Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ekundayo- Fight On

New Music from Ekundayo. This dude is always working on something new Download:Ekundayo- Fight On

Rock Most: RMFM​-​The Summer Collection

This is the 2nd of 4 in the RMFM series. The summer collection contains 5 songs produced by Rock Most as well as hidden bonus track "Get Down" Produced legendary producer Diamond D of D.I.T.C fame. credits released 30 July 2013 All Tracks written and produced by Rock Most except: They Want It (co-written by Stan Smith) and Get Down (Produced by Diamond D)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodie Mob - "I'm Set" (Official Music Video)

okay! I phux with this! new video for "I'm Set" from Goodie Mob off the album 'Age Against The Machine.' Goodie Mob is: CeeLo Green, Big Gipp, Khujo, T-Mo. Pre-order 'Age Against The Machine' on iTunes:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BOOG BROWN: Before The Bloom EP

This Album is a combination of joints that were recorded during the making of The Late Bloom that did not make the album, that didn't quite get them finishing touches and candy sprinkles but still melt your face right off... DOWNLOAD:Before The Bloom EP

Monday, July 29, 2013

POLAROIDS Official Music Video-Boog Brown

Late September Presents the Official Video for Polaroids off The Late Bloom by Boog Brown. Extra sultry for those of us who like it like that. Enjoy! The Late Bloom available for pre order now!!!! Also get merch and new music at Facebook: Instagram: boogiewoogiebrown Twitter: boogbrown Website: Email:

Sunday, July 28, 2013


The first episode on the road to the release of the "Thor vs. Doom" digital EP on August 13th, 2013. The EP is MF Doom songs remixed with the equally mysterious VingThor's beats. So mysterious, we cannot show his face. Enjoy. To purchase a VingThor custom MPC please go to:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Oh! I like this guy but for all your dope comic, hip hop, art needs. head to son!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

VIDEO: Blood On The Leaves Remix - Jasiri X

oh YES! Free Download at Follow Jasiri X LYRICS Only white life is protected in America Every Black life is rejected till they bury ya 1000 Blacks killed it's expected the more the merrier 1 white child gets murdered it's mass hysteria 2 white kids killed that's way beyond the limits 3 white kids killed now that's a damn epidemic The President on tv crying and looking tore up 500 Blacks die we dont even expect him to show up You know what if you know us what's sad but so true to Is we probably hate Black people more than you do Racists taught the basis if hatred was our faces We take gages and spray it attempting to erases it Blood on the pavement no saving no statements no detainment no arraignment no ability to change it In death we become famous Our portraits are painted with no gallerys to hang em So t-shirts are created But after 3 washes those images get faded Now we need a new plantiff whose death was so flagrant To become our new favorite And distract from the fact we in gally of a slave ship getting beat by the same whip No matter how you frame it Nigga is such powerful word in any language now let me explain it Cause everybody saying it has helped to make us aimless living with anguish and Black Death painless Internalized hatred once murdered we lie naked then evolved into unsolved cases We revolve into steel wall cages and languish until ancient Then released into the matrix as unqualified vagrants Sidewalks stained by what remains of the nameless Forever tainted by the veins which sprayed it until they fainted There's nothing more dangerous Than the life of a young Black male the scales weighted our murder's premeditated Imagine a forth grade kid taking a test And on the outcome they base an arrest Young man can you out run the faces of death race with a tec They tightening the rope till it's breaking ya neck We got so many Trayvons we need God to give us a groupon One day after the verdict we still getting our shoot on Rappers still promoting Black death getting they loot on Corporations got em enslaved it's just a new form A Black woman's holding her to a Black boy a new born Who's gonna look him dead in his eye and tell him his hues wrong Hold still little man let America put this noose on And hang you from the highest tree branch another youth gone

Big K.R.I.T. - Multi Til The Sun Die (Official Music Video)

Directed By Steve-Ography Edited By Slick Jackson & Luke Choi of KRSP Extra Footage by OG King Remembered In Time Available Now SUBSCRIBE to BIGKRITTV: MORE Music Videos: iTunes purchase link: ------ Follow Big K.R.I.T. on Twitter: ------ For more videos from Big K.R.I.T.: "LIKE" Big K.R.I.T. on Facebook:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Official Pink Lemonade Recap Video

On July 11, 2013, visual artist PaperFrank shut down Atlanta when over 3,000 people visited Blue Mark Studios on the opening night of his "Pink Lemonade" exhibit.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

VIDEO: "Wrath of the Siafu" (Organizing is the New Cool Soundtrack)

Still the rawest crew hip hop video out! If Hip Hop was a hurricane, then Wrath of the Siafu would be positioned somewhere in the eye of the storm. Wrath of the Siafu, the first single release off of the Organizing is the New Cool Soundtrack is a perfect example of the underlying theme of the documentary film. This thunderous anthem is an amalgamation of 11 of Atlanta's heaviest hitting independent artists who lyrically ambush a hardcore instrumental that will leave the avid Hip Hop connoisseur begging for more! The Dynamite Bruhz produced track features a who's who of internationally respected underground emcees including: StaHHr, Mike Flo, members of The Liuns Den and Craig "Flux" Singleton (co-producer of the film). This is a guaranteed Hip Hop Classic. About The Siafu The Siafu is the logo of community activists' organization FTP Movement, an artistic representation of the Siafu Ant of Eastern Africa, a species that exemplifies the essence of teamwork. The Siafu has no eyes and no venom - only strong jaws. Individually each is small, but as a team they can strip a water buffalo down to the bone in less than an hour. FTP Movement is much like the Siafu Ant -- small in size, but powerful beyond measure. For more information on FTP Movement visit Featuring: Zayd Malik, El Sun, Ekundayo, Methuzulah, Mike Flo, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, FluxWonda, Isreal, Sa Roc, Chosen, StaHHr Produced by Dynamite Bruhz Cutz by DJ Presyce Recorded, Mixed by Amond Jackson for Salem Psalms LLC

The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Trailer!


Ante Meridian (Rozewood + Mr. Enok) "Nat King Cobra" (Official Video)

GREAT VIDEO!!! Mr. Enok + Rozewood = Ante Meridian . Debut full length album "Sons of Heaven" drops 7/25/13. Listen and Download it here: . Video Shot and edited by Will Feagins Jr. (High Impact Multimedia)