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Video: Jean Grae “R.I.P. (prod. Ski Beatz)” feat. Talib Kweli & Styles P

OH This HarD!!!

Jean Grae R.I.P from BLACKSMITH on Vimeo.

Jean Grae released the official video for her Cookies or Comas track “R.I.P.” featuring Talib Kweli and Styles P with Ski Beatz on the production. Video directed by The ICU. Cookies or Comas is coming soon.

VIDEO: Highimpact multimedia-2880 Frames Demo Reel

Highimpact has been providing some very very very fly video for people in the ATL. The proof is in the reel fam!!!

This Demo Reel contains samples of editing, motion graphics, compositing and visual effects. Everything was edited in Apple Final Cut Pro. The motion graphics, compositing and visual effects were created in Adobe After Effects. High impact multimediaalso filmed all of video footage that was incorporated using my Panasonic HMC-150.

Music by Lex Boogie. "Here With Me" from the "Lex in Space" project.​album/​lex-in-space

Bobby Creekwater "You And What Army" MUSIC VIDEO

Dude keep repping the ATL tough!!

Bobby Creekwater "You And What Army" music video. "You And What Army" is the first single from Bobby Creekwater's debut album REVENGE. REVENGE is coming May 3rd, 2011.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



LO DOWN LORETTA BROWN from Creative Control on Vimeo.

The legendary Erykah Badu, aka Lo Down Loretta Brown, tears down a DJ set at Bardots Miami. She was joined onstage by Dead Prez and Supa Nova Slom.

THE-5IVE - "Hands Down" Music Video

lawd!!! if this don't wake you up this morning you might need to just stay in bed

"Hands Down" music video from Atlanta indie supergroup, THE-5IVE (Jawz of Life, BIGREC, Snub Zero, Shred The Verbal Tongue, KP). Produced by D.R.U.G.S.

Learn more, see more, and hear more:

@thefivehiphop @bigreczilla @jawzoflife @snubzero5 @shredtvt @kpizzle5

Monday, March 28, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva [Free LP]

This is str8 Southern Comfort for your ears right here. We phux with Big K.R.I.T in the jungle

The album has features from David Banner, Joi, Big Sant, Chamillionaire, Raheem DeVaughn, Ludacris, and Bun B.
DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva [Free LP]


No Doubt!


Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

#WINNING is more than a word

by Heidi Grant Halvorson

Why have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren't sure, you are far from alone in your confusion. It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail. The intuitive answer — that you are born predisposed to certain talents and lacking in others — is really just one small piece of the puzzle. In fact, decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.

1. Get specific. When you set yourself a goal, try to be as specific as possible. "Lose 5 pounds" is a better goal than "lose some weight," because it gives you a clear idea of what success looks like. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there. Also, think about the specific actions that need to be taken to reach your goal. Just promising you'll "eat less" or "sleep more" is too vague — be clear and precise. "I'll be in bed by 10pm on weeknights" leaves no room for doubt about what you need to do, and whether or not you've actually done it.

2. Seize the moment to act on your goals. Given how busy most of us are, and how many goals we are juggling at once, it's not surprising that we routinely miss opportunities to act on a goal because we simply fail to notice them. Did you really have no time to work out today? No chance at any point to return that phone call? Achieving your goal means grabbing hold of these opportunities before they slip through your fingers.

To seize the moment, decide when and where you will take each action you want to take, in advance. Again, be as specific as possible (e.g., "If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I'll work out for 30 minutes before work.") Studies show that this kind of planning will help your brain to detect and seize the opportunity when it arises, increasing your chances of success by roughly 300%.

3. Know exactly how far you have left to go. Achieving any goal also requires honest and regular monitoring of your progress — if not by others, then by you yourself. If you don't know how well you are doing, you can't adjust your behavior or your strategies accordingly. Check your progress frequently — weekly, or even daily, depending on the goal.

