as possible not only because it tastes so nice but also because it offers wonderful insulin-balancing effects. A study published in the journal Diabetes Care (December 2003) showed that cinnamon may cause muscle and liver cells to respond more readily to insulin. Better response to insulin means better blood sugar balance and, therefore, less insulin in your body and ultimately less fat storage. Cinnamon also seems to reduce several risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including high blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. Just a ½ teaspoon a day for 30 days is enough to significantly improve your insulin response and trim your waistline.

Be Generous: Berries

Berries have gained plenty of good publicity as a super food choice for protection against free radicals and inflammation, both of which accelerate aging and contribute to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Blueberries, in particular, can protect us against sun damage and support eye health. They are high in fiber, low in sugar and contain a potent dose of proanthocyanidins, which are beneficial for skin, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. I recommend adding one cup of mixed frozen berries to your smoothie. As a bonus, raspberries have a whopping 9g of fiber per cup!

Heaps Of: Ground Flaxseeds For Cancer Protection

Flax is full of lignans — phytoestrogenic compounds that have been proven to help protect us against certain kinds of cancers, especially breast, prostate and colon. Adding two to three tablespoons of flaxseeds to your smoothies, oatmeal, salads or cereals daily can reduce your cancer risk and also provide a dose of four grams of fiber and essential fatty acids. The oils in flaxseeds can go rancid quickly, so be sure to purchase ground flaxseed in a vacuum-sealed package and store them in the freezer. Better yet, you can grind your own daily.

Go For: Ground Chia For Anti-inflammatory Effects

Chia is a gluten-free ancient grain that can be added to just about any food. Chia stabilizes blood sugars, manages the effects of diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity and aids symptoms related to metabolic syndrome, including imbalances in cholesterol, blood pressure and high blood sugar after meals.

On a per gram basis, chia is touted to be:

The highest source of omega-3′s in nature – with 65% of its total fat is from omega-3 fatty acids
The highest source of fiber in nature – 35% (90% of which is insoluble and 10% is soluble)
Abundant in the minerals magnesium, potassium, folic acid, iron and calcium
A complete source of all essential amino acids and bio-available protein
If you don’t liek the consistency or taste of ground flaxseeds, you can add 1-2 tbsp of chia seeds to your shakes, and even top your salads, or other dishes with this mild flavoured seed.

Soothe and Strengthen: L-Glutamine Powder

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. In times of stress or increased metabolic demand, like after exercise, it is an especially important nutrient for energy and repair. Glutamine also maintains healthy integrity of your intestinal tract and enhances the protective mucosal lining, which helps ensure proper nutrient absorption while limiting the amount of toxins that can pass through your intestinal walls. I recommend adding a serving of l-Glutamine powder to your smoothies daily.

Balance and Calm: Inositol

Naturally present in many foods, inositol improves the activity of serotonin in the brain. As a supplement, it is an excellent choice for alleviating anxiety, depression, cravings and for supporting nervous system health. New research also suggests this supplement can be helpful for fertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I add one to two scoops of a product called Cenitol from Metagenics in my daily smoothie, which is about four to 12 grams per day.

VIDEO: of dead prez gets ready for Atlanta 10k


get the album that is inspiring a new paradigm in hip hop

"The Workout"
all new solo album by of dead prez

available on i-tunes and WWW.STICRBG.COM

mikeflo - "Eyes Open, Fists Clenched" Music Video

let the day begin!!!

Music video by highimpact multimedia for mikeflo's release "Eyes Open, Fists Clenched." Song produced by Xtreme.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

BIGREC - I AM [Official Music Video]

Now you KNOW!

BIGREC's New Visual Shot And Directed By Tommy Nova From His Latest Mixtape "RHHIB 1.5 The CorRECtive" Hosted By Fort Knox.
Follow BIGREC On Twitter @bigreczilla And Receive All Of The Latest News,Music,And Tour Dates At
Produced By: Big Rus
Directed And Shot By: Tommy Nova

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No AirPlay Show [N.A.P.S] - Queens at the round table - a docufilm

Told you the ATL got it son!!!!

directed & edited by rick foy for dvidfilms
rick foy was invited to come document this historic moment in hip hop with Creative Lofting and six of Atlanta's talented MC's. Queens at the round table is a perfect description for this film and proves that males are not the dominant species in the game.

