Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pitfalls of the Rescue

It's crazy how many thing repeat itself in history.This bail out plan is nothing new. I peep this video before the first vote for the bill that didn't get passed. But peep how this dude breakthe whole thing down. New changes are being made to the bill but you know how that goes. well maybe you don't because the full details will never surface atleast in our eyes.

Blindness (2008)

Fernando Meirelles visual direction with the movies he's done (city of god and constant gardner) and others are eye candy in a settle way. the camera is in constant motion. Scenes blur and come in. Close ups and colors fill the screen. This dude is what you look for to be inspired thus the new movie he's directing coming out this week. Peep the trailer and see if it's worth your time this weekend

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Inspired by vapors magazine question section. Come on people, I try to keep things creative

Hello my name is....
Goldi gold

I was raised in....
East Orange and Orange New jersey

The reason you're reading about
me is....

That part I don't know. But I do know, I'm going to be doing
some live artwork at the MY BROTHER KEEPER show this friday
Octotber the 3rd at the Apache cafe in the Atl and word is I'm
suppose to get a award also. But you know....

I work for....
The man, myself some of the time and of course the jungle45

Right now I'm working on.....
It should be the artbook but I got to get that cabbage at the same time
so it's a tug of war thing. But cd covers, drawing here and there but it's gonna
be just the artbook real soon and of course the 45 baby!!!

But I'd rather be....
A whole lot of pretty dirty things.

My most prized possessions are.....
My hands

But I'd give it all away for....
yea right

The first thing I do in the morning....
Look at my cell phone light blinking wondering "who the hell called me late last night?"

The last thing I do at night is....
everything under the moon and that's after I come home from work

My momma always said....
(In creole since my parents are haitian) Don't let them girls drive you crazy.

I love it when people....
Hustle they ass off because they believe in what there doing by the power of infinte.

I hate when people....
Don't follow up with what they say. This pertain to business, personal or whatever. People word is bond
is the value of the dollar right now. Communaction does muthaphuckin wonders. Yea, I'm
tired of the shit

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen is...
Always the relathionship with a parent or parents and their seed. I love it.

If you ever see me walking down the street....
Drop a jewel because that joint just might make my day

My most notable run-in with the law...
To many to mention

I lose control when...
When i see fly artwork or dope music from people I actually know.

The last time I swore I'd never drink again was after a night of....
shit. I don't remember. My business partner can tell you many many
stories about my past drinking stunts. shame on me hahahaha

Future projects and plans
I guess after this show people will know who the heck I am which
might be a good thing or a bad thing hahahaha. But this artbook
for sure. More artwork , artshows and whatever whatever.

I'm voting for...
The big O of course

And before I leave I'd like to give shouts to......
Everybody really. Well everybody who desrve that joint

Nike Blazer Hi Premium “Wood”

Okay these joints are gangsta!!!!!!

the latest Blazer Hi Premium, coming also with a lot of wood details. The mid-sole got an authentic wooden look, as well as the toe box and the back heel. Otherwise the Blazer is kept rather simple, with a black leather upper and silver swoosh.
Mita will be releasing it on October 4th.

M.I.A. speed painting - by Salena

Oh, Are favorite overseas chick Salena is putting in work again!!!!

Miracle at St. Anna makes 3 Mill and some change

Looks like Miracle at St. Anna gonna be # 9 ($3,501,000) in the box office polls. Top dog was Eagle Eye with 29 mill then Nights in Rodanthe.Lakeview Terrace was # 1 last week and drop to # 3 this week. Damn. I didn't get a chance to peep out the Spike Lee movie but I thought it would be a tleast up there with the top dogs. When I get a chance I'll peep it

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jhung Yuro For Hennessy | The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top

Wow, some hennrock kicks for $300.00 dollars. Whoa!!!!

The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top is made from soft full grain leather with a cow suede tongue and vamp, napa pigskin interior and a lizard embossed overlay and strap. Color blocked with cognac brown and cream, The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top has a non-marking rubber midsole, crepe rubber outsole with leather logo patch, deco stitch and will be packaged in an exotic skin embossed shoebox with a braided rope shoebox handle.

The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top will retail for $300 and will be available exclusively at JhunYuro.com beginning Monday, December 1st. The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top is a limited edition shoe with only 500 pairs being made available in the US.