4. Be a realistic optimist. When you are setting a goal, by all means engage in lots of positive thinking about how likely you are to achieve it. Believing in your ability to succeed is enormously helpful for creating and sustaining your motivation. But whatever you do, don't underestimate how difficult it will be to reach your goal. Most goals worth achieving require time, planning, effort, and persistence. Studies show that thinking things will come to you easily and effortlessly leaves you ill-prepared for the journey ahead, and significantly increases the odds of failure.

5. Focus on getting better, rather than being good. Believing you have the ability to reach your goals is important, but so is believing you can get the ability. Many of us believe that our intelligence, our personality, and our physical aptitudes are fixed — that no matter what we do, we won't improve. As a result, we focus on goals that are all about proving ourselves, rather than developing and acquiring new skills.

Fortunately, decades of research suggest that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong — abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable. Embracing the fact that you can change will allow you to make better choices, and reach your fullest potential. People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride, and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

6. Have grit. Grit is a willingness to commit to long-term goals, and to persist in the face of difficulty. Studies show that gritty people obtain more education in their lifetime, and earn higher college GPAs. Grit predicts which cadets will stick out their first grueling year at West Point. In fact, grit even predicts which round contestants will make it to at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The good news is, if you aren't particularly gritty now, there is something you can do about it. People who lack grit more often than not believe that they just don't have the innate abilities successful people have. If that describes your own thinking .... well, there's no way to put this nicely: you are wrong. As I mentioned earlier, effort, planning, persistence, and good strategies are what it really takes to succeed. Embracing this knowledge will not only help you see yourself and your goals more accurately, but also do wonders for your grit.

7. Build your willpower muscle. Your self-control "muscle" is just like the other muscles in your body — when it doesn't get much exercise, it becomes weaker over time. But when you give it regular workouts by putting it to good use, it will grow stronger and stronger, and better able to help you successfully reach your goals.

To build willpower, take on a challenge that requires you to do something you'd honestly rather not do. Give up high-fat snacks, do 100 sit-ups a day, stand up straight when you catch yourself slouching, try to learn a new skill. When you find yourself wanting to give in, give up, or just not bother — don't. Start with just one activity, and make a plan for how you will deal with troubles when they occur ("If I have a craving for a snack, I will eat one piece of fresh or three pieces of dried fruit.") It will be hard in the beginning, but it will get easier, and that's the whole point. As your strength grows, you can take on more challenges and step-up your self-control workout.

8. Don't tempt fate. No matter how strong your willpower muscle becomes, it's important to always respect the fact that it is limited, and if you overtax it you will temporarily run out of steam. Don't try to take on two challenging tasks at once, if you can help it (like quitting smoking and dieting at the same time). And don't put yourself in harm's way — many people are overly-confident in their ability to resist temptation, and as a result they put themselves in situations where temptations abound. Successful people know not to make reaching a goal harder than it already is.

9. Focus on what you will do, not what you won't do. Do you want to successfully lose weight, quit smoking, or put a lid on your bad temper? Then plan how you will replace bad habits with good ones, rather than focusing only on the bad habits themselves. Research on thought suppression (e.g., "Don't think about white bears!") has shown that trying to avoid a thought makes it even more active in your mind. The same holds true when it comes to behavior — by trying not to engage in a bad habit, our habits get strengthened rather than broken.
If you want change your ways, ask yourself, What will I do instead? For example, if you are trying to gain control of your temper and stop flying off the handle, you might make a plan like "If I am starting to feel angry, then I will take three deep breaths to calm down." By using deep breathing as a replacement for giving in to your anger, your bad habit will get worn away over time until it disappears completely.

It is my hope that, after reading about the nine things successful people do differently, you have gained some insight into all the things you have been doing right all along. Even more important, I hope are able to identify the mistakes that have derailed you, and use that knowledge to your advantage from now on. Remember, you don't need to become a different person to become a more successful one. It's never what you are, but what you do.

