Sunday, May 27, 2012

VIDEO: Dawud Anyabwile - Brotherman Comics Concept Art Speed Painting

Some motivational ish right here!! This is a scene from a teaser spot I am working on. It is a concept art/storyboard panel featuring some sheisty individuals trying to escape the wrath of Brotherman . . . will they get away? This is just a sneak preview, more to come in the future!


Nuff Respect!! I met this brother after listening to one of his joints on Facebook. Now we're about to get it popping. We like the same things, loose women, dirty loops, and 45's. The Actual Heat EP coming this summer on Backpack Theory Records. Pow.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Video: Quakers “Fitta Happier” feat. Guilty Simpson & MED

This ish is LIVE!!!

Guilty Simpson & MED featured MCs. Quakers is a 35-person hip-hop collective, centered around three producers - Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7Stu7 (Stuart Matthews). Quakers 41-track album is out now on Stones Throw. Video Director: Eric Coleman; Cinematography: Jerry Henry; Editor: Laith Majali; Cameras: Jerry Henry, B+, Mike Park; Producers: Marybell Chavez, Eric Coleman.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MarQ Spekt & Kno - "Wikileaks" Official Music Video

MarQ Spekt & Kno - "Wikileaks" Official Music Video from the "MacheteVision" LP.

Download "Wikileaks" here:

Download "MacheteVision" here:

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boog Brown - "U.P.S. DUNC of DTMD Remix" Music Video

Official Music Video for "U.P.S. (DUNC of DTMD Remix)" from Boog Brown's "Brown Study Remixes" Album.

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"U.P.S." dir. by w. feagins, jr for high impact multimedia

"Marinate" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Video:Ab-Soul "Terrorist Threats" ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko

(It's funny. Gangsta rap as they use to call it. Use to have this attitude and sound. This ish is DOPE!!!)

Ab-Soul "Terrorist Threats" ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko
Prod. by Dave Free of Digi+Phonics

Directed by APLUSFilmz

#controlsystem available now!

@absoul |

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Methuzulah feat. Poodie The Byz "Bo Bo Bo" [Official Music Video]

Zulu Nation member Methuzulah comes back with another single off his, House of Halogens album entitled, "Bo Bo Bo". Directed and edited by Rick Foy for Dvid Films. The song feature Poodie The Byz doing vocals and B Boy Quic break dancing.

VIDEO:NOTE - DSA/Unleashed(Official Video 1080p)

Note still on the grizzly. Hahaha. I phux with these joint!!
Official double feature video for DSA/Unleashed. Directed by The Feel. Songs produced by Slim E. Neutron

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DOWNLOAD:The Black Opera -Black Superstar (prod. yU)

yU 'The EARN'

The Black Opera 'Enter Mission'

The Black Superstar has always been a paradox in American Culture. African-Americans, and many racialized ‘others’, have for a long time held this odd allure as naturally cool, while at the same time suffering the effects of a body that is instantly criminalized. This is a dangerous duality that can serve as simultaneous impetus and hindrance. This polarization drives an ill collaboration between yU and the mysterious Black Opera, hosted by Mello Music Group.

yU is most known for his work demolishing microphones as 1/3 of Diamond District, but he is adept behind the beat machine as well. This joint is actually a cut off his humbly titled A Garbage Beat Tape. One MC’s “garbage” can be another one’s banger. The faceless Black Opera collective bring life out of the rumbling kicks and neck-snapping drums in yU’s production with two strong verses that seesaw between the glamour of being a Black Superstar and the perils of being perceived as one. The Black Opera reminds us that “we still killing over Jordans,” and how balling so hard could make the police try and fine you.

