Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homeboy Sandman - Mine All Mine (Video)


VIDEO: Killer Mike Is 'Very Angry' With Black Leadership

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Killer Mike shares his strong feelings on the Rev. Jesse Jackson and what he feels Black Americans need to do to protect themselves from hate crimes.

Highsnobiety TV: Stalley Intro to SXSW

Friday, March 30, 2012

VIDEO:Out Da Box TV - ROC MARCIANO Interview Part 1


Out Da Box TV is extremely proud to bring you a special new interview with the unique and talented NY Emcee "Roc Marciano". After pursuing an interview with Roc for almost 2 years, we finally got the chance to speak with him, during his recent visit back to his hometown of NY. We captured quite a bit of interesting convo with Roc about his neighborhood upbringing, his music career, writing process, his love for the old NY and much more. This interview was so extensive that I actually had to split it into 2 parts. In this first part, Roc speaks more in detail about his creative writing approach and how growing up in NY helped to shape his sound. He also speaks on his successful solo album "Marcberg" and what inspired the creativity behind the project. Without a doubt, Roc is one of our favorite Emcees in hip hop today! So it was extremely a pleasure and an honor to build with the man himself. Please take the time to view this truly in-depth interview piece on the creative Hempstead, Long Island Emcee. Part 2 of the full episode will be available next week. In the meantime please take the time to enjoy Part 1!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boog Brown - "Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix)" Music Video

Official Music Video for "Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix)" from Boog Brown's "Brown Study Remixes" Album.

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TheNewContent Interview:

Want to See More Boog Brown Videos?
"U.P.S." dir. by w. feagins, jr for high impact multimedia

"Marinate" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films

"The Best Part 1" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films

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"The Essence" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films

Purchase Boog Brown & Apollo Brown's Mello Music Group releases "The Brown Study Remixes" and "Brown Study" online by visiting:



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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VIDEO: Homeboy Sandman - The Miracle

Homeboy Sandman - The Miracle, from Subject Matter EP

Download MP3:

Video directed by Steve Smith


Native Sun was live in the ATL this past weekend. I missed their performance but there name was brought up a number of different times during the weekend on how they rocked out their shows. This is footage from their live performance up in Pal's Lounge during a FTP event. The second track on this video features ATL own Rasheeda Ali on the flute. Enjoy the dopeness!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clan Destined - "The Language Pt. 2" Music Video (Director's Cut)

The home team get nice with it once again!

Director's Cut of the Official music video for Clan Destined's "The Language Pt.2" off the "Self Titled" album.

Listen to and download "Self Titled" here:

Listen to and download the "Scream/Screamixes" EP here:

Check out the solo project from DJ Amdex (aka Yamin Semali) here:

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Video: Immortal Technique Talks KONY 2012, Trayvon Martin, the Apocalypse

very informative!!!

TIS catches up with rapper & activist Immortal Technique as he talks about humans being distracted, the killing of Trayvon Martin, Kony 2012, an end of the world scenario, aliens, and digs deep into the Illuminati. Plus more!

Billy Woods ft. Roc Marciano & Masai Bey – Body Of Work


From Billy Wood forthcoming album History Will Absolve Me featuring Roc Marciano and Masai Bey.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Atlanta march planned in memory of Trayvon Martin

ATLANTA -- Organizers are planning to march through downtown Atlanta in memory of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose shooting by a neighborhood watch captain has led to protests nationwide.

Civil rights leaders said the march is being planned for 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Georgia State Capitol.

They say the march and a rally are aimed at amending or abolishing Georgia's "Stand Your Ground" law, the state's version of a law involved in the Florida case.

Organizers encouraging participants in the Atlanta march to wear hoodies, which have become a symbol in other protests since authorities say the teen was wearing one when he was shot.

The neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, has said he shot Martin in self-defense on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla. No charges have been filed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BROTHERMAN:REVELATION - Rough Pre-Production Sketch Preview

Looking extra fresh!

