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Video: Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Book Promo

KANYE WEST "Glow in the Dark" book promo by: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)

NYC need this right here

Freaky Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Whether it’s falling off a cliff or public nudity, find out what may be causing those vivid, crazy dreams.
By Suzanne Wright

WebMD Feature Reviewed by Matthew Hoffman, MD
Consider this freaky dream. You're at a black-tie gala in a fancy hotel banquet room with lots of other people. You're all having a good time eating dinner, dancing, and talking. When it's time to go, you look for your purse, but it's gone. As you anxiously search for it, a fast-moving river appears out of nowhere, bisecting the room. Your purse is floating on the river, but you can't reach it. It is moving too swiftly. When you awaken, you're filled with a sense of panic.

Now if you plugged the dream into an online dream analyzer, such as you might find at, you'd learn that a purse is a symbol for wealth and resources, a hotel represents transition, and a river connotes emotion. Since you have been living through a kitchen remodeling -- with its attendant financial stresses and upheavals -- this dream echoes and amplifies what's going on in your waking life.

What Are Dreams?
Human beings dream, and so do, scientists believe, most mammals and some birds. On the most basic level, a dream is the experience you have of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations while you sleep. They are an internal mental process. But dreams are actually much more than that.

Sigmund Freud's theory was that your dreams are an expression of what you're repressing during the time you are awake. And Carl Jung believed that dreams provide messages about "lost" or "neglected" parts of our selves that need to be reintegrated. Many dreams simply come from a preoccupation with the day's activities. But some offer rich, symbolic expressions -- an interface between the conscious and the unconscious that can fill in the gaps of our self-knowledge and provide information and insight.

In his book The Three "Only" Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination, Robert Moss writes, "Dreams are open vistas of possibility that take us beyond our everyday self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Before we dismiss our dream lover, our dream home or our dream job as unattainable -- 'only a dream' -- we want to examine carefully whether there are clues in the dream that could help us to manifest that juicy vision."

Why Do We Dream?

Everyone dreams every night -- even if we don't remember our dreams.

Tom Scammell, MD, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, says no one knows why we dream. "There is a strong movement in the research community to research how sleep improves memory and learning," Scammell says. "One speculative possibility is that dreaming allows you the opportunity to practice things you may or may not ever have to do, like running away or fighting off a predator."

Three or four times a night, you have a period of sleep that lasts approximately 90 minutes called REM -- rapid eye movement -- sleep. It is during REM sleep that your brain is more active. And according to Scammell, it's then that conditions are right for "story-like" dreams that are rich in action, complexity, and emotion.

"You are most likely to recall dreams if you wake at the end of a REM episode," says Scammell. "Americans, who are chronically sleep-deprived, probably miss out on some REM sleep. This builds up pressure for REM sleep. So when you're catching up on your sleep, you may have more REM sleep with more intense dreams."

The Value of Dreams
Scientists have long debated whether dreams have meaning. But those who work with their dreams, either independently or with the aid of dream interpreters, believe that understanding dreams can provide meaningful clues to feelings, thoughts, behaviors, motives, and values.

Artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists often get creative ideas from dreams. Jeff Taylor dreamed up Jack Nicklaus had a dream of a new golf grip. And Nobel laureate and scientist Wolfgang Pauli called dreams his "secret laboratory."

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and dream coach. In her book I Had the Strangest Dream...: The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century, she divides dreams into eight categories:

Venting ( nightmares)
Wish fulfillment

The most common, she says, are recurring and venting dreams.

Moss gives an example of a predictive dream: "One of the biggest oil discoveries in history ... resulted from a dream of a retired British colonial official living in Kuwait in 1937. Colonel Dickson's dream revealed a specific location near an unusual sidr tree in the Burqan hills. The Kuwait Oil Company, which had been drilling dry holes far away, was persuaded to move a rig to the location identified from the dream and hit a gusher."

Processing dreams can be used to diagnose and solve physical and emotional problems.

"Some of our dreamscapes are living dioramas of what is going on inside our bodies," explains Moss. "The ancient Greek physician Galen used dreams to diagnose patients' complaints. A friend of mine was alerted to a problem when her dead father appeared to her in a dream, accompanied by a doctor and yelled 'Get to a doctor at once! You have breast cancer!' She acted on that dream and believes that it helped save her life."

Eva Van Brunt is the West Coast media manager at the law firm DLA Piper. She thinks pregnancy is contributing to the intensity and vividness of her dreams. "It's been remarkable -- and a little annoying. Last night I dreamt I was in the security line at an airport and couldn't find my license. I woke up in an utter panic, and it took a few moments to realize the dream was not real."

But she's also found her vivid dreams helpful.

"A few days ago, I couldn't find my camera anywhere in my house. I grew quite anxious and ended up looking for it until bedtime without success. Eventually I got to sleep. Next thing I know, I am having a very vivid dream." The dream, she says, was about a concert she and her husband were at a month earlier. She was walking up to the gate and saw a no cameras sign and found herself getting flustered because she had one in her purse. Her husband suggested she put the camera in an inside zipper pocket of her purse because it likely wouldn't get searched. "In the dream, that's what I did. And it's also what I had done on the night of the concert." The next morning, she found the camera in the inner pocket of her purse. "The only thing I can think," she says, "is that my body triggered the memory to alleviate the anxiety."