G-Dep - Stay Up

Sometimes you can really tell when a person been through alot when their a artist. It really reflects in your work no matter how much you try to act like ish is chicken and gravy, Peep the videos and see if i'm lying. I wish the brother well in his journey
G Dep now

G Dep then

Janelle Monae - Many Moons

Yo! I luv this sister right here!!!!!

War and taxes divide McCain, Obama in first debate

I didn't watch the debate since I was at work but I know plenty of sites that should have it up and running to be viewed. I know these debates are crucial so take the time out and peep them out and determine for yourself who should be up in the white house

By CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press Writer

OXFORD, Miss. - In a faceoff that returned again and again to judgment, John McCain portrayed himself as a battle-tested elder running against a naive rookie, while Barack Obama suggested the Republican is a hothead who made the wrong choices on the Iraq war, corporate taxes and more.

Now they take the themes from an intense first debate back to the campaign trail, looking for some edge in a tight presidential race. With 38 days left, McCain is headed for Washington and the dispute over a Wall Street bailout, while Obama plans to visit Republican-leaning states where the Democrat thinks he can make inroads.

The debate presented a huge opportunity for the candidates to deliver their message to millions of Americans — or make an embarrassing blunder.

Interest in Friday's debate was amplified by suspense about whether it would even take place. McCain had said he wouldn't take part unless the financial crisis was resolved, then reversed course and decided at the last minute to participate without a deal.

McCain, 72, frequently referred to his age and experience.

Sometimes he joked — at one point he waggled his eyebrows and quipped that the moderator didn't think he could hear the question — and other times he went out of his way to mention the foreign countries he has visited and the years he has spent on Capitol Hill.

"I have a long record and the American people know me very well," he said.

But Obama, a 47-year-old serving his first term in the Senate, challenged McCain frequently and offered himself as someone who can be trusted to make sound choices.

Killer Mike Pledges to the Grind

Just peep this from the vapors mag site. I got to get this dude cd for real for real. This dude is as real as you get in this hip hop game

Words by Alex “Dweezy” Dwyer

Killer Mike could be a motivational speaker. Not a cheesy, wholesome one that visits high schools, but one whose message smacks you in the melon. Dude is as real as he is passionate. Whether it’s about the president, Oprah or a d-boy on the block, The Killer is someone you listen to. Not just because he’s a dope rhymer but because what he has to say is intelligent and raw. Leaving old label fallouts behind him and building his own Grind Time brand, Killer Mike has his hand firmly over his heart - pledging his allegiance to the Hip-Hop hustle. He sounded off to Vapors about his career, Obama and why he is not interested in fans.

On the intro to I Pledge Allegiance to The Grind 2, you say, “We don’t have fans, we only have supporters.” Can you explain that difference?

There is no need for a fan when you not hot. Supporters support you when you hot or you not. They are going to support you by going out and finding new music from you. Supporters are going to support you even if the tide of the public is against you. I have, will have and always want to have supporters. UGK, 8Ball and MJG, Wu-Tang Clan and The Dungeon Family have supporters. Ringtone rappers who come out with huge hits and next year you can’t find them, they have fans.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Crooked Tongues x adidas “Oktoberfest” München


Released on the 26th of September, exclusively through Crooked Tongues, and retailing at 60gbp, the adidas x Crooked Tongues ‘Oktoberfest’ München is limited to just 300 pairs. The sneakers are available now!


Damn, I love this ish!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The underground lives SEPTEMBER 26 2008

Man, there is so much going on this weekend in the ATL. I hope heads got enough gas to get to where there going. And that's the truth ruth!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Upper Playground Cainchurian Candidate T-Shirt

The words under the pic isn't mines but you gotta love a smart shirt and Damn!!! Mc Cain get's the gas face once again from the artist of america. well the world really but who's counting

Upper Playground continues to fight the Democratic fight.

“There was a time when John McCain would speak off the cuff, on record, and in plain view of his traveling press corps. He was the “maverick,” with the ongoing campaign to rid the Republican Party of its dependence on cultural wars and right-wing religious zealots. He was a honored POW. He wanted to respect Geneva Conventions. He even wanted to select Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate in these elections.

And then the walls caved in. Palin was picked, the cultural wars created by Richard Nixon in the late 1960’s to attack the liberal East and West coast media bias seeped into his campaign, and the Rove machine has dictated every McCain speech. He wouldn’t allow an unscheduled interview of question. He became a prickly zombie. He became the Manchurian Candidate.

What happens when McCain is elected president and Hanoi becomes the crown jewel of southeast Asia? What happens when the ASEAN becomes just as powerful as NAFTA or the EU?