Stimulating to the mind as well as pleasing to the ears, The Black Opera, yU, and the entire MMG collective continue to prove that great music can serve a higher purpose. Not just filling your trunks with bass and your head with ill rhymes, hip-hop still has the power to push you to re-examine the world around you.


released 16 May 2012                                                                                 

VIDEO: Urban Ellegance Jewelry @ N3k ICONIC NOSTALGIA FAS

Urban ELLEGANCE Handcrafted Jewlery by Meedy Mek! A place to find fashion forward and trendy varieties of handcrafted jewelry. Urban ELLEGANCE Handcrafted Jewelry is the tie that binds the "street savvy woman", navigating her way through the concrete jungle,to the "boardroom beauty",that allows her accessories to voice her way around a corporate color scheme,to the "leading lady",that is head liner in all aspects of her life. Urban ELLEGANCE Hancrafted Jewelry is made with you in mind.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J Scienide -Method To The Madness

(Lawd! This sound like one of them dope basement demos you try to knock way past 10 because you want the world to hear it! dude 2 for 2 in the jungle son!) 2nd single from Washington DC based emcee J Scienide. Produced by by J Scienide for Static King productions. Cuts by Dj Jon Doe The Actual Heat ep coming soon on Backpack Theory Records

Real Soon ft. Rasheeda Ali- Dreams Tinted with Crimson Passion

This track right here sounds like 2 different perfect worlds between Real Soon and Rasheeda Ali. The track it's own foundation while the flute with multi layers sound like a even chess match against oneself. well worth your time so take several listen.

Monday, May 7, 2012


This is the NEW song & 1st collaboration from DETROIT / ATL emcee BOOG BROWN & NY / TAMPA emcee DYNASTY Featuring cuts from COLLECTIVE EFFORTS former DJ CREASHUN . Its produced by sham tha insOMNIac .

CAIN (Creative Arts Industry Night) 5/8 6pm @Colony Square Midtown ATL

Live Art, DJs and loads of Art brought to you by Mano Art Shows & Vero Artistry Mag for a good cause! A percentage of each art sale is donated to the following local charities to support the work in the community; Community Teen Coalition (a community organization working to keep homeless teens off the streets and gangs thru guidance and support) and The Women of Gilgal (a substance abuse and battered women shelter). May 8th, 2012 6-10PM $15 cover Music By: DJ Osmose & Marv Swift Featured Art By: Fahamu Pecou, Jovanny Cruz, Neal Hamilton, Reggie, Tyjon Tom, Jim 114 & Miles Davis plus, Ali Rac, Amanda Powell, Carbonated Graphics, Ashboogey, Asante Wa, Kristina, Athena Sanchez, HOBE, Christal Spitzner, BCN76, FLAVADAVE, Pha Dolo Da Ra, GArtiles, Goldi Gold, Heather Wilkerson, Imani Z.C., Irene Lavant, Sketcher X, Jason Thomas, Jerry Allen, Keef Cross, Kristie, BARBER, Basic Lee, Makala Fields, Michael Jones, Phoe-nix Nebula, Odari Yohanes, Oziel Guevara, Shadzilla, Roberto Hernandez, Shakirah Bryant, Shell’ton LaBron Tremble, Sheree R. Swann/Lens of Life, TT Coles, Vicki Cimkentli & DTM Live Art by: Gerzon Rodriguez, Craig Flux Singleton, Katrina Rodriguez & Brandi BarberDoll Lashay Body Paint By: Stephanie Anderson (Neon Armour), Roberto Hernandez, Jarrett Becke, Monica Bodypainter Glover & Ashaunti Thompson Alliance Fran├žaise d’Atlanta 1197 Peachtree St # 511 Atlanta, GA 30361 (same building as W Hotel at 14th & Peachtree) Daniel Flores –Curator special thanks to our sponsors:

Friday, May 4, 2012

VIDEO: "Made You Die" Trayvon Martin Tribute. featuring Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, and mikeflo.

"Made You Die" Trayvon Martin Tribute, featuring Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, and mikeflo. directed by Bmike (@2cent_bmike )

VIDEO: Out Da Box TV - Gregory Porter Interview

Dope interview with Out Da Box as usual.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

VIDEO:'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Trailer

Okay. This looks promising for the youth!! Faced with her father's fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in search of her mother. In theaters June 27.