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Kaos Live With Sol Messiah @ The Bench

Sweett!!!! and in your Area!!!

The Smoking Section Presents: *SENOR KAOS*"Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick"

DOWNLOAD:*SENOR KAOS*"Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick"

The Smoking Section Presents Señor Kaos “Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick”

Atlanta, GA US – Sept. 29, 2009 – Atlanta’s own, independent emcee Señor Kaos releases a new project titled, “Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick.”

For Kaos, the project title means to stay focused, strong in one’s convictions and to do so without being seen as a threat. When it comes to music, Kaos is soft spoken about his emcee abilities, but his lyrics hit listeners square in the face and serve as a wake up call for all other emcees. Kaos uses the title as an announcement to any formidable opponents on the microphone to be prepared.

The project features guest appearances by Bun B, Wale, 4-Ize, Punchline, Jaspects, Stacy Epps, 4th Pyramid, John Robinson, Stahhr, Homeboy Sandman and many more. The project also includes production from Large Professor, DJ Spinna, 9th Wonder, Von Pea, Jake One, 2 Hungry Bros. and others.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Walk Softly Intro
2. Wake Up Time TSS Remix
3. Wandering Soul (Produced By 2 Hungry Bros.)
4. Classic Example Feat. 4 Ize & Punchline
5. Mr. Hollywood Remix Feat. P.So (Formerly P.Casso)
6. Trap Door Remix Feat. KeiPH & S.O.U.L. Purpose (Produced By Jake One)
7. Fallin Remix w/ Jaspects
8. Best In Show Remix Feat. Binkis Recs (Produced By Deep of 2 Hungry Bros.)
9. Ignorant Shit (Produced By Von Pea)
10. Move And Shake Feat. 4th Pyramid (Produced By Squashy Nice)
11. Searching For An Outlet Feat. Young Chris, Wale, & Bun B
12. Summer Madness Remix Feat. Daniel Joseph (Produced By Dj Spinna)
13. Word Play Remix Feat. Wale & Curren$y (Produced By 9th Wonder)
14. Floatin' Remix w/ Stacy Epps (Produced By Apex)
15. The Anthem Feat. Mel Ink, Sl One, Cuts By Dj Razor Ramon
16. Foolish Remix Feat. Ozy Reigns & Mojo Swagger (Produced By Dj Shakim)
17. Slick Money Feat. P.So (Produced By Large Professor)
18. Flavor In Ya Ear 2009 Feat. 4 Ize, Punchline, & PH (Pumpkinhead)
19. 20 Years High & Rising (Homage To De La Soul) Feat. Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman (Produced By Dave West)
20. Carry A Big Brick Outro
21. BONUS: Million MC March Feat. J.Mill, Pgnut, Jax (R.I.P.), John Robinson, Trip, E Class, Flux, Wysztsk, Bambu, Melo, A.D., 4 Ize, Stahhr, Jawz Of Life, Rubix, Tone, & Manchild aka (ATL Underground)

The project is available for free download beginning on September 30, 2009 from The Smoking Section (TSS)

"Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick" is the follow up project to "Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything" which Kaos released at the end of 2008. The first project features guests appearances and production by Kanye West, DJ Rasta Root, Johnny Euphonic, Illastrate, Collective Efforts and the late Jax of Binkis Recs and is available for free download from The Kaos Effect,


About Señor Kaos: Content, delivery and showmanship are the three core values for Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos, whose unique approach to Hip Hop has sent him around the globe. As an emcee, marketer and blogger, his persona and work ethic makes it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title as “Cultural Influencer.” Kaos got his start in the music business at just 15 years old. At the age of 20, he was able to finance, secure distribution and release his own record independently. In 2003, he founded Vintage Imperial, a lifestyle marketing company specializing in viral marketing, product seeding/placement, focus groups, web development and event coordination. He also runs a popular blog called The Kaos Effect.

Brandi Pettijohn: Doc the Artist with Lil John Roberts

Words and photo by Brandi Pettijohn

When I first met John Roberts, Jay Carter the founder of Sol Fusion set me up to photograph the Chronicle after a long hiatus apart. I believe they said it was the only time they did a shoot like that. I was still quite wet behind the ears (and the image is on another hard drive somewhere around here). At any rate sometime later I was showing my work at Soul Sista's Juke Joint and I ran into John again, and as I say in the doc he remembered me. Now I know that this man has toured with Janet Jackson played with Rachel Ferrell and gets props from the likes of Sheila E; so the fact that he remembered little ole me....well, I was flattered. READ

ill@DELphsouL does it AGAIN!!!!!!