Upper Playground designed this new Cainchurian Candidate tee-shirt to honor the sudden change in McCain’s “maverick” personality. We know you’re laughing, we know you are thinking how damn clever this tee is, and we know you are going to buy it and wear it around and others are going to laugh with it and think how damn clever you are for wearing a tee that is so damn clever. But, it’s true. And the laughter could stop. Available at our webstore right now, UpperPlaygroundStore.com.”

Housing grim as financial rescue debate rages

I'm stilling trying to figure why the hell these cats continue building these high priced cribs all over the ATL when the situation is code red!!!

By Burton Frierson

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Prices of U.S. existing homes suffered a record drop in August and the rate of sales tumbled, offering little sign of improvement in the source of the financial crisis in the United States.
The pace of existing home sales decreased 2.2 percent to an annual pace of 4.91 million units while the median national home price declined a record 9.5 percent to $203,100, the National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday.
In what would normally be a potentially bright spot, the overstock of homes for sale shrank. However, the trade group said as many as 2 in 5 home sales were by borrowers who have seen their property lose value or are facing foreclosure.
"The NAR estimates that 35-to-40 percent of all sales are of distressed property, so underlying private activity is weaker than the headlines (imply) and there is little sign of imminent improvement," Ian Shepherdson, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics.
Economists polled by Reuters were expecting home resales to fall to a 4.93 million-unit pace from the 5.00 million unit rate initially reported for July, which was revised to a 5.02 million unit pace.
The inventory of existing homes for sale fell 7.0 percent to 4.26 million from the record-high overstock reported in July.
The data came as U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered a second day of testimony before Congress aimed at persuading skeptical lawmakers of the need for the government's $700 billion rescue plan for troubled financial markets.
The political wrangling over the financial-sector bailout overshadowed the day's offering of economic data.
Stocks were higher but vulnerable to uncertainties over the fate of the banking sector. U.S. government bonds, which generally benefit from signs of economic weakness, were higher on the day.
Applications for U.S. home mortgages retreated to sluggish levels last week as rising interest rates spoiled a spurt in loan refinancing, according to data published from an industry group.
The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application activity dropped 10.6 percent to 591.4 in the week ended Sept 19.
The MBA's seasonally adjusted index of refinancing applications declined 11.2 percent to 2,043.4 last week as the average 30-year mortgage rate surged 0.26 percentage point to 6.06 percent, the MBA said.
(Additional Reporting by Patrick Rucker in Washington; Ellen Freilich and Al Yoon in New York, Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

US state of Georgia urged to halt Troy Davis execution

Mark Tran
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday September 23 2008 12:46 BST
Amnesty International today urged the US state of Georgia to stop the execution of Troy Davis, who faces death by lethal injection tonight despite doubts over his conviction.

Las July, the state's board of pardons and paroles stopped the execution less than 24 hours before it was to be carried out.

However, it yesterday rejected pleas to reconsider its recent decision to deny clemency on the grounds that so much uncertainly exists over whether Davis shot and killed a Savannah police officer.

Georgia's supreme court also denied Davis's request for a stay of execution, and his last hope of avoiding execution at 7pm local time (midnight BST) now appears to rest with the US supreme court, where his lawyers have asked for a stay of execution.

In a case that has attracted international attention, Pope Benedict XVI and the former US president Jimmy Carter have asked for the sentence to be commuted to life in prison without parole.

Davis, a 39-year-old African-American, is on death row for the murder of officer Mark MacPhail in 1989, but seven key prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimonies since his 1991 trial and post-trial testimony implicating another man as the gunman has emerged.

A "jailhouse informant" retracted his incriminating account of Davis' supposed confession, while several other supposed eyewitnesses later took back their trial evidence while insisting they had been under "a lot of pressure" from police to provide signed statements.

One witness, Antoine Williams, a Burger King employee who identified Davis as the gunman at the trial, later said: "Even today, I know that I could not honestly identify with any certainty who shot the officer that night. I couldn't then either.

"After the officers talked to me, they gave me a statement and told me to sign it. I signed it. I did not read it because I cannot read."

Chatham County prosecutors, however, are sure that Davis killed MacPhail, who rushed to a Savannah Burger King car park late at night after hearing the screams of a man who was being pistol-whipped.

Prosecutors say that MacPhail, a 27-year-old father of two, was shot down by Davis before he could draw his weapon. They say Davis then stood over the fallen officer and fired again and again.