Worrying About Weird Dreams

What are we to make of the crazy dreams of adults?

Cognitive scientist and Duke University professor Owen Flanagan is the author of Sleep, Dreams & the Evolution of the Conscious Mind. He has written that "Bizarreness will increase ... the more you have on your mind."

Bert. O. States, professor emeritus of dramatic arts at the University of California, Santa Barbara, agrees. In a paper called "Dream Bizarreness and Inner Thought," he writes, "Dreams are a psychical prism through which reality somehow gets refracted -- as opposed to reflected."

Deidre Barrett is the immediate past president of the International Association of the Study of Dreams and author of Committee of Sleep. She says all dreams are a little strange by waking thought standards. "But artists and scientists report dreams we call bizarre or weird as quite positive or interesting or having creative potential."

Moss tells WebMD, "Crazy dreams may actually be crazy like a fox, using wild dramas and special effects to get us to remember and pay attention to something we have been blocking out -- or simply to lighten up."

Decoding Dreams

All of us can recall strange dreams. But interpreting and understanding them can be tricky.

Some of the most common dreams include teeth falling out (indicating a possible fear of aging or death), falling (loss of confidence or threat to security), or public nudity (feelings of vulnerability or exposure of weakness). These are examples of archetypal dreams that exist across time, culture, and people.

But most dreams are intensely personal. They reflect the underlying thoughts and feelings of the dreamer. Symbols -- images or objects with obvious meaning in daily life -- serve as metaphors, representing something partially known. A lion in a dream, for example, can mean something different to a circus performer than to a teen who claims it as her favorite stuffed animal. By examining each dream element and looking for parallels between associations, you can decipher a dream's meaning.

"Even if it doesn't initially make sense to you, contemplate the dream, meditate on it, marinate in it," suggests Sullivan Walden. "Pretend you are on a treasure hunt. Your interest in uncovering the mystery of what your dreams are telling you will lead you to the gold that is waiting for you."

Barrett says that you can explore dreams on your own, with a peer-led dream group, or with friends. "We are often blind to our own issues and associations. But someone else can see things objectively."

Moss recommends you play the 'What Part of Me' game -- pretending that everything in the dream is a part of you and notice what its condition or behavior may be saying to you about yourself. "In your dream house, for example, if there's a problem with the plumbing or a room you have never explored, what could that be saying about a part of you that needs some TLC or a part of your potential that is waiting to be recognized and opened up."

Another technique he offers is to listen for puns and double entendres. "If there's a train on the tracks in your dream, could it be prompting you to think about what 'track' you are on, what 'line' you are following? Say your dream features shoes. A shoe has a 'sole,' which sounds like 'soul,' so maybe the condition of your footwear in a dream says something about the state of your vital energy."

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams can continue for days, weeks, months, and even years.

Barrett says the majority of people over a lifetime have recurring dreams. "They are more important, on average, than other dreams. They are probably your unconscious trying to tell you something, a more significant issue."

She says there are two key clusters of recurring dreams. Most of them are nightmares, though some are positive or neutral in nature.

"The single likeliest [dreams] to get locked in are posttraumatic dreams, where you are reliving something that happened while you were awake," she says. Soldiers or victims of violence may experience such recurring dreams. "The details unfold like they do in real life but often go one step further. The thing you are most afraid of in real life presents in the dream."

The other type of recurring dream is one where you haven't experienced the trauma in your waking life. "These dreams include monsters and surreal, impossible settings," she says. "They are much more metaphoric. Sometimes symbolism is obvious, sometimes it's quite a puzzle."

Should we be concerned about recurring themes? Barrett says only if the content is troubling. In the case of disturbing posttraumatic stress dreams, she recommends seeking help from a therapist. "They will diminish over time."

Improving Dream Memory

Some people can remember several dreams a night. Others recall dreams only occasionally or not at all.

"People differ greatly in dream content, both the intensity and recall," says Scammell. Interestingly, according to Barrett, women and younger people report greater dream recall, as do those who sleep for longer periods of time.

Dreams are by their nature, uncontrollable. But there are things you can do to increase your dream retention:

Get enough sleep. Those who sleep for longer periods of time enjoy more REM sleep, resulting in more dreams and possibly greater memory of them.

Employ the power of suggestion. Experts recommend that before you go to sleep, remind yourself that you want to remember your dreams.

Keep a journal. Have a pen and paper or a recorder at your bedside so you can log your dreams when you awaken before hopping out of bed. If not immediately recorded, dreams become elusive and difficult to retrieve.

Get curious. When you first wake up, lie still, stay quiet, and see if you can recall a dream. It may flood over you. Mull it over. Having an open mind, reading about dreams, and discussing them actively with friends and family may encourage future dreaming.

Limit drug and alcohol intake. Sleep and, by extension, dreams are affected by alcohol. And medications, including antidepressants, can induce crazy dreams or even nightmares. Talk to your doctor about the effects of drugs on your dreams.

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"The Wu-Massacre" Trailer Part I

Three/21 & Best of Both Offices created “The Wu-Massacre Trailer” in anticipation of the new album from Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Method Man. Check out part 1 above and get ready for the 3 Wu-Tang generals new LP coming December 22!

