Tuesday, March 13, 2012

StaHHr FirestaHHrter Produced by: Lex Boogie from the Bronx

Forget Coffee. Get your day pumping with this!!!

For all the RIOT SPARKERS and FIREstaHHrters out there. SHOW ME YOUR MOLOTOVS!
On my throne like merkaba- precise how I plan mines
quicksand rhymes- overstand I'm
not with the juegos- spit fuego
like waco-tangle with this you'll need maaco
dreamchasing- Sipping tonic outta mason jars
betta know I came to raise the bar-star
sweet cinnamon-thrilling them gentlemen
moor than feminine wiles- I got plentiful styles
rhyme flow heavy even on the light days
Whole steeze sun rays- cleansing like sauna
get the guava if they not on they square
get the picture? It's clear- like skies with no chemtrails
that wack shit is dead like road kill entrails
hyenas get crushed-something like a headrush
so what you crying for? never saw your higher self before?
oh yes, it's neter in the flesh, and we never half step-thats bet

Chorus: get set off-quick let off/ cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten
Golden Aurelian- rolling with seraphim
Riot sparkers-firestarters

clever- with around the way girl disposition
eff you, pay me-freedom costs-listen
keep the beef and steaks I'd rather have a vegan plate
indeed i shall proceed to take-
control- and set the record straight
moor than a conscious rapper- no box-
you can't trap her-myths shatter
move like the dolphin clan- often
man is caught up in the ego mind
exchange foreign currency-I leave it all behind
seen it like a sign of great things to come
and if two wont do, then I drop it on the one
time for your mindframe-sharpshooter aim
bridging the gap between left and right brain
sane and unsane-hot- the blue flame
imma live forever, but this is nothing like fame

Chorus: get set off-quick let off
Cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten-
golden Aurelian-roll with seraphim
riot sparkers/firestarters

red giant- defiant/ hands off assatta
Respect every soldier that was slaughtered or martyred
held in the pen auctioned and bartered
I can hear em screaming in the track-lex, play it back
if you seeking to know-get in synch with the flow
not preaching, teaching- reaching you slow
letting it sink in- the blend like fronto
once the spark fires-downloading is

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