Davis has admitted being at the scene, but has always denied shooting MacPhail. No physical evidence against him has ever been produced, the murder weapon has never been found and the case against him at trial consisted entirely of witness testimony.

Georgia's board of pardons says it has extensively studied and considered the case, including hearing from every witness presented by Davis's lawyers, retesting the state's evidence and interviewing Davis himself.

"After an exhaustive review of all available information regarding the Troy Davis case, and after considering all possible reasons for granting clemency, the board has determined that clemency is not warranted," a board spokeswoman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper.

Since its resumption of executions in 1977, the US has executed 1,118 prisoners, 42 of them in Georgia.

Meanwhile, more than 100 people have been released from death rows around the country, many in cases in which witness testimony has been exposed as unreliable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

City of Gods leave their mark!!!!

Last week a group of 30 graf writers stormed a street art exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The invaders tagged up the exhibit and then vamoosed. The act was a protest against the ”marketing, institutionalization and domestication of Street Art”.The magazine rack full of Juxtapoz got some also. As a artist do you think this was justified?

Miya Bailey of City Of Ink tattooing Mike Flo of the RBG Family

Word up!!! We got 2 people that's really passionate about their art creating art. Miya Bailey and Mikeflo This is a Multiple series joint
so go to www.youtube.com/miyabailey to see how it should be done. Shouts to Miya for the jungle45 shirt rocakge!!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ciara got Roosssssssssss!!!!!!!!

Lawd, I usually don't get into this but this is willlllllllllddddddddd. i think this going to be continue..not here though

Ciara who had her (removed-by-airbrushing) panties in a knot, so to speak. Ciara understandably expressed outrage over the fact that the editors at Vibe magazine allegedly digitally underdressed her without her consent. The R&B starlet claims she posed for the mag's October cover photo with her clothes on, but that an intrepid Photoshopper stripped her down so that she appears to be nude in the published pic. Now sources say Ciara is taking Vibe to court

KNIGHT RIDER “A Knight In Shining Armor”




The Mikosa Mural makes you smile. dope son!!!!!


All his movies wasn't great. Some of them was crazy as hell but he kept on putting in work and that's all that mattered

At some point around 1994 or so, Samuel L. Jackson went from being a working actor to a Hollywood power player. Including all of his cameos, supporting roles, and star turns, his films have domestically grossed $4.34 billion, making him the second highest-grossing movie star of all time behind Harrison Ford

T.I. - Whats Up, What’s Haapnin (Behind The Scenes)

I don't get to tough on the beef stuff but this some 48 law of power ish right here


I love when my people create flyness in all shapes and forms. And it's easier to tell them that joint is hot when it's really hot. Because I will tell you if it sucks if it sucks. The jersey way. But these sister keep the hotness coming with the latest track Got to run. Look for the hot Hotness in 09 dude!!!

Rocky Mountain Featherbed x Beams

Damn, It's not cold enough in the A to rock this joint, maybe in the D but not the A hahahaha

Japanese retailer Beams got together with Rocky Mountain Featherbed to work on their classic down jackets and vests. As part of the collaboration they present two jackets and two vests, each coming with leather shoulder patches and fur collars. A nice classic piece of outerwear.

The Rocky Mountain Featherbed x Beams jackets will soon release at Beams.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gas Signs Truth in Advertising

You gotta love the truth!!!!!


Hollyweerd, Jax of binkis recs with Senor Kaos and Slick & rose did they thing thing last night at the drunken unicorn

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Lo - Lumdi

It's Camp lo without the Camp but just the lo. Who knows but the track and flo is gangsta as usual

Curren$y - The Explanation

I digs this dude right here. he dropped like 6 downloadable mixcds this year. crazzzyyy!!!! The last joint drops monday, look 4 it

Wall Street Got You on Edge? Join the Club

Wall Street feel the pain as they play catch up with the common folks. I'm reading these story and it sounds familiar but with more money in the picture. So is tis still a recession or depression?

by Eleanor Laise, Jennifer Levitz and Shefali Anand

On Monday night, after a day when stocks took their worst hit in years, Don Case bought a lottery ticket on his way home from work. Mr. Case, a 42-year-old data analyst in O'Fallon, Ill., is worried about the stability of the life-insurance policy he bought a few years ago from American International Group Inc., which reached a deal for a massive "bridge loan" from the government yesterday. He's also concerned about the state of his 401(k) retirement savings plan and his 529 college savings plan.