Lawwwd, i'm inspired tough with these joints. Check him out right here:ill@DELphsouL

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How to tell a cold from the flu

You got to know what you in for before hand so you can handle it and continue that hustle. Salute

The common cold and flu — both the seasonal and the new swine flu — are caused by different viruses but can have some similar symptoms, making them tough to tell apart. In general, the flu is worse and symptoms are more intense.

COLDS: Usual symptoms include stuffy or runny nose, sore throat and sneezing. Coughs are hacking and productive. It's unusual to have fever, chills, headaches and body aches, or if present, those symptoms will be mild.

FLU: Fever is usually present, along with chills, headache and moderate-to-severe body aches and tiredness. Symptoms can come on rapidly, within three to six hours. Coughs are dry and unproductive, and sore throats are less common.

Sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Roche, maker of Tamiflu.


words Viva Fidel
photo by Brandi Pettijohn

Connecting you w/ comrades all over the globe - Hailing from Chitown this international artist MIKEFLO VivaFidel go waaaay back Listen Learn about the RBG movement whats next for Mike Flo hear some new Music find out what he means by DOA- Death Of Amerikkka Sep 29 2009

EXCLUSIVE: StaHHR – “Still Dope” VIDEO (Produced By DOOM)

all i'm saying. if you got a blog. plug this joint tough!!!!!

“Still Dope” is available on StaHHr’s “Almost Never Was” album out now as well as DOOM’s “Born Like This” album.
For more info on StaHHR or holla at her on Twitter


HAHAHAHA Shouts to nito for this joint right here

Mos Def goes to the source for a lyric check.
brought to you by The Culture Capture Champs™ /

'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

It could work

K1X – 4 Elements 4 Icons 4 Basketballs

The launch of the K1X “4-E” collection is highlighted by a limited artist series of unique K1X basketballs. Four distinguished icons from the realm of graphic art were asked to unleash their creativity and go one-on-one with the hoop culture’s most fundamental ingredient: the basketball. Marok (Water), Bill Mc Mullen (Fire), Mode2 (Earth) and Frank 151 featuring Stay High 149 (Air) brought their usual a-game and interpreted one force of nature each. All four balls are strictly limited to 444 units and available at selected retail locations only.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hip Hop is alive in the ATL baby!


SEAN FALYON : LEADERS OF THE NEW COOL from Sean Falyon on Vimeo.

92Y Tribeca wed 9/30
Doors Open at 7pm

Senor Kaos perform "Automatic Classic" at Slaughterhouse Concert at The Loft ATL


Food Clothes and Shelter CD Release Party - FTP (part 1 & part2)

I missed the double cd release party for the Food, Clothing and shelter streets album but you know a brother gonna plug the joint check the videos and the to get the cd

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Health Habits That Can Backfire

Less is more baby!!!!

By Barbara Brody
Sometimes too much of a good thing is actually pretty bad--especially when it comes to your health. While you certainly don't want to skimp on healthy habits like exercising, sleeping and eating plenty of vitamin-rich food, overdoing any of these can be dangerous. Here's why.

Sleeping Too Much

Of course you want to be well rested, and most of us aren't. But oversleeping has its downsides, too. If you tend to get only six hours during the work week, but sleep nine to 10 hours on Saturday morning, don't be surprised if you wake up with a headache, says Margaret Lewin, MD, clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City and medical director of Cinergy Health. "When you're asleep, you breathe in and out more slowly, so you get rid of less carbon dioxide," she says. When you sleep in on the weekends, carbon dioxide can build up a bit and lead to headaches. You may also wake up with a pounding head if you sleep past the time when you normally have a cup of coffee.

While a headache might be the biggest downside to sleeping in periodically, if you always feel like you need a ton of sleep--or if you feel like you need a lot more than you used to--talk to your doctor. People who get excessive amounts of sleep are more prone to depression, heart disease and even early death, says Dr. Lewin.

Taking Too Many Vitamins

Vitamins--whether they're from food or pills--are essential ingredients your body needs for so many functions. But did you know you can actually "overdose" on them? According to nutritionist Lyssie Lakatos, RD, women need to be cautious about fat-soluble vitamins like A, because they can build up in the body's fat stores. (Extra water-soluble vitamins, like C, are easily excreted in the urine after your body uses what it needs.) (See Choosing a Vitamin Supplement.)