Trick or Treat u Pic


To many dope artist in this mag I know. Love the look and layout. Shouts to Purple zoe: Peep the download & cop the real deal right here

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Rakim Interview w/ 247HH

Rakim from MCM on Vimeo.

Ra explains his “7 MCs” line from “My Melody”, talks about the fall out between him and his former partner

Color Of Life Photography by Andre’ Wright Jr.

Dope ish right here!!!

Photographer Andre’ Wright Jr. presents his book called ‘Color Of Life’, which includes a huge and absoloutly awesome collection of Polaroids he shot over the past few years. The collection includes images of Wale, Jeremih, Common, Mel D. Cole, Flavor Flav and even Paris Hilton.

POLAROIDS... from Andre' Wright Jr on Vimeo.

Masta Ace & EDO. G - Ei8ht Is Enough [Directed by Court Dunn]

Lawdddd!!! More Hip hop son!!!!!!!!!!


Senor Kaos, Homeboy Sandman & Von Pea - 20 Years High & Rising @ CMJ, Public Assembly, NYC, 10/20/09

Senor Kaos, Homeboy Sandman and Von Pea Performing 20 Years High & Rising @ The High Water Music CMJ Showcase at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, New York City on October 20th, 2009.

Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought & DJ Premier Cypher

this best out of 3 ciphers. They'll be tlking about this one for a minute

jasirix:Dear Debra-A Letter to BET

This Episode is dedicated to the BET and their CEO Debra Lee. Dear Debra is a critical but loving letter exploring the possibilities of Black Entertainment Television. Episode 23 was produced by Kai Roberts and directed bu Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan, No ducks were harmed in the makin of this video.

Verse 1
Dear Debra,
You're giving me the blues mo betta
said that I can flow forever but I ain't got no chedda
and we can't got together cause I'm too controversial
plus you said ya time is money like a commercial
but my music's universal
I didn't mean to hurt you
but that's what truth does
I did it with true love
see I gave you my heart and you said it was irrelevant
you said that I was smart but that I was too intelligent
I offered you my soul from the start but like the devil did
you said it would rank on ya chart unless I selling it
you said that your just playin ya part that of the ghetto chick
cause that's what people what you to be
that sounds like frontin to me
see to me you're more than something to see
baby you and me could set this whole country free
my queen you stepped out of a dream on to the screen
like a vision you was the only one I've ever seen

Verse 2
you had religion you was quick to tell em you was christian
but now you hang with gangstas so much you've been imprisoned
but you convinced yourself that that's how we living
but life is so much more than champagne sippin
listen what this isn't is a black male's hate
give me one chance I promise it won't be a hell's date
we can go to college hill or 106 and park
make love from the sun up till when it get's dark
I'll sooth you no matter what level the stress
you are a righteous black queen not a hot ghetto mess
and yes I believe that you'll switch one day
but now you're so exposed that I wanna rip the runway
and I know they say that you should shake what ya mama gave you
but you are a reflection of how ya mama raised you
and you get what you give so don't let karma enslave you
I'm willin to campaign like Obama to change you
for real

Verse 3
I'm so serious I'm so sincere
name the place where ever you wanna go I'm their
we can go to rap city I can get us a booth
cause the ones that's there now they don't be spittin the truth
you ask me how do I know the way they living is proof
claimin they freestylin what was ghostwritten for dudes
I wanna kick it with you
I'm on a mission to prove
that I'm a honest dude
this is not a comic view
see I wanna honor you and give you an award
but the ones that sponsor you I wanna give em the sword
they not fond of you they just wanna get you on board
and then they lie to you that's just like pimpin a whore
see they don't care what you mean to me or the community
how we can teach the seeds or promote unity
they just want coonery more and more buffoonery
so they can watch those videos like shake that booty b
but I'll never call you out of your name
just consider this a lane to get you outta the game
cause I'll take on all 50 states for you miss Debra
and you can call the battle Hip-Hop vs America

Black Thought x Black Dante: 75 Bars

The frolab crew get's all the fly footage. Yea!!!! Damn, Mos know ever body joints

After the cypher in Brooklyn, Mos Def chops it up with Black Thought about "75 Bars" (The Roots - Rising Down)

- brought to you by The Culture Capture Champs™ / we frolaborate.

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Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Radio Rip)


Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Radio Rip)

Mick Boogie & Idle Warship – Party Robot [Mixtape]

O yea, dope music to listen too!!!

Mick Boogie links up with Idle Warship for his latest mixtape titled Party Robot. They did it for the fans so enjoy that organic sound that isn’t compromised by any label influence.
DOWNLOAD: Mick Boogie & Idle Warship – Party Robot [Mixtape]

Boog Brown - 2 Mics & A Flask - Dilla Day In The A


The RZA Tavis Smiley Interview

Dope interview!!!

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Jay-Z + Nas: Deadly Duo [mixed by Hevehitta + DJ Unexpected]

Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected are back once again focusing on the “Deadly Duo” of Nas and Jay-Z. This mixtape features demo tracks, unreleased songs and break beats from the two. 