A sneak preview into the work in progress of the Brotherman: Revelation graphic novel from Big City Entertainment, Inc.

Monday, March 19, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Oddisee - Slow It Down


Produced by Oddisee 


from Self Sacrifice, track released 19 March 2012                                                                                 

Trayvon - Jasiri X

Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin

Free Audio Download

Jasiri X tells the heartbreaking story of Trayvon Martin, a unarmed 17 yr old boy, who was shot and killed by Neighborhood Block Captain George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012. George Zimmerman has to this date never been arrested or charged for the Murder of Trayvon.

"Trayvon" was directed by Paradise Gray and co directed and engineered by Mirage

It's Sunday the God's day a day of rest
The Nba all stars are playing next
But right outside that same city
The celebratory atmosphere would change quickly
Who watching the game with me you know lil Trayvon
Was reppin his home town D Wade and LeBron
He had just came up from Miami to see his daddy
Who knew such a great weekend would end so badly
In a place where you move because it's safe for your family
But some people got a ingrown hate for your family
Halftime just a short brake from the slammin
Bout to go to the store lil cuz you want some candy?
Bet I grab you some skittles kid
I'll be right back in a little bit

Paid for lil cuz's skittles and a ice t
walked out the store and felt the chill of the night breeze
it seemed a little colder than before
he didn't know it was a boy like a soldier in a war
that was watching him clocking him thinking about stopping him
nine milly cocking them who's this nigga walking in my neighborhood
he fits all the specifics of criminal statistics he looks suspicious
911, what's your emergency
A black man's walking through my hood purposely
stay clam, it's just little Trayvon but he wanna be the hero so he put's his cape on
George Zimmerman neighborhood block captain
loaded glock strapped in fake cop has been
got out the car ignoring what the cops asked him
They always get away this time that will not happin

George Zimmerman didn't take his Ritalin
drunk off adrenaline says he making a citizens arrest
Trayvon looks at him vexxed
I just walked to the store nothing more nothing less
Just steps from his home he ignored his request
George grabs him, Trayvon swings and connects
Starts screaming out for help but Zimmerman see a threat
so he pulls out his gun and he points it at his chest
He fires but he misses Trayvon pleads for forgiveness
I didn't do nothing this is senseless
but George Zimmerman was so vicious
he made sure the second shot hit em no survivor no witness
Trayvon never gave his cousin his skittles
missed the all star game didn't see another dribble
And George Zimmerman wasn't even arrested
the message is only white lives are protected
In America

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video: Danny Brown – Radio Song

Oh! I like this ish right here!!!!

Jax Week 2012 -BornDay BBQ!!!!

words FLUX

This Saturday, we are celebrating my braddah Jax’s Bornday(March 15th) with our annual BINKIS BBQ! Those who know… KNOW! Come out to rock with us and have a good time. We always set it out but this time we are asking people to bring a dish, meat, alcohol, lawn chairs, etc. Always good to have more. All info is on the flyer. READ PLEASE!!!! HAAAAAA! Jax Week baby, let’s get it in. FOOOSHHHHHHHHHH!
More info: Jax Week 2012 -BornDay BBQ!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

StaHHr FirestaHHrter Produced by: Lex Boogie from the Bronx

Forget Coffee. Get your day pumping with this!!!

For all the RIOT SPARKERS and FIREstaHHrters out there. SHOW ME YOUR MOLOTOVS!
On my throne like merkaba- precise how I plan mines
quicksand rhymes- overstand I'm
not with the juegos- spit fuego
like waco-tangle with this you'll need maaco
dreamchasing- Sipping tonic outta mason jars
betta know I came to raise the bar-star
sweet cinnamon-thrilling them gentlemen
moor than feminine wiles- I got plentiful styles
rhyme flow heavy even on the light days
Whole steeze sun rays- cleansing like sauna
get the guava if they not on they square
get the picture? It's clear- like skies with no chemtrails
that wack shit is dead like road kill entrails
hyenas get crushed-something like a headrush
so what you crying for? never saw your higher self before?
oh yes, it's neter in the flesh, and we never half step-thats bet