With a venerable institution like Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. crumbling, "I'm sure all companies are vulnerable," he says. "If I win the lottery, I won't have to worry."

• The Panic of 2008? What Do We Name the Crisis?
As stocks swoon and financial titans teeter on the edge of insolvency, the market turmoil translates into emotional turmoil for many people. Some are experiencing sleepless nights and random bouts of crying, while others hope for a miraculous windfall.

Lucy Claroni, 59, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the Vidalia, Ga., schools, is concerned because all of the investment options in her retirement plan are provided by AIG. Though an accountant told her the funds would be secure, "I'm still nervous," Ms. Claroni says. "I have almost $90,000 in there, and I would hate for it to be lost."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Insa Heels

You can't say these joints ain't fly. We need a FLY LADY DI version for real

Based in London, ‘Insa Heels’ is a bold backlash against mass production and aims to establish itself as a luxury footwear brand with limited edition colours, using only top end materials and European production.

The artist got together with Ruth Shaw, a London based shoe designer, to bring Insa Heels to life. The first release includes three colorways of the "Classic" stiletto, both featuring the iconic Insa Heels designs.

The website with online store will be going live today, September 17th.

Mc Cain get the Rossssssss treatment!!!!!

....Mc Cain Don't get luv

Jill Greenberg is a professional photographer. She was hired by The Atlantic to do a photo shoot of said douche bag, John McBush. She did. Except she also took some personal shots for her website. Using bad/creepy lighting and a little love from Photoshop, Greenberg made these extra shots. People, steal these photos and paste them wherever you can. This shit is ballsy as all hell and it needs to be seen. Get it out however you can. This is a call to action. The Atlantic is now pursuing legal action against Greenberg. This is a perfect example of art having power. Use it.
Up top was the cover used and right under are the images Greenberg put on her website…

Upper Playground x Digital Gravel = Obama Love


Representing Obama in a fashionable way, Upper Playground and Digital Gravel joined forces to bring a limited edition line of shirts from the Upper Playground’s Obama print series. Featuring designs from The Date Farmers, Munk One, Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, Grotesk, Morning Breath, and Ron English, each graphic has only three hundred shirts made for it and for only $20 each they’re bound to go fast. All the proceeds go towards creating new promotional projects in support of Obama until the November election. No other candidate has ever looked so fresh.
digital gravel

Redman Performs w/ Live Band in Atlanta

Damn, I missed the hotness son!!!! I know Senor Kaos and crew should have the complete goody goody

Redman Performing @ The Loft in Atlanta from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.

The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind Sampler


Leave It All Behind drops in digital formats on 10/7 and in stores on 10/14.
The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind Sampler


I made the cut for this show!!!!!!!!

September 17

447 BUSH (at Grant)
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Featuring DJs:

•over 500 original works of art from emerging artists
•100% of sales go to the artists....
•bring a checkbook + support emerging artists DIRECTLY!
free drinks courtesy of GUS + The Art Hotel

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wyclef Jean & Matt Damon Distribute Aid In Haiti!

Word, they got hit with the hurricane 2 times. Man it's real tough over there by the power of 2. Appreciate what you got peoples

Reuters reports "Sep 13 - Haitian singer Wyclef Jean and U.S. actor Matt Damon give out food to hurricane victims. The island of Haiti has been ravaged by tropical storms and hurricanes, destroying everything in its path and leaving hundreds homeless. "

Palin / Hillary Open (Saturday Night Live)

Yo! This joint is funnny!!!!!


A must see november 7th 2008

The late, great Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson star as two singers from the '70s who reunite for last last show.


The Fleet of Doom

“The Fleet of Doom” - 36in. x 48in. Archival print on canvas for “Brand New Day” art exhibit for the Tampa Museum of Art.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fila x Wu-Tang Clan Boots

Fila is making it's hip hop rounds. They got NAS on deck plus these joints.

Fila gottogether with Wu-Tang Clan to produce a pair of winter boots. Coming in a mix of rubber and premium leathers, the boot features the infamous Wu-Tang Clan logo both on the side panel and on the heel.
It can now be pre-ordered at Liquor, Woman & Tears.