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. is a motivational psychologist, and author of the new book Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals (Hudson Street Press, 2011). She is also an expert blogger on motivation and leadership for Fast Company and Psychology Today. Her personal blog, The Science of Success, can be found at Follow her on Twitter @hghalvorson

VIDEO: Goldi Gold: I Work After Work

AGGHHHH!!! Appreciate the support from my Dude Fluxwonda Lex boogie for the track and throwing it up on his blog with also & flux is a director now. hahahaha

School of Sharks "D.R.E.A.M (Conversation with David)

Your day has officially started!!!!!

The School of Sharks Network is at it again,with another Banger. They have consistently been making waves through the Internets and on radio with their bi-weekly "Shark Sightings".This week is no different.The current release,D.R.E.A.M.,(Conversation with David),is a controversial, yet thought provoking song about the ills of the music industry and how the beast infiltrates the airwaves whether the people are conscious of it or not.
This Banger feat. Point God & Lexboogie,who also produced the track.
The wait is almost over the School of Sharks Mixtape,hosted by DJ OP is coming soon.
Thanks to All the DJs,Bloggers,Websites and Radio Shows for their continued support of the School of Sharks Network.

School Of Sharks by LexBoogie

Saturday, March 26, 2011

VIDEO: Dillon & Batsauce Featuring Lady Daisey - "CHAROITS"


Dillon & Batsauce Featuring Lady Daisey
On Their Way
Directed by Chad Hess

Friday, March 25, 2011

viDEO: Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin |


Big K.R.I.T. releases visuals for his record "Dreamin" off his new project "Returnof4eva" which drops for free download on March 28th. for anything Big K.R.I.T. check out his offical site

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boog Brown - "U.P.S." Music Video

If anybody you know mention there isn't any female emcee out there. play them this video please

Photo and video by Will F

Boog Brown - "U.P.S." Music Video from Will F on Vimeo.


VIDEO: Jasiri X-Three Little Girls

word by Jasiri X

For Woman's History Month we wanted to shed light on how violent this society is especially towards woman and girls. "Three Little Girls" tells the stories of the senseless murders of Christina Taylor Green who was killed during the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Brisenia Flores who was gunned down by anti-immigrant militia intent on starting a race war, and Aiyana Jones who shot to death while asleep in her home, by the Detroit Police Department, while they were filming a reality TV show.

I realize these are sad stories, but how can we not be moved to action by the cold-blooded killings of innocent little girls? We have to begin to take an unflinching look at a culture that continues to glorify guns, bombs, and war and sees violence and aggression as the only solutions to its problems.

Written by Jasiri X and featuring 10 year old Hadiyah Yates, "Three Little Girls" was produced by GM3 and directed by Paradise Gray.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VIDEO: Journey Brave- The People


words by Journey brave

My first music video is fresh out of the editing room and ready to be broadcast world wide!!! The People is a song about overcoming the doubt and fear often caused by adversity; from the internal conflict faced while reaching for personal goals, to the external struggle of an entire race of people, persistence is the key to freedom. Director Erik Gordon paints a breath-taking portrait which visually expresses the very essence of The People. Please feel free to view it and pass it on to any of your friends and family who may be interested in the content. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) Album YouTube Premiere

Duck down Throws Pharoahe Monch Whole W.A.R album for preview on youtube. I've had this joint for a month now. I'm going out this weekend to cop this joint because it's CRAZZZZZZZYYYYY!!!! Respect to Duck Down for this move right here!!!
Preview Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. Album Out Now: 

Album Track Listing: 

1. The Warning feat. Idris Elba (produced by Pharoahe Monch)
2. Calculated Amalgamation (produced by Lion Share Music Group)
3. Evolve (produced by Exile)
4. W.A.R. feat. Immortal Technique & Vernon Reid (produced by Marco Polo)
5. Clap (One Day) featuring Showtyme & DJ Boogie Blind (produced by M-Phazes)
6. Black Hand Side featuring Styles P & Phonte (produced by Mike Loe)
7. Let My People Go (produced by Fatin "10" Horton)
8. Shine featuring Mela Machinko (produced by Diamond D)
9. Halie Selassie Karate featuring Mr. Porter (produced by Sam I Am)
10. The Hitman (produced by M-Phazes)
11. Assassins featuring Jean Grae & Royce Da 5'9 (produced by M-Phazes)
12. The Grand Illusion (Circa 1973) featuring Citizen Cope (produced by Adam Deitch & Eric Krasno)
13. Still Standing featuring Jill Scott (produced by M-Phazes)

BACK ON MY REGIMEN BY STIC OF DEAD PREZ from the album "The Workout"



Gezzzzzzzuuuuuussss!! This track is HARD!!!! With a message #thumbsup

Saturday, March 19, 2011


For your listening pleasure!!!!!