Chorus: get set off-quick let off/ cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten
Golden Aurelian- rolling with seraphim
Riot sparkers-firestarters

clever- with around the way girl disposition
eff you, pay me-freedom costs-listen
keep the beef and steaks I'd rather have a vegan plate
indeed i shall proceed to take-
control- and set the record straight
moor than a conscious rapper- no box-
you can't trap her-myths shatter
move like the dolphin clan- often
man is caught up in the ego mind
exchange foreign currency-I leave it all behind
seen it like a sign of great things to come
and if two wont do, then I drop it on the one
time for your mindframe-sharpshooter aim
bridging the gap between left and right brain
sane and unsane-hot- the blue flame
imma live forever, but this is nothing like fame

Chorus: get set off-quick let off
Cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten-
golden Aurelian-roll with seraphim
riot sparkers/firestarters

red giant- defiant/ hands off assatta
Respect every soldier that was slaughtered or martyred
held in the pen auctioned and bartered
I can hear em screaming in the track-lex, play it back
if you seeking to know-get in synch with the flow
not preaching, teaching- reaching you slow
letting it sink in- the blend like fronto
once the spark fires-downloading is

[New EP + Music Video] Clan Destined - "SCREAM" featuring Stacy Epps

Great day to ya!!!!

"If you can't take it no more...just let it out and scream" - Stacy Epps

Clan Destined's latest video, directed by B. Price (Late September Pictures), take us into a day in the life of the blue collar with comedic, tragic, and ultimately liberating outcomes.

The track features Stacy Epps (Madvillian, Sol Uprising) and features production from Clan Destined's Yamin Semali. On this track, DT, Yamin, and Stacy trade bars about economic, racial, and internal friction, discrimination and perseverence.

[Free Download] New EP - "SCREAM + SCREAMIXES"

To celebrate the release, DT and Yamin collaborated with producers Rahgroove (aka Ralo) and Illastrate to add their spin to a few of their favorite tunes from the latest LP, Self Titled (5 out of 5 stars in Creative Loafing). Entitled SCREAM + screamixes, the project also features a new remix of "SCREAM" from the ubiquitous Vinyl Junkies bretheren, producer-emcee P.U.D.G.E. Check for the release Tuesday March 13, 2012 as well as Self Titled.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Bull Music Academy Atalanta Session This Sunday March 11th 4pm-6pm @ Cloud IX Lounge

featuring RBMA Alumni: DJ Rasta Root
Hosted by SeƱor Kaos

The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who shape our musical future. The 2012 Red Bull Music Academy
 will be held in New York City. Artists are invited to apply now through April 4, 2012. Interested producers, musicians, MCs, singers, songwriters, engineers, DJs, instrumentalists, arrangers, and sound experimentalists can go to to download an application.

I will be hosting the Red Bull Music Academy Info Session this Sunday March 11th at Cloud IX Lounge (177 Peters Street / Castleberry Hill). We will have printed applications for artists to pick up, as well as DJ Rasta Root will be on hand speaking on experience with traveling to the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, Italy. It's a Free event, come thru, meet somebody new, grab a bite, learn something, leave inspired. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

VIDEO:I Self Devine - Pretty Sickness feat. Ak-Rite

Download Reports From The Field: In The Trenches -
Stream Reports From The Field: In The Trenches -

Stay tuned to for updates on The Sound Of Low Class Amerika and The Culture Series. And be sure to follow I Self Devine on Twitter & Facebook for daily updates.

Don't miss I Self Devine at 7th. St. Entry in Minneapolis on March 24th with Mike The Martyr, Mankwe w/ Medium Zach, Big Quarters, Illuminous 3 and DJs Shannon Blowtorch & Simone Steppa DuJour:

On Twitter? Use #TheCultureSeries and #TheSoundOfLowClassAmerika hashtag to join the conversation about the mixtapes and shows.