01. The Twin Towers (Intro – Produced By DJ Unexpected for Diggers Union Local 1200)
02. Jay Z – Broken English (Demo Track)
03. Nas Speaks On The 80’s (Interlude)
04. Nas Feat. AZ & Nature – Time (Unreleased – Produced By Dr. Dre)
05. Jay Z Feat. Sauce Money – Nothing But Love (Demo Track)
06. Nas Feat. Kool G Rap & White Boy – #1 With A Bullet (Unreleased)
07. Jay Z Feat. Sauce Money – Ripping It Up (Demo Track)
08. Nas Speaks On Illmatic (Interlude)
09. Nas – Nas Will Prevail (Demo Track)
10. Jay Z Speaks On Being A True MC (Interlude)
11. Jay Z – The Greatest MC (Demo Track)
12. Nas – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Freestyle)
13. Jay Z – Pass The Rock (Demo Track)
14. Nas – Death Anniversary (Unreleased)
15. Jay Z Feat. Nas – Dead Presidents (Live Performance)
16. Nas Feat. Jay Z – Black Republicans
17. Jay Z Feat. Nas & Ludacris – I Do It For Hip Hop

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z + Nas: Deadly Duo [mixed by Hevehitta + DJ Unexpected]

The Adventures of Superwoman

The blog is worth your time

"Paranormal Activity" scares up box office win

Damn, the movie cost $11,000 to make and grossed $63 million. Wow!!!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Low-budget fright film "Paranormal Activity" scored a kill over the sixth picture in the perennial "Saw" franchise, with a pre-Halloween weekend box office draw of $22 million.

Lionsgate's "Saw VI" took in $14.8 million.

"Paranormal" went into wide release by Paramount after playing to sellout crowds at midnight-only screenings over the past few weekends in a handful of markets determined by online balloting.

Taking a page from the playbook of 1999's underground smash "The Blair Witch Project," the Viacom Inc unit is letting the fans do the marketing through such social-networking sites as Twitter. Its own marketing costs have been minimal.

Paramount bought the $15,000 movie last year at the Slamdance Film Festival, an indie rival of the concurrent Sundance festival in Utah.

Lionsgate is a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.

Last weekend's top movie, "Where the Wild Things Are," which was adapted from the acclaimed Maurice Sendak children's book, dropped to the No. 3 spot with $14.4 million.

"Wild Things" was released by Time Warner Inc unit Warner Bros Pictures.

(Reporting by Deena Beasley; Editing by Eric Walsh)

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DILLA DAY IN THE A (pics & videos)

Dilla day in the A was a very dope organized event. From start to finish. From the early walk, to the kid workshop and the dope entertainment at night to wrap it up. I think Taj and the movement put a staple in this important event to be even bigger next year for sure. Gotta love that yo!!! Salute to the people!!!

JUNGLE45 TV: staHHR -the 2 H is for HIP HOP from Goldi gold on Vimeo.

Oddisee Speaks On Sampling and Diamond District

The streets won't let me CHILL!!!!

he retail version of In the Ruff drops on 10/27.

Top 5 Dead or Alive: The Show! Ms. Dia vs JoRo Part 3

Back in the house once again!!!

Top 5 Dead or Alive: The Show! Ms. Dia vs JoRo Part 3 from Evereese Hamilton on Vimeo.

In this final episode, we delve into Ms. Dia's and Jo Ro's number 1 & 2 artist. The hilarity continues as the two go back and forth on who's picks are better and why. The two also deliberate and give final arguments on their complete top 5 list . You don't want to miss this one. Don't forget, after you watch, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Thanks for watchin!!!!

Coach Ace (Master Ace) Reminisces on the Juice Crew Days

Another good side of Master Ace. This is dope to see right here

Last stop on the L train from Gasface on Vimeo.

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TSS Presents Smoking Sessions with Rakim

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions with Rakim from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

FDA warns: Swine flu scams lurk on the Internet



Air "sterilizers." A photon machine. Supplement pills to boost the immune system. Protective shampoos and face masks. Even fake Tamiflu.

These and other products making bogus claims to prevent or treat swine flu are flooding the Internet as scam artists prey on the public's fears while the vaccine is delayed and real Tamiflu — made by Switzerland's Roche Group — is rationed.

Every problem, it would seem, is a sales opportunity. Some of the products appear to have been pitched for other emergencies, such as one called "Quake Kare" and masks and purifiers sold during the SARS scare.

Federal officials have sent warning letters to promoters of more than 140 swine flu-related products, including well-known alternative medicine advocate Dr. Andrew Weil for his "Immune Support Formula."

Consumer Reports also has warned subscribers to be wary.

"It's harmful, disappointing, frustrating to see folks take advantage of the public like this," said Dr. John Santa, who evaluates health claims for Consumer Reports.

Fraudulent products emerged shortly after swine flu did last spring — about 10 a day, said Alyson Saben, head of a swine flu consumer fraud team formed by the Food and Drug Administration. The pace slowed over the summer as the flu abated, but "it's picked up" in recent weeks, she said. "We are seeing new sites pop up."

Most worrisome: sites that claim to sell Tamiflu without a prescription. The FDA bought and tested five such products. One contained powdered talc and generic Tylenol — no Tamiflu. Several others contained some Tamiflu but were not approved for sale in the U.S.

"We have no idea of the conditions under which they were manufactured. They could contain contaminated, counterfeit, impure or subpotent or superpotent ingredients," Saben said.

Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline's Relenza are the only drugs recommended for treating swine flu.

Rogue Web sites are not the only ones trying to cash in on flu fears. Makers of some well-established products are making claims that may be close to the line, the FDA says.