YouTube- Tupac's banned MTV interview.mp4

Happy bornday PAC. There's only one and only

2Pac's banned chrismas video MTV iNTERWIEW

New! ODDISEE "Al Mawrada" - Sudan Inspired Instrumental & Photos

A sweeett tack right here!!!

Words Mello Music Group

Oddisee's "Odd Seasons" VINYL EDITION is out now via Mello Music Group!!

Today, enjoy the free MP3 download of the track "Al Mawrada" one of two songs on the bonus 7" vinyl that comes free when you pick up the wax. "Al Mawrada" features funk inspired synths, flutes, and organ, backed by driving symbols and a steady guitar lick that stands alone as an instrumental. Al Mawrada is a neighborhood in Omdurman, Sudan where Oddisee used to hang out with friends and family. He recalls hearing the music coming from rickshaws and pickup trucks, as well as the hustle of the people passing by. This instrumental is inspired directly from those childhood experiences while the synths horns are a classic staple in Sudanese music today.

The photo is one Oddisee took when he was last in Sudan: check more photos from the trip here:

Oddisee "Odd Seasons" Out Now + Double Vinyl Includes Free Bonus 7" Vinyl!!

Support Oddisee's Music!
"Odd Seasons" 2XLP + Bonus 7" Buy-Link:
"Odd Seasons" CD Buy-Link:
"Odd Seasons" iTunes Buy-Link:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


who said there is a lack of female emcees out here. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock Most-15 Kill The Feed feat. Clan Destined

C'mon son! This is a GIVEN!!!!

Rock Most ft. Clan Destined from forthcoming LP "Rise & Shine". Release Date 8/27/11 on Dirty Bomb Records, LLC
15 Kill The Feed feat. Clan Destined by Rock Most

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nas - Nasty [NEW 2011]

This is BONKERS!!

Lyric Jones - "Trapped In The City Lights" Official Music Video

Damn! this third video being dropped of ATL heads I know. DOPE FRIENDS SON!!

Music video for Emcee/Vocalist/Drummer/Songwriter Lyric Jones' lead single "Trapped In The City Lights" off her debut album, "Jones St."

VIDEO: Dead Prez The Beauty Within Official Video

THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!

The Beauty Within, Dead Prez music video paying tribute to the beauty of women with natural hair. Director Shannon McCollum, Director of Photography and editor, Ari J Johnson, Artistic Director Jamila Crawford. Cameras: Shannon McCollum, Ari J Johnson, Will Jones.

Señor Kaos "No More" Official Video!!!


Directed By Artemus Jenkins
Song Produced By Marcotiks
Taken from my latest project:
Señor Kaos In The Most Interesting MC In The World

Listen To Or Purchase The "No More" single below (Click On Image Below)

Sunday, June 12, 2011




VIDEO: Killer Mike - "Burn"


Killer Mike goes in on behalf of the disenfranchised in "Burn." The video features Cameos from Oscar Grant's friends & family, Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Curren$y, Roach Gigz, Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich, Cool Kids and more

VIDEO:Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer trailer


Trailer for Jamel Shabazz feature documentary by Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn
screening at BAM Cinematek June 26th 3:30

VIDEO: Cutlass Reid feat Truck North "Cheese Eggs & Grits"(Directed By Lo Torres)

I can dig it!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DOWNLOAD: NEW: DJ Jamad Mixture: Moods x Afromentals - SPRNG WATR