Video Directed by Dave Wilson.

Friday, March 9, 2012

VIDEO:Big K.R.I.T. - Boobie Miles

Music video by Big K.R.I.T. performing Boobie Miles (Explicit). © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Thursday, March 8, 2012

DOWNLOAD:Apollo Brown & OC-Prove Me Wrong


DJ Premier: "Dope original shit. Hip-Hop for the people!"

Dame Dash: "This is exactly what I want... good beats... good rhymes... and a real niggaz perspective."


released 07 March 2012                                                                                 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VIDEO:Evitan (Jarobi and Dres) - GIVE IT TO ME

You have Jarobi from a tribe called quest and Dres from blaack sheep. You get Evitan. this got some kick!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

VIDEO: Maurice Garland’s “4EvaNaDay” Ride Out caught up with Big K.R.I.T. to ride around and listen songs from his project 4EvaNaDay to hear it, the right way. K.R.I.T. also reveals the concept behind the album and how it feels to hear his music in other people's cars.

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of The ‘Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Vol. 2′ A3C Mixtape (Video)

<a href="">TNC - BEATZ & LYRICS 2 Go: Vol 2 A3C mixtape (exclusive)</a>
About The Behind The Scenes Video:

“TheNewContent partnered with Salem Psalms LLC to document the making of the Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go: Vol 2 A3C mixtape. With help from Vaunghn Saber of The Scorpio Collection, W. Feagins Jr of High Impact Designs, B. Price of Late September Pictures, Sheree Swann of Lens of Life, & Nick Burns of Black Algebra, the film shows fans a brief history of the on site recording series and what it took to create it. The mixtape is available for Free Download at” – TheNewContent

Monday, March 5, 2012

VIDEO: J Haze - JugLife "Please Drink Responsibly"

No Doubt!!

J Haze of the production duo The Dynamite Bruhz presents JugLife, a 12 track project that is the soundtrack to the jug movement. All drinkers from casual to social are invited to grab a jug of their favorite liquor and relax to Haze's blend of soulful beats with featured guests introducing people to their way of life, the JugLife. Fans who purchase the digital version will get 4 bonus tracks and bonus photos from Lens of Life photography with scenes from Haze's video for Still Chillin' Ft. DJ Presyce and directed by Vaunghn Saber of The Scorpio Collection.

J Haze is one half of the Dynamite Bruhz production duo which is responsible for A3C Mixtapes, SXSW Mixtapes, and contributor for The Beatz & Lyrics Show w/ Jayforce 89.3 FM Atlanta. His production credits include Focus..., Sha Stimuli, Boog Brown, Stanza, Rhapsody, Draft, Blctxt, Tommy Nova, Phene, Niara & J. Nolan.
released 28 February 2012
Executive Producer: J Haze
Producer: J Haze
Cutz: DJ Presyce

Recorded/Mastered at Salem Psalms Library, Atlanta GA
Engineer: Amond Jackson

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Methuzulah - Crazy [Official Music Video]

Zulu Nation member Methuzulah comes back with a new track off his latest EP entitled, "House of Halogens". The featured song is called, "Crazy" with music production by Tone Beatz and visuals provided by Rick Foy for Dvid Films.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Art of Brotherman Comics is Coming to New York City June 2012 - Video Flyer

1990 - Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline was Created and illustrated by Philadelphia native Dawud Anyabwile (fka Dave Sims) and Co-Created and written by sibling Guy A. Sims. With independent sales of 750K books it has made a historical mark in the comic industry by shattering stereotypes of Black people and inspiring a generation of artists and entreprenuers to pursue their dreams in the field of comics and animation. Joined by professional artist, Brian McGee, the Brotherman Art Exhibition promises to be an art experience like no other. More details will follow as date approaches.

Video: Marvel’s The Avengers Trailer 2


Video: Santigold – Disparate Youth

Damn! I love the sound and feel of this joint!