This week, the makers of Dial Soap, Kleenex, Clorox and other big brands launched a joint promotional campaign costing up to $1 million. The FDA is reviewing the campaign, which includes a video that says:

"Germs are tiny organisms that can cause disease. According to the CDC, up to 80 percent of infectious diseases, like the flu, are spread by your hands. That's why frequent, proper handwashing is so important in preventing spread of the flu, other viruses and germs. An antibacterial soap like Dial Complete foaming hand wash kills 99.9 percent of germs."

Flu is caused by a virus, so killing bacteria is of uncertain benefit.

The campaign is "not being specific down to swine flu," said Scott Moffitt, an official with Dial Corp.'s parent company, Germany-based Henkel AG. He also contends the video is not misleading, even though the germ-killing claim follows a sentence about flu and other viruses.

One product that drew a warning letter from the FDA is the Photon Genie, a gadget that delivers "energy waves." Its Web site claimed it "helps strengthen the immune system, and a strong immune system is KEY to preventing swine flu symptoms and KEY to treating swine flu."

The site has since removed the swine flu claim but "other claims remain," Saben said.

The group behind the Web site, the Skilling Institute of Phoenix, "is not marketing, and will not market in the future, any product that is intended to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure the H1N1 flu virus," its director, Warren Starnes, wrote in an e-mail.

Some products the FDA warned about contain silver, such as "Swine Flu...Gone," made by Secrets of Eden.

"Spray 'Swine Flu...Gone' with ionic silver on your hands and on any surface where these germs may exist and kill the virus," its site had claimed.

Secrets of Eden sells supplements and oils with a biblical flair, said its general manager, Rick Strawcutter, a former pastor in Adrian, Mich. The staff "got a little carried away" on marketing for one product and "drew the ire of the FDA," he said.

"It was not worth contesting," so he ordered a stop to it, Strawcutter said.

The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry says silver "may cause harmful health effects," depending on the amount and type of exposure.

Dr. Andrew Weil's site had this problem language, the FDA's warning letter said: "...during the flu season, I suggest taking a daily antioxidant, multivitamin-mineral supplement, as well as astragalus, a well-known immune-boosting herb that can help ward off colds and flu. You might also consider ... the Weil Immune Support Formula which contains both astragalus and immune-supportive polypore mushrooms."

Weil issued a statement saying the content "was primarily educational" about how to avoid the flu, and that he had directed his Web site team to remove and review it for compliance with federal rules.

Doctors, too, are being warned not to prescribe unproven remedies, such as drugs not shown to be safe and effective for swine flu. In this week's New England Journal of Medicine, three FDA doctors caution against use of ribavirin, a drug approved in the U.S. for treating hepatitis C and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a childhood illness.

There have been reports of doctors wanting to try it for seriously ill flu patients, but it can cause a dangerous type of anemia and cannot be used in pregnant women because of the risk of birth defects, said the FDA's Dr. Debra Birnkrant.

"It shouldn't be used lightly" and needs to be tested in a clinical trial for flu, she said.

Video: 50 Cent - Crime Wave

Damn, this video is crisp!!!!

Electric Wire Hustle

Damn, got to add these cats to the kick back listening pleasure list

'Perception' Electric Wire Hustle from Electric Wire Hustle on Vimeo.

Electric Wire Hustle is a three piece band from New Zealand that has taken some of the best parts of hip-hop, soul, funk, and a little psychedelic and put together some sonically unique tracks that sound surprisingly refreshing considering that their influences seem to come from renown sources of the past, from A Tribe Called Quest and Al Green to The Doors. The video for the track “Perception” is a fairly straightforward clip, but is a great illustration of how this group takes a little bit from a lot of places and really makes it into something new and distinct, taking some simple hip hop style drum programming, mixing it with soulful vocals, then tweaking it all just enough to give it a slightly futuristic sound.

Diamond District – Hologram

And what we call balance in hip hop. This joint is just as hard as the 50 track without the gun talk.This is one of the new tracks that will be found on Diamond Districts physical release of In The Ruff

Diamond District – Hologram


All i'm saying. If you talk some gun talk. Make sure the track and lyrics are hard.


October 22nd Annual National Police Brutality Protest

Time: October 22, 2009 from 1pm to 3:30pm
Location: Woodruff Park
Street: Downtown Atlant (Peachtree & Edgewood)
City/Town: Atlanta
Event Type: rally, &, march
Organized By: RCP, FTP Movement and others..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arsenio Hall & Michael Jai White "Blaxploitation saved Hollywood"


Drinking Your Way to Health? Perhaps Not


By Dennis Thompson

(HealthDay News) -- Just about every month -- if not every week -- a new study emerges touting the health benefits to be gained from a daily glass of wine or a pint of dark beer.

The benefits related to cardiovascular health have become well-known. A study released in mid-July, for instance, found that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women by increasing the amount of "good" cholesterol in the bloodstream and reducing blood sugar levels.

But other studies have linked a daily drink, most often wine, to reduced risk of dementia, bone loss and physical disabilities related to old age. Wine also has been found to increase life expectancy and provide potential protection against some forms of cancer, including esophageal cancer and lymphoma.

But don't invest in that case of Pinot noir just yet.