You'll find vitamin A--which is important for vision, reproduction and a strong immune system--in many types of fruits and vegetables, as well as in eggs and milk. The problem is that many foods are also fortified with large amounts of vitamin A, plus it's commonly found in multivitamins. "If you have a serving of vitamin A-fortified cereal with milk, take a multivitamin and eat an egg, you will probably exceed the recommended level for the day," says Lakatos. Do this once in a while and it's not a big deal, but over time the results aren't pretty: Lakatos has seen clients who've had hair and eyebrows falling out, rough skin and cracked lips as a result of an A overdose. One major culprit: energy bars. "Many contain a lot of vitamin A, and some people eat several of them daily." Whenever possible, get your vitamins from whole foods instead of "bars" and consider whether you really need a multivitamin (ask your doc if you're not sure).

Exercising Too Much

True, most Americans are so sedentary that they aren't in any danger of moving too much. But what happens when couch potatoes get inspired to step up their exercise big time? Ouch. "People who are new to exercise are more prone to injuries since they are often excited to start or just want to get it over with,'" says Carly Cummings, a personal trainer and founder of Hyp-Yoga Inc. "The biggest tip I can give to beginner exercisers is to remember that this is a journey that you will continue for the rest of your life, so pick something you really enjoy. If you're forcing yourself to do something and pushing through pain, then injury is more likely to happen."

If you're new to exercise, start slow and always warm up first. Before you try intense activities like running or kickboxing, make sure you're comfortable just walking, then jogging a little, etc. "Building up to a group exercise class is also a good idea. Don't be afraid to go into a class and only stay for the first half," says Cummings.

Using Too Much Hand Sanitizer

Experts say that alcohol-based hand sanitizer can help you stop the spread of germs and avoid getting sick. That's especially important this time of year, when colds and flu are going around. But don't think you can skip the soap and water. "Sanitizer is good if you need to cleanse your hands after getting off the subway or before lunch and you don't have access to a sink," says Dr. Lewin. "But if you use it several times in a row without washing [with soap and water], some of the gel can build up and bacteria will start to stick to it." A good rule: If you've already used sanitizer three times in a row on a given day, get yourself to a sink.

Eating Too Much Fiber

Fiber is great for keeping your digestive system healthy and your blood sugar levels on an even keel. It's also a friend to dieters, since it helps you stay full. But if you're not getting very much right now, you need to slowly work your way up to those recommended 25 grams per day. Otherwise you may find your tummy aching. "Some of our clients have reported flatulence, diarrhea and stomach cramps from eating too much fiber," says nutritionist Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, who is the coauthor (with twin sister Lyssie) of The Secret to Skinny.

Be especially careful about all those products that have extra fiber added to them. "Companies have been adding isolated fibers like inulin and polydextrose to foods such as Stonyfield Farm yogurt, Weight Watchers cereals and Fibersure fiber supplement, claiming that they are as good as the fiber that's naturally found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables," says Lakatos Shames. "Although there isn't good evidence to support or deny this, inulin may cause gas or other stomach distress, and polydextrose may result in ‘a laxative effect from excessive consumption,' as the packages warn."

Brushing Your Teeth Too Much

We all want to keep those pearly whites sparkly. Good oral health has been linked to a lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. But don't scrub too hard or too often, warns Dr. Lewin. "All toothpastes contain small amounts of abrasives [to get rid of stains], and if you use too much you can start wearing away the enamel." And, brushing too vigorously can damage your gums and cause them to recede. She recommends brushing two to three times a day using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft-medium bristles.

Washing Your Face Too Often

If your skin is oily or acne-prone, you may be tempted to scrub it several times a day. But over-washing can irritate sensitive skin and aggravate conditions like acne. "The goal of washing is to eliminate dirt and bacteria, not to strip the protective layers off your skin," says dermatologist and Woman's Day advisory board member Debra Wattenberg, MD. "For most people, washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser is sufficient."

Getting Too Many Medical Tests

You've probably seen ads for heart scans and even full-body CT scans that claim to catch diseases early on. But unless your doctor has recommended a particular test for you, think twice. While most traditional X-rays--like the kind you get at your dentist's office--expose you to minimal amounts of radiation, CT scans are more detailed and therefore expose you to higher levels, which could increase your cancer risk over a lifetime.

"A lot of procedures are done because patients are curious, not because they're medically necessary," says Dr. Lewin. Even if your doctor is the one to suggest a test, there's nothing wrong with asking if you really need it, how much radiation it will expose you to and if there's a lower- (or no-) radiation option worth considering. For example, a regular colonoscopy doesn't expose you to any radiation, but a virtual one does because it uses CT scans (and the prep, which is the worst part, is the same for both types of colonoscopy). (See Colonoscopy or CT Colonography.)