Kendrick Lamar - My Favourite Verse ("The Heart Pt. 2") | SoulCulture TV


SoulCulture TV caught up with hotly tipped West Coast emcee Kendrick Lamar [co-signed by Dr Dre] at SXSW and asked him to reflect on all his lyrics written to date and pick out his favourite verse.

"My favourite verse has to be 'The Heart Pt. 2,'" Lamar says, selecting a track from his recently released project, (O)verly (D)edicated.

"Hands down, because it got so emotional in the booth I actually dropped a tear..."

VIDEO:BIGREC - RHHIB Vol. 1.5 Mixtape Promo


Promotional video for BIGREC's RHHIB VOL. 1.5 Mixtape release. Available 3.25.2011. and

BIGREC - RHHIB Vol. 1.5 Mixtape Promo from Will F on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

STANZA - "COMA" Music Video

you gotta play this VIDEO!!!!!!!

Prod By: Strange Republik
Directed by: highimpactmultimedia

To find this project and more visit!
Facebook "The Working Class Dreamers "

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VIDEO: Nate Dogg - I Got Love


SXSW 2011 **WORLD PREMIERE**NEW*- Small Eyez - 2 The Sky

Fly music for the ears!

2 The Sky ft. Antonio Dye by CheSing


We celebrate Jax life daily. Daily I tell you. But this is fly artwork from fluxwonda bat and dope interview and footage from bprice of late september pictures. Salute to Mafi, lisa and killa on the joint, JAX FOREVER KING SON!! ALWAYS

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video: Aloe Blacc “Loving You is Killing Me”


Jay Electronica – Prelude To A Freestyle (Video)

prelude to a freestyle. from Jay Electronica on Vimeo.

VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: Oddisee feat. Toine of DTMD - Different Now

Damn! This was my theme song in the beginning of the year!!!! NICE!

Words by oddisee

We shot this video just before Thanksgiving back in November, weird for me to see it as I still have braids in it. lol The video was shot in Washington, DC by Zack Schamberg. We just wanted it to have a "day in the life" kind of feel. Chat over breakfast, go digging & hit a few museums. I honestly do that all the time.
"Different Now" is from Mello Music Group's "Helpless Dreamer" compilation. You can purchase the track or whole compilation on iTunes or MMG's Bandcamp page.

Oddisee feat. Toine of DTMD - Different Now from Oddisee Music on Vimeo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mixtape: Has-Lo "Antelopes & Lions" Mixed by Mr. Sonny James aka Statik of Illvibe Collective

The Dope Music continues!!

words by Mellow Music Group
Really proud to share this dope mixtape from Has-Lo mixed by Mr. Sonny James of the IllVibes Collective, both Philly representatives.

"Antelopes & Lions" is a great introduction to Has-Lo, which highlights his earlier work as well as some exclusive new music that will not be on his upcoming album "In Case I Don't Make It." Furthermore, "Antelopes & Lions" showcases Has-Lo's production capabilities, as he produced his entire upcoming album, and features some great remixes on this mix of folks like Nas, Royce Da 5'9", Elzhi, and Supastition.

Has-Lo "In Case I Don't Make It" Out March 29th via Mello Music Group!! (Pre-Order Link Below)

Has-Lo "Antelopes & Lions" Mixtape Download LInk:

A Tribe Called Quest Tells Their Side of The Documentary Process

lawd! I guess this rule 1000 and 81. Movie company people are SHADY!!!!

VIDEO: B.o.B - Dr. Aden

Oh! You know this ain't getting no airplay. Some dope informative ish though!!!!