Experts with the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association say that though these studies do show some benefits to moderate drinking, the health risks from alcohol consumption far outweigh the potential rewards.

Drinking any alcohol at all is known to increase your risk for contracting a number of types of cancer, said Susan Gapstur, vice president of epidemiology for the American Cancer Society. These include cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon/rectum and breast.

"At the end of the day, if you are at very high risk for cancer, you might want to limit your alcohol consumption even further," Gapstur said. "It's a lifestyle modification you can make, and we don't have as many lifestyle modifications for preventing cancer as we do for coronary heart disease."

There also are other health risks from moderate drinking, including liver damage and accidents caused by impaired reflexes, said Dr. Jennifer Mieres, director of nuclear cardiology at the New York University School of Medicine and an American Heart Association spokeswoman.

The health benefits from drinking generally are related to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found in red wines and dark beers, Mieres said, but those substances can be found in a number of different fruits and vegetables.

"When it comes to disease prevention, you're better off changing your diet to include fruits and vegetables and get your antioxidants and anti-inflammatories from natural sources," she said.

For example, people can get resveratrol -- the antioxidant found in red wine that's believed to provide most of the drink's health benefits -- from drinking grape juice just as well as from drinking wine, Mieres said.

"For people that don't drink, not drinking is important," Mieres said. "You can get the same benefits of drinking from leading a heart-healthy lifestyle. To me, it's not worth the risk to start drinking. But for people who enjoy a glass of red wine or enjoy drinking, the key is to stick to the definition of moderation," she said.

Moderate drinking is defined as one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. What counts as one drink are:

12 ounces of regular beer or wine cooler
8 ounces of malt liquor
5 ounces of wine
1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits or liquor

Drinking anything more than that on a daily basis is known to lead to a host of health problems that can reduce your life expectancy, Mieres and Gapstur said.

"I think the take-home message is, if you don't drink, don't start to help protect yourself from coronary heart disease because there are so many other things you can do," Gapstur said. "If you already drink, you might want to limit your consumption."

Though the studies touting the positive health effects of alcohol are scientifically accurate, they also appear to play into people's desires for quick fixes to complex problems, Mieres said.

"To prevent heart disease, 50 percent of the work has to come from you," she said. "Prevention is a big piece, and you have to be accountable. You have to make lifestyle changes, and that's very tough to do. People look for easy ways to get heart-healthy benefits, and drinking is an easy way to do that. It's a known human tendency: Let's find an easy way out that doesn't involve a lot of thought or work."


The sisters at Harriet"s Alter ego hooking up the pop up experience up in philly!!!

words by Ngozi Odita

Harlem PoP is part of an ongoing series of "PoP Up Experience Shops" that utilize unconventional spaces to house one-day installations of art, music and fashion by emerging artists of various mediums. All works exhibited are available to purchase.

Harlem PoP is made possible through the support of:
metroPCS, Fusicology,, Steaz, Indigo Arms Guest House, Harriet's Alter Ego, 7one8 Designs, popchips, StepRepeat and NY Kings

Photos By
Olubode Shawn Brown
Bloom! Media | Photography

Find more photos like this on SOCIETY HAE

Bear Baked Nibbles

You learn a lot from packaging. Peep out the 3 color layout of this product. And the joint is simple as heck. With the name. it would be dope if it was a condom. hahahaha. But check it out Bear Baked Nibbles

DOOM - Unexpected Guests Trailer

Doom keep his name out there for real

Unexpected Guests. "Grab a sneak peek at some of the rare non-album tracks and guest appearances selected by the Super Villain DOOM himself for his Unexpected Guests mix, out 11/10 on Gold Dust."

Killah Priest – Diagnose

Another album that dropped yesterday (killah Priest-Elizabeth). Smh about the promotions. Killah and Jay Electronica should do a song together. I always thought in some songs Jay spit it reminds me of killah Priest

DOWNLOAD: Killah Priest – Diagnose

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

C'mon Son 6


ADRIFT DA BELLE / Can U Feel It (live @ A3C)


Adrift Da Belle rips the A3C. Performing "Can U Feel It" off of her forthcoming project GARDEN STATE PARKWAY. This is a live recording (produced by Eljay Williams) of her solo set at the East Atlanta IceHouse where she performed with fellow members of the Female Supergroup UNDENIABLE (Adrift, Boog Brown, and Rita J) Featured in the Indie Film Pathways. They kicked off a night headlined by the Microphone Fiend himself, Rakim.


Register for the Walk- AND come to @AtlantaBench & hang w/ us on 10/24 SAT! DIS FA DILLA!!!!! SHOUT OUT TO THE HOMIE JUSTIN/ PERISHABLE FAME FOR LACING US WITH THE ART.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Camp Lo - Boogie Nights

So this Album drops tomorrow. Gezzzus the promotion game is 6 ft deep. but this track is hot!!!!!

Camp Lo - Boogie Nights


We keep it hood but we about the kids also. peep my man Mr. Soul day with the future

Today didn't start off great like some of my other days. As a matter of fact, the day started off not good at all. I know I possess the power to control the outcome, and so I began to reflect on these photos my friend Allison took of me while I was with here 5th/6th grade students last week. READ

FIND ME OT TWITTER (REMIX)-Top Cat Feat. Señor Kaos & 4-Ize

ATL repping once again with this anthem!!!!