Gucci Mane in Court


Rescue crews comb Texas coast for Ike victims

Damn that hurricane season is crazy

By ALLEN G. BREED and PAULINE ARRILLAGA, Associated Press Writers

HOUSTON – Rescue crews navigated flooded and debris-strewn streets Saturday to search for those who insisted on staying and riding out a fierce Hurricane Ike, which shattered skyscraper windows, cut power to millions and flooded thousands of homes as it sloshed across the Texas coast.
State and local officials began searching for survivors by late morning, just hours after Ike roared ashore at Galveston with 110 mph winds, heavy rains and towering waves. Overnight, dispatchers received thousands of calls from frightened residents who bucked mandatory orders to leave as the storm closed in.
Rescue crews were frustrated, but vowed to get to the more than 140,000 people who stubbornly stayed behind as soon as they could.
"This is a democracy," said Mark Miner, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry. "Local officials who can order evacuations put out very strong messages. Gov. Perry put out a very strong warning. But you can't force people to leave their homes. They made a decision to ride out the storm. Our prayers are with them."
Sedonia Owen, 75, and her son, Lindy McKissick, defied evacuation orders in Galveston because they wanted to protect their neighborhood from possible looters. She was watching floodwaters recede from her front porch Saturday morning, armed with a shotgun.
"My neighbors told me, 'You've got my permission. Anybody who goes into my house, you can shot them,'" said Owen.
President Bush declared a major disaster in his home state of Texas and ordered immediate federal aid. Officials were encouraged that the storm surge topped out at only 13.5 feet — far lower than the catastrophic 20-to-25 foot wall of water forecasters had feared, but major roads were washed out near Galveston, and the damage was still immense.
Residents of Houston emerged to take in the damage, even as glass from the JPMorgan Chase Tower — the state's tallest building at 75 stories — continued to rain on streets below. Trees were uprooted in the streets, road signs mangled by wind.
"I think we're like at ground zero," said Mauricio Diaz, 36, as he walked along Texas Avenue across the street from the Chase building. Metal blinds from the tower dotted the street, along with red seat cushions, pieces of a wood desk and office documents marked "highly confidential."
Houston Police officer Joseph Ledet was out patrolling the streets early Saturday, but stopped and simply stared as he approached Chase Tower. "It looks like a bomb went off over there," he said. "Just destruction."
Shortly before noon, Houston police cars prowled downtown, ordering citizens off the streets over bullhorns: "Please clear the area! Go home!"
The storm, which had killed more than 80 in the Caribbean before making landfall in the United States, claimed at least two lives in Texas, but the toll was likely to rise. A woman died early Saturday when a tree fell on her home near Pinehurst in Montgomery County, crushing her as she slept. A 19-year-old man also slipped off a jetty near Corpus Christi and apparently washed away.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency said search and rescue teams were at the ready in Houston, poised to go to the aid of those stranded by Hurricane Ike. At a sports arena, tractor-trailers and large sport utility vehicles sat idle as the vast storm churned northward across the state.
The storm, nearly as big as Texas itself, blasted a 500-mile stretch of coastline in Louisiana and Texas. It breached levees, flooded roads and led more than 1 million people to evacuate and seek shelter inland.
South of Galveston, authorities said 67-year-old Ray Wilkinson was the only resident who didn't evacuate from Surfside Beach, population 800. He was drunk and waving when authorities reached him on Saturday morning.
"He kinda drank his way through the night," Mayor Larry Davison said.
Some homes were destroyed, but the storm was not as bad for Surfside Beach as Davison had feared. "But it's pretty bad," he said. "It'll take six months to clean it up."
Farther up the coast, much of Bridge City and downtown Orange were under up to 8 feet of water and rescue teams in dump trucks were plowing through in an effort to reach families trapped on roofs and inside attics.
"Right now we're pretty devastated," Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said. "We're still watching the water steadily rise slowly. Hopefully it's going to crest soon."
Thibodeaux said Ike was not causing as much structural damage as Rita, but that rising water was making the effects more devastating. Thibodeaux and other officials were stuck inside an emergency operation center, where he said the water outside was at least 5 feet and rising.
In Louisiana, Ike's storm surge inundated thousands of homes and businesses. In Plaquemines Parish, near New Orleans, a sheriff's spokesman said levees were overtopped and floodwaters were higher than either hurricane Katrina or Rita.
"The storm surge we're experiencing, on both sides of the Mississippi River, is higher than anything we've seen before," Marie said.
As Ike moved north later Saturday morning, the storm dropped to a Category 1 hurricane, then a tropical storm. At 2 p.m. EDT, the storm's center was just southeast of Palestine, Texas, and moving toward the north near 16 mph. Winds were still at 60 mph, and tornadoes were possible.
Because Ike was so huge, hurricane winds pounded the coast for hours before landfall and continued through the morning, with the worst winds and rain after the center came ashore, forecasters said.
"For us, it was a 10," Galveston Fire Chief Mike Varela said. Varela said firefighters responded to dozens of rescue calls before suspending operations Friday night, including from people who changed their minds and fled at the last minute.
Ike landed near the nation's biggest complex of refineries and petrochemical plants, and already, prices were reacting. Gas prices nationwide rose nearly 6 cents a gallon to $3.733, according to auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. Some feared worries about a prolonged shutdown in the Gulf of Mexico could send prices surging back toward all-time highs of $4 per gallon, reached over the summer when oil prices neared $150 a barrel.
More than 3 million customers lost power in southeast Texas, and some 140,000 more in Louisiana. That's in addition to the 60,000 still without power from Labor Day's Hurricane Gustav. Suppliers warned it could be weeks before all service was restored.
But there was good news: A stranded freighter with 22 men aboard made it through the brunt of the storm safely, and a tugboat was on the way to save them. And an evacuee from Calhoun County gave birth to a baby girl in the restroom of a shelter with the aid of an expert in geriatric psychiatry who delivered his first baby in two decades.