B.o.B - Dr. Aden - Video
Download No Genre mixtape out now!
Follow B.o.B on twitter @bobatl

directed by Isaac Klotz

Saturday, March 12, 2011

VIDEO: SUMTHIN2SAY (feat Playboy Tre & Tom P) [produced by The Produce Seqtion]

you can't deny the flow on this joint!!

BIGREC featuring Playboy Tre & Tom P.
Produced by Chi-town tandem The Produce Seqtion.

Inspired by Outkast's infamous 1995 Source Award acceptance speech, 15 years later, Southern hip-hop is still not respected for lyricism. So who better to reiterate the message that the South got SUMTHIN2SAY, than BIGREC, consistent advocate for unity in hip-hop, and founder of the RHHIB (Real Hip Hop Is Back) Movement [].

VIDEO: Malachi Hustlin' Boy x RoyalRae


Dungeon Family Malachi sings Hustlin' Boy


The video is worth much more than a thousand words!

Boog Brown performing U.P.S. from her and Apollo Brown's BROWN STUDY from Mello Music Group live at Senor Kaos release for The Most Interesting Emcee...

Mos Def - World Premiere

oh YES!!!

Mos Def performing "World Premiere" on The Daily Habit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pharoahe Monch "Clap (one day)" Extended Music Video

Oh! this is SICK!!!

Pharoahe Monch premieres his first visual from W.A.R. (We Are Rengades) out March 22nd. A 10-minute short film, Pharoahe Monch evokes raw emotions as he brings viewers on a journey of a police raid gone dramatically wrong.

"Clap (one day)" is directed by Terence Nance. Original score by Lion's Share Music Group. Starring Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire), Kim Howard & Josiah Small. Fans who buy Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. album from iTunes will receive the short-film with purch

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taking On Tyson Premieres March 6th at 10pm

Taking On Tyson Premieres March 6th at 10pm! | For more, visit | Growing up on the harsh streets of Brooklyn, Mike Tyson was the product of constant bullying and violence. But there was always one thing that brought him peace--raising pigeons. Now, he returns to the scene of a painful childhood, this time, to compete against the best in pigeon racing.

DOWNLOAD: THE BLUE NOTE By Trebles and Blues

This joint right here is beyond dope!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011



THURZ gives the first person perspective of the night that lead to the infamous beating of Rodney King. This year is the 20 year anniversary of this atrocity. This event was the molotov cocktail that sparked the 1992 LA Riots...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

VIDEO:Nice & Smooth No Delayin'

I hope this become a trend right here. Only with the fly classic joint though. #thumbsup

Classic Nice & Smooth
Throwback Video with a modern twist 1st of it's kind. Shout out Greg Nice & Smooth B. Lyrics To Go and Tamir Z. Brown got your back. Monstar films genius in the making!!!

DOWNLOAD: Has-Lo "Black Rose - GumShoe Remix"

never heard of this dude but the track, concept and artwork of this joint is dope. Mello Music Group strikes again!

words Mello Music Group

Mello Music Group is preparing the release of Has-Lo's full length album "In Case I Don't Make It" dropping March 29th. Upon first hearing Has-Lo, I was really impressed by his music, and hopefully you feel the same.

Today, check out Has-Lo's "Black Rose - GumShoe Remix." The original version of "Black Rose" appeared on MMG's "Helpless Dreamer" and the remix is now provided by Culture I. "Black Rose" is an exercise in storytelling, and is basically a Noir detective story on wax, thus the "GumShoe Remix."

Artwork Provided By: Alvin The Third

Has-Lo "In Case I Don't Make It" Album In Stores March 29th via Mello Music Group!!

SCHOOL OF SHARKS- Conspiracy Thing & Circle of Winners(live)

It's always a pleasure to see these cats performing live!

CoCo Jones "Get It Girls" (TRAILER)

Get'em Girl!

Trailer for CoCo Jones upcoming video "Get It Girls".
Catch CoCo on the 54 Weeks tour now, in a city near you.
Directed by Late September Pictures
twitter: @cocojonesworld