DOWNLOAD:Top Cat Feat. Señor Kaos & 4-Ize

BloodLust 2 COMING Nov.29th Stay Tuned

my dude flux bless the cover and you about to get the best music in the winter time to break your neck too. Gt constant updates at The gritty committee

The Gritty Committee Presents Broady Champs "Shut Ya BloodClot Mouf" Live @A3C from Lex Boogie on Vimeo.


we'll see what they have to offer this year.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Kanye West Mini Movie - When We Was Fairytale Directed By Spike Jonez

some creative forces right here

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ on Vimeo.

Jay-Z, Eminem Now Part of the Shepard Fairey Collection

Digging the colors and layout of these joints

This duo of images is officially part of the “Hero” craze, they being the cover of a “collectable” case for DJ Hero’s Renegade Edition. Eminem and Jay-Z have tracks on this edition of the game, and they hired Studio Number One to whip up a lovely image of these two legendary music making faces. No word on if the images will be produced anywhere else but on the DJ Hero ephemera, but DO expect them to maybe make an appearance in some fine art in the future, as Shepard Fairey like to explore all options with images once he’s done the illustration work. Colors, mediums, rubyliths, everything and anything.
Below you’ll find an extended collection of the portraits Shepard Fairey’s done inside and outside the Obey Giant street art campaign. The portrait making of Shepard Fairey started all the way back in 1989 and continues till today. Some portraits have the person as the subject matter (like Jay and Eminem above, Joey Ramone and the Notorious B.I.G. below), while some others have the portrait “hidden” in the poster (the Pretty Vacant poster below has a portrait of musician Marc Bolan (source being a record album with him on the cover: T. Rex’s 1972 “Solid Gold Action.”)

"Divas on Screen: Black Women in American Film" is a new book by Mia Mask.

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY—Vassar Associate Professor of Film, Mia Mask’s book Divas on Screen: Black Women in American Film, has just been released by the University of Illinois Press.

Divas on Screen is an accessible and insightful look at five African American film icons: Dorothy Dandridge, Pam Grier, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Halle Berry. Mask examines how these female stars have navigated the uneven terrain of racial, gender, and class stereotypes.

Ed Guerrero, author of Framing Blackness: The African American Image in Film noted that in Divas on Screen, “Mia Mask deftly weaves the lines of inquiry, theory, popular culture, and history while making the complex lives of these amazing, charismatic black women accessible and understandable in fresh conceptual ways.”

Through the careful examination of previously under-analyzed films, Mask reconsiders the function of the five stars, including:

Dandridge's status as a sexual commodity in films such as Tamango, revealing the contradictory discourses regarding race and sexuality in segregation-era American culture;

Grier's feminist-camp performances in sexploitation pictures Women in Cages and The Big Doll House and her subsequent blaxploitation vehicles Coffy and Foxy Brown highlight a similar tension between representing African American women as both objectified stereotypes and powerful, self-defining icons;

Goldberg's transforming habits in Sister Act and The Associate as representative of her unruly comedic routines;

Winfrey's daily television performance as self-made, self-help guru echoes Horatio Alger's narratives of success;
and an analysis of Berry's meteoric success by acknowledging the ways in which Dandridge's career made Berry's possible.

"An original and imaginative work that is full of intellectual energy, insight, and engaged writing."--Hazel V. Carby, author of Cultures in Babylon: Black Britain and African America.

For additional information about Divas on Screen, see the University of Illinois Press website.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Del Tha Funky Homosapien & Tame One release "Parallel Uni-Verses"

Ahhh. Samax dropped the reminder online of this album dropping this past tuesday(oct 13) in stores. Got to get it son!!!!!!

Boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield meet for the first time since ear-biting scandal

This some Grown man ish right here. Respect

Boxer Mike Tyson has come face-to-face with rival Evander Holyfield for the first time since he bit off part of his ear in the ring 12 years ago.
The pair were reunited for an emotional reconciliation in a live episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, screened in the US last night.
Tyson took the opportunity to pour praise on his rival, saying: 'This is a beautiful guy. I just want you to know it's just been a pleasure ... being acquainted with you.'
The last time they had been together was during their world title fight at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas on June 28, 1997. READ

Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O., YU) - Diamond Exchange Mixtape

Some fly hip hop for your listening pleasure. Shouts to Mike up at Melloman music

On October 27th, the In The Ruff album will see an official release. Unlike the downloadable version from earlier this year, the retail will be uncensored and also feature two unreleased tracks. In preparation for the release, DJ Buddy the pre-album project entitled The Diamond Exchange mixtape. This twelve track tape features 4 songs from the album along with a mix of each of the group members' solo material.

DOWNLOAD:Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O., YU) - Diamond Exchange Mixtape

Redman – Coc Back (Feat. Ready Roc)

New jeru son!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

LIUNS DEN - Long Island Sound



French Vogue does blackface: Since when is this OK?


by Joanna Douglas

In the October issue of French Vogue, which is dedicated to "Supermodels," there are no black models. No Naomi Campbell, no Tyra Banks, no Iman, no Alek Wek, no Liya Kebede, no Chanel Iman. Instead, Dutch model Lara Stone appeared in a 14-page editorial in blackface. Aside from the fact that models of many nationalities have gained a greater presence in the fashion industry and should have been used in this magazine, today in 2009 we should all know that white people dressing in blackface is offensive.