KRS-One: “Def Jam Single-Handedly Destroyed Hip-Hop”

I know heads might be quick to scream Kris is hating but the points are valid son. press the link and peep the video

Prior to jumping onstage on Wednesday’s (September 23) Hip Hop Honors, celebrating Def Jam’s 25th Anniversary, caught up with the always outspoken KRS-One to speak on the label’s legacy.

While the teacher expressed his love and respect for the Def Jam brand, he also fingered them as the reason for hip-hop’s demise.

“Def Jam is the dopest label in hip-hop, in the culture of hip-hop,” he said. “There really would be no hip-hop as we know it today if it wasn’t for Def Jam. But you don’t get that respect without also being the label that single-handedly destroyed hip-hop.”

When asked to elaborate KRS had a list of complaints about the storied brand. “Every time you think of what’s wrong with hip-hop, the lyrics, the commercialized music, one artist being played on the radio all day, things like that, that’s all Def Jam,” he continued. “We respect it. It’s a respect cause we all competing, so Def Jam had the hardest competition, but the hardest competition as I showed the respect, I also showed the truth. And the truth is everybody else had to sit down so Def Jam could be who they are.”

As previously reported, KRS joined D.C. up-and-comer Wale and Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes for a rendition of the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep til Brooklyn” during Wednesday night’s taping. The 6th Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs at 9 p.m on October 13. –Jesse Gissen with additional reporting by Adam Fleischer
peep it here:KRS-One: “Def Jam Single-Handedly Destroyed Hip-Hop” [With Exclusive Video]

Brooklyn Influence: A Great Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Influence: A Great Day in Brooklyn from Raquel Wilson on Vimeo.

Corridor Gallery hosts "Brooklyn Influence", a photographic memoir of 2008's "A Great Day in Brooklyn" and "Another Great Day in Brooklyn", organized by Brooklyn-based community arts organization DOPE SWAN. Featuring the work of renowned documentarian Jamel Shabazz, and visual storyteller Lafotographeuse, the exhibition is a visual blueprint of Brooklyn residents who eloquently merge the worlds of art, activism and entrepreneurship. The show will run from September 27 – November 7, 2009 with an opening reception on Sunday, September 27, from 4:00PM – 6:00PM.

Corridor Gallery is located at 334 Grand Avenue (@ Lexington), Brooklyn, NY 11238

For more information, please visit

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This like watching football all day on sunday!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Roots "How I Got Over" [Trailer]

Robert Burden’s Battlecat

By the power of greyskull son!!!!

Gallery 1988 has shared a glimpse into their upcoming exhibition, Under The Influence: Masters of the Universe. This Battlecat painting by Robert Burden

Behind the Scenes: Nurse for "SAW" drive posters

I love marketing. The Saw saga continues

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roy Ayers @ Centennial Park TODAY

words by DJ KEMIT

Everybody loves the sunshine!
And I'm hoping there will be clear skies and plenty of sunshine TODAY at Centennial Park.
I'll be opening for Mike Phillips and Roy Ayers for WCLK's Wednesday Windown. I love deejaying outside and its been really cool to be a part of this cool summer series. THANKS WCLK for inlcuding me! Get more details:


Well worth your time if your in the ATL peoples!!! And if your not in the ATL be the first to snatch the video after the premire friday  by subscribing to

Love and Light!
I am overwhelmingly happy to announce the completion of my first music video for "Still Dope". I'd like to thank Jay Force, DJ Blak Magic, KS, Littles, my manager Damu and everyone else that was involved in the video. Thanks to all of your energy, love, support and generosity we made it happen. There will be a viewing of the video next Friday September 25, 2009 @ 595 North Ave. from 6pm-!0pm. The admission is FREE and there will be FREE DRINKS. I look forward to seeing you there.