Greg Street Vapors Magazine interview

One of my favorite magazine right here interviewed Atlanta's favorite Dj, GREG STREET about his sneaker game which is a beast son!!!!!!

No introduction needed here—his collection speaks for itself. Who else you know that has two pair of the Undefeated Jordans, worth over $4K each? Hit Greg up at myspace.com/djgregstreet, especially if you have some Paris Dunks in 10.5. He’s clearly not afraid to drop some coin.

First things first: we know you have been a shoe head for a while, but how long have you really been hardcore collecting?
I been hardcore collecting for a little over four years, but I been holding onto shit for a long time, back from the ’90s. Like the canvas Air Force Ones, the jewel Air Force Ones, those are prolly some of my favorites just because they’re classics.

Why did you start collecting?
I mean, I’ve been collecting cars, watches, and vinyl for forever. It was something different for me.

If you had to name one pair that really started you on the sneaker collecting what would it be?
The pairs that kinda got me hooked and into it all were like the J-Rods and the Tiffanys, but not because of the hype. I think if you like what you like, you like what you like! They could have released those to Foot Lockers across America; I would’ve still bought them

T.I. - Whats Up Whats Happening

Wow, somebody is really facing the agony of defeat rigggggggggghhhhttt now. Well earlier this week that's when the video came out

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ignite What's Next Starts in Atlanta this Saturday!

Here's your reminder to hit up the Sparks, Upper Playground, and Juxtapoz Ignite What's Next Art Tour starting in the durty durty South of Atlanta, Georga this Saturday, September 13th, 2008. To hell with Friday the 13th, it's all about Saturday the 13th in Hotlanta!
The Atlanta show is the first of three different events, which will showcase live painting by three of the top artists from the world of contemporary art – Sam Flores, Alex Pardee (Juxtapoz #79) and N8 Van Dyke (Juxtapoz #90.)
The inaugural Ignite What's Next event will go down at Lenny’s Bar September 13th at 10pm.
Each event will also include performances by progressive up-and-coming DJs for a mix-up of art, music, and culture.
Other future dates and locations include: Boston on Saturday September 20th, 2008 at 2pm at Underground Snowboards in Boston, and Phoenix on Friday, October 3rd and Saturday, October 4th at 10pm at The Marquee Theatre.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roberto Cavalli Black on Gold Heels @ Net-A-Porter

This one for the ladies that might roll thru the jungle

The gold patent straps are what separates these from the pack. The gladiator feel is there, but it's a very updated and modern version.

Stephen Marley & Damian Marley - The Mission

Man when these two get together. FIYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! This video visuals and lyrics are the truth!!!

Big Pooh remakes Rappers Delight

I luv fly downloadable music

Check out Little Brother Big Pooh's solo mixtape, Rapper's Delight. The title track is a reworking of the ol' Sugar Hill Gang track, produced by Nottz and it knocks. Elsewhere, Pooh rhymes on Lupe's "Dumb It Down," a Dilla beat alongside Bishop Lamont, a 9th Wonder production and much more. Get the download below
Download Big Pooh x DJ Warrior's Rappers Delight mixtape