The thing is, incidences of blackface have been cropping up in the news and pop culture more and more lately. Just last week, Harry Connick Jr. appeared as a guest judge on a live broadcast of the Australian program, "Hey Hey It's Saturday." On the show, five men presented a skit called "Jackson Jive" while covered in blackface paint and afro wigs. The audience cheered and laughed as the group performed, and seemed shocked when Connick Jr. gave the group a zero score."Man, if they turned up looking like that in the United'd be like 'Hey, Hey There's No More Show.'"

After taking serious offense to the routine, Connick Jr. was given an opportunity to elaborate on his concerns to the show's host, Daryl Somers. "I just wanted to say on behalf of my country, I know it was done in humor...but we have spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that we take it really to heart." We at Shine could not agree more.

This program aired in Australia, and the blackface model appears in French Vogue. Is it possible that outside the U.S., there's less sensitivity to blackface because these countries don't share our unfortunate history of minstrel shows? But on second thought, the Vogue photographer Steven Klein is American. Surely, he must have known the shoot was in the least controversial and at worst would seriously offend many people. While the photos are not necessarily portraying model Lara Stone in a negative way, it could still be considered racist. And while some would defend it as cool or edgy, most would say this fashion spread is just plain wrong.

"Mad Men" viewers may have caught a recent episode "My Old Kentucky Home," in which Roger Sterling performs an Al Jolson-like number at his Kentucky Derby wedding party. The show is set in the early 1960s, and back then white people used to perform as black people and perpetuate negative stereotypes and poke fun at their race. Meanwhile, African American entertainers themselves were often forbidden from performing at all.

This scene was intended to highlight the ignorance of people some 40 years ago–the fictional performance left its characters nonplussed. We've made such progress in the battle against racism, is there really any reason anymore to use blackface? How do you feel about all the recent blackface appearances in pop culture?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Redman - Cock Back (Video Shoot)

Red is Wild!!!

the.LIFE Files Goes Back Scenes With Redman! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

84 Area interview: staHHr is Still Dope

Krs one facial expression agrees that staHHr is still dope. hahahah. Peep the interview peoples

Female wordsmith staHHr, a self-proclaimed “lyrical warrior”, has been perfecting her craft and honing her mc skills since the latter part of hip hop’s” Golden Era”. Carving a niche for herself by interweaving intellect and social awareness with pure, unadulterated hip hop, she provides a welcome breath of fresh air. After stellar performances on DOOM’s “Born Like This”, King Geedorah‘s “Take Me to Your Leader”, C-Rayz Walz “Chorus Rhyme” and the Micranots “Obelisk Movements”, she now preps the hip hop world to hear the much needed woman’s perspective with her debut album “Almost Neva Was”, released by Beatvizion Music . Memphis-born and Atlanta-based staHHr is equipped to hold her own on the mic, “off the dome”, and with the written rhymes regardless of place of origin or gender. READ

streets of africa gibril da african feat m1 from dead prez

Current Music Presents: Embedded w/ Mos Def (FULL SHOW)

On this special hour-long Embedded, Mos Def takes us on an all access seven-day tour of Japan while he performs his new album “The Ecstatic” to packed venues in Tokyo and Osaka. During that week, he hits up the Harajuku fashion district, whoops it up at a sumo wrestling match, and gets a personal tour of the Tokyo Giants stadium from his friend and baseball phenom Mark Kroon. Then, he brilliantly ties it all together by divulging the history of great thinkers known as “ecstatics,” showing that he is clearly one of the most insightful men in hip-hop.

[Matroshka] - a compact living concept

This is dope right here. A all in on package

This unusual all-in-one furniture set was invented by the group of student. In its most packed fromat it takes up less space then 4 m2and yet it has room for: book shelf, double bed, sofa or corner sofa, dinner table or sofa table, fours stools, 12 seats all together, working place, wardrobe, cleaning products, drawer for small clothes e.g. socks, folder storage. Great solution for maximizing quality of living, especially for those in confined dwellings. But this is only a project for now. Check it

Tara McPherson Talks Life As An Artist (Of Rebellion)

her intro says it all about a life as a artist and I must agree. she's dope with it though

Tara McPherson & The Art Of Rebellion from elemental on Vimeo.


Man, too many dope creative ish is jumping off in other areas. Smh

Cut& Paste held 16 competitions in 16 different cities around the world, and now the Cut&Paste 2D Digital Design Global Championships sponsored by 55DSL grand finally is this Friday!!

The big shabang will be October 16th in New York City. 55DSL Creative Director Andrea Rosso, along with the Cut&Paste graphic experts, will select the Cut&Paste Global Championship winner from the 2D competition. This one lucky winner will have the chance to design a 10.55 t-shirt sold exclusively in the 55DSL flagship stores across the globe. Also the winner from the June competition in Hong Kong, Calvin Kwok, was selected to design a 55DSL capsule collection that will be sold exclusively on this Fall (more about that later!!) This contest features the best designers around the world, and its a full impact live event…so if you are in the NY area or will be visiting…you must not miss this event!

WHEN: Friday October 16th 7pm
WHERE: Hammerstein Ballroom
ADDRESS: 311 W. 34th Street New York, NY