Pencil Art by T. S. Abe

For the love of god! I'm inspired to create art & this sister is just 19. Wow!! Check her our here:T. S. Abe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodie Mob Reunion Show....

words & photo by Brandi Pettijohn

Admittedly, living in Atlanta being from Los Angeles and having a brief stint in a Philly suburb I wasn't into down south music. I knew about Edward J, UGK and my brother listened to Pastor Troy and to me everybody and their momma's was "signed" to LaFace. By the time 559 was a staple in the dirty south scene, I wasn't really feelin it. By then I knew that music as "some bama shit" and I was listening to WuTang, Redman, Mobb Deep, MOP, and stayed mobbin with my West Coast folks Cube, Dre and Snoop. Then Goodie Mob came along...yea I said it, I fuc'd with Kast but I sort of missed their coming. I appreciated Outkast and I liked the saying hootie hoooo!, but really I didn't get hip to them until I was living in New York and the Atliens album came out - but that's another story. READ

Murs on the Lack of Female MCs at Rock The Bells

This is why I post every dope female mc I know on the blog because of this situation right here!!!!! Smh

Camp Lo - Son of A... [Directed by Court Dunn]

oh! this is TRILL!!!! presents in association with Restless Films & Same Plate a music video by Court Dunn: ONE SHOT: CAMP LO.

Record produced by Ski off "ANOTHER HEIST" COMING SOON!

Everyone want to be a Tattoo Artist (without paying dues)

Anything worth having comes with struggle-the rubber red ballDope Read by Miya Bailey of City of ink

Words by Miya Baily

When I started tattooing back in 1993 there were no other black tattoo artists around. Then I read about Jacci (the first african american) tattoo artist who lived and worked in New Orleans. After reading about Jacci, I knew I had to honor the steps she had to follow to become a professional tattooist. I went over to Liquid Dragon tattoo in Asheville, NC and the owner/artist Robert sat me down, and told me all the steps I had to follow to do it the right way. In 93 I was just a "scratcher" a tattoo term used for people who tattoo out their homes, tattoo parties, or in the hood who was NEVER professionally trained by a tattoo master (a person who has been tattooing for over 10 years professionally) I knew I would never make real money being a scratcher and I knew I had to leave Asheville. I picked up another tattoo magazine and I seen other black people in the pages but they were not black tattoo artists they were a rock band called "Fishbone" from Atlanta. I thought to myself black rockers with tattoos? hell yeah my type of scene. READ

Trust Your Hustle Tour: ATLANTA Part 1

This was done last year. i just met the Robert Trujillo/Tres online who is a part of it and got a dope style with his art

Trust Your Hustle Tour: ATLANTA Part 1 from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.

3-D television expected to come to homes in 2010

This won't last for long I bet

Three-dimensional images are expected jump out of movie theaters and into living rooms by next year.

Sony and Panasonic say they will release home 3-D television systems in 2010; Mitsubishi and JVC are reported to be working on similar products.

"TV finally becomes real" in three dimensions, said Robert Perry, an executive vice president at Panasonic. "You're in it. It's the next frontier."

Perry compared the 3-D transition to the switch from black-and-white to color television and the shift from standard- to high-definition images.

ESPN is test-recording some sporting events in 3-D, using cameras with two sets of lenses, which would make football players appear to jump out of home television screens during live 3-D broadcasts.

And, although television makers haven't released specifics, the price of 3-D TV -- which requires a new television, broadcasting content and 3-D glasses -- is not expected to be substantially higher than some high-definition televisions on the market now.

Still, there are skeptics who say that 3-D is not ready for prime-time home viewing.

There are concerns that 3-D broadcasts, which require twice the data, will gobble up an unworkable amount of television bandwidth. And some worry that 3-D glasses and graphics won't make a smooth transition to American living rooms.

Shane Sturgeon, publisher of HDTV Magazine, said some of the glasses give him a headache and will block some people from buying the new technology.

"From what I've seen from most of the manufacturers, it's just not there yet," he said of 3-D TV technology. "I think right now, the technology -- whether you're talking about the refresh rate or the strobing or the glasses -- there are too many things right now that get in the way of enjoyment of the film for it to kick off."

All 3-D technology relies on the idea that if separate images are presented to the left and right eyes, the human brain will combine them and create the illusion of a third dimension.

TV makers go about this in different ways, though.

Panasonic and Sony, which demonstrated their products for CNN at a recent tech expo in Atlanta, Georgia, use "active glasses" and TVs with high refresh rates to achieve the effect.

Two images, one for the right eye and one for the left eye, alternate quickly on the TV. Shutters on the 3-D glasses swap the viewer's vision from right eye to left eye at the same rate: 120 hertz, or 240 hertz for the images together. The TV connects with the glasses through a sensor that's placed between the lenses on the glasses.

"It's like a little Venetian blind: open, close, open, close, open, close," John Wyckoff, a Sony content manager, said of the glasses.

The effect moves so quickly that it tricks the brain into merging the images and creates the perspective needed to see images in 3-D, he said.

Glance away from the TV, though, and you can see the lenses opening and closing, which irritates some people.

Those who saw the technology at the recent