1. Aldeman Beef Wellington The 9th - Intro
2. Flying Lotus - Archway (Teebs Remix)
3. James Pants - Thin Moon (DRNK WATR! No Hands)
4. Tosca - Heidi Bruehl (Plantlife's Philosophy Remix)
5. Hayling - You Didn't Know (Damaj MOd)
6. Pastor Troy - Smoking Good
7. Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know (Biscope Boot)
8. The Please - Princess
9. Dorian Concept w/ The Pharcyde - Thank You All The Time (Yep, Damaj DRNKS WATR!)
10. Jaspects - Play On
11. Machine Drum - Flud
12. Sub Motion Orchestra - All Yours
13. Tall Black Guy - Choklate Love
14. Dirty Art Club - Red Giant
15. Tom Noble - Music Engine
16. The System - Don't Disturb This Groove
17. Dr. Rubberfunk Feat. Rogiers - Theme For A Latter Day Lothario
18. Metronomy - Some Written
19. Leon King - Digital Church
20. MJ - Off The Wall (SLOW DRNK!)
21. Full Crate - Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas? (Damaj MOd - STILL, DRNK'n WATR!)
22. Suff Daddy - Gnac
23. The Clubhouse feat. Coco (of Quadron) - Sleep
24. Hazel - For You
25. Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Love Thirst
26. Kooley High - There You Go
27. Curren$y Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA - Skybourne
28. A.Dd+ Feat. Mz. Fortune - Greedy
29. Frank Ocean - Songs For Woman
30. Mar - Inglewood
31. Rabbit Hole - Rainmeter
32. Collette - Orange Moon
33. Enves - Light Sky
34. Aldeman Beef Wellington The 9th - Shout-iths!
35. Dr. Who Dat Drinks Water!

DOWNLOAD: NEW: DJ Jamad Mixture: Moods x Afromentals - SPRNG WATR

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VIDEO: Big K.R.I.T. - Country Sh*t (Remix) ft. Ludacris & Bun B (Director's Cut)

Music video by Big K.R.I.T. performing Country Sh*t (Remix) (Director's Cut). (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Buy on iTunes :
Buy on Amazon:

VIDEO:Pharoahe Monch Black Hand Side (feat. Styles P Phonte)

OH YES!!!!

Pharoahe Monch Black Hand Side (feat. Styles P Phonte)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Axe "Chewbacca" feat. Roc Marciano

New Random Axe (Sean Price x Black Milk x Guilty Simpson) "Chewbacca" featuring Roc Marciano. Random Axe album out June 14th on Duck Down Music. 

Click here to Pre-Order Random Axe's album on iTunes: 
Fans who buy the album from iTunes will also receive "The Hex" video + a custom digital booklet. 

Be sure to catch Random Axe coming to a town near you! 

VIDEO: Jasiri X- "America's Most Livable City"

Oh Yes!!

words by Jasiri X

"America's Most Livable City" highlights the city of Pittsburgh's recent honor, despite according to the U.S. Census Bureau, having the highest rate of poverty among working age Black people in the United States. This is the Pittsburgh they don't show when your watching the Steelers, the REAL Pittsburgh.

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Please ignore the invisibles with me
See Pittsburgh rebuilt it's economy
But we still lead the Nation in black poverty

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Just ignore the invisibles with me
And state ya business, cause here the place ya living
depends on ya race and privilege

They call it clipsburgh pistolvania
Where block dictators will launch missiles to bang ya
Where hot metal come whistling out the chamber
To maim ya twisting you like wrestlemania
And what's crazier the bishop wont pray for ya
Ya families so poor they can't even afford a crate for ya
And in them skyscrapers Brah they can't wait for us
To move out the hood so they can take it lace it up
Transit cuts a brother can't even take the bus
This is the ugly truth no need to make it up
Then some magazine comes along and places us
As most livable in the USA what?
Say what? Guess they didn't survey us
Cause life is cut shorter than razors where they raise us
Judges are racists and quick to hang us
And police taze us until we never wake up

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Please ignore the invisibles with me
See Pittsburgh rebuilt it's economy
But we still lead the Nation in black poverty

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Just ignore the invisibles with me
And state ya business, cause here the place ya living
depends on ya race and privilege

And downtown it's a bunch of new buildings
Glass and steel cathedrals the cost a few million
They make billions to treat a dudes illness
With medicine and pharmaceuticals so who's dealing
But the schools are failing screw children
Just make sure the office has a see through ceiling
Pitt University and CMU killin
classes cost thousands I don't see you fill em
How we gonna get a job in biotechnology
if all we ever learn is survival psychology
and why we so poor if yall revived the economy
but we don't get nothing besides and apology
Tear down the projects and put up a target
then build new homes so they can stimulate the market
But move us out the neighborhood so we can never harvest
the only thing we guaranteed in Pittsburgh is charges

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Please ignore the invisibles with me
See Pittsburgh rebuilt it's economy
But we still lead the Nation in black poverty

Welcome to America's Most Livable City
Just ignore the invisibles with me
And state ya business, cause here the place ya living
depends on ya race and privilege

VIDEO: SKATEISTAN - To live and skate in Kabul

Dope short film. Well shot!!

Diesel New Voices presents a short film on Skateistan
directed by Orlando von Einsiedel

Saturday, June 4, 2011

VIDEO: Ekundayo ft. Jus Blak & Itchy Paw "Band of Brothers"

Oh! this joint is knocking!!!

Ekundayo ft. Jus Blak & Itchy Paw "Band of Brothers"

VIDEO: Casual "Mic Memorial" Produced by Dj Toure'

YO! I promise you. This might be the hardest lyrics I've heard in 2011 to date. Don't sleep!!!

"l had to cut a video to this song cause i'm tired of cats acting like they don't know I'm a Rap god. "`~Casual

Follow Casual on Twitter

Produced by Dj Toure'
Directed by Casual for Wetfoot Filmworks

Friday, June 3, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime SomeOthaShip (Free Album)


words by Mello Music group

This Friday Mello Music Group continues it's free music series, offering fOnk legends Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins"SomeOthaShip" album for free download all week!
This project is 13 tracks long featuring Black Milk, Prince Po, MED, Rapper Big Pooh, Kazi,  LMNOKool G Rap and more.  The production is equally stellar featuring work from Black Milk, Oddisee, Dudley Perkins, Georgia Muldrow, and Flying Lotus.  Included in the download version is bonus material including an Oh No remix featuringRapper Big Pooh & MED and an LD mix. This project was originally released in 2010 and represents some of MMG's earliest work having been the 2nd project Mello embarked on.  G&D are busy preparing another album which is due out in Fall on Dudley & Georgia's label SomeOthaShip Connect

Support Georgia & Dudley "Heaven or Hell" (VINYL):

Thursday, June 2, 2011

VIDEO:Beats Rhymes & Life The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest Trailer 2011 HD

Video: Kid Cudi “Marijuana” (dir. Shia LaBeouf)

I might knock this cd tomorrow #thumbsup

Starring Kid Cudi, directed,shot and edited by Shia LaBeouf,produced by Lorenzo Eduardo


Once again its on! Sat 6/4- Crew Love 8- FTPMovement 7th Anniversary. Put it on your calendar. Ain't nuttin like a guerrilla party....
CREW LOVE's goal is to bring the concern and care of our communities back to hip- hop by bringing various crews from different areas of hip- hop (Breakdancing, DJing, Emceeing and Graffitti Art) together in events held throughout the country.

Portions of the proceeds raised by the events will benefit the real street programs provided by M.O.B.B.- Mothers of Black/Brown Babies, LLC.(of the FTP Movement) already in progress in the community.
Come celebrate with us as we commemorate seven years serving the community.


Boogie Brown Girl Entertainment & High Impact Multimedia presents: WHO THE F*CK IS BOOG BROWN?!, a series of vignettes offering a candid & intimate look at up & coming hip-hop artist, Boog Brown.

Episode Two: Detroit
Boog talks about her hometown of Detroit, MI

Watch Episode One: Boog discusses the music she was exposed to in her household as a child.
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Follow Boog Brown on Twitter: @boogbrown
Help spread the word with our trending topic #WTFIBB!

Want to learn More about Boog Brown?
TheNewContent Interview: 3cc1y42u

Want to See More Boog Brown Videos?
"U.P.S." dir. by w. feagins, jr for high impact multimedia 8vrz9Uv0IyY

"Marinate" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films E5i-1xuSYCI

"The Best Part 1" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films zei0wbi8zhw

"The Best Part 2" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films 4WOOE4rnAMk

"The Essence" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films 0SGeFP68VfY

Purchase Boog Brown & Apollo Brown's Mello Music Group release "Brown Study" online by visiting:

iTunes us/ album/ brown-study/ id389212586

Amazon Brown-Study-Boog-Apollo/ dp/ B003XIO6T2

Underground Store store/ detail.asp?UPC=MMG012CD

Bandcamp album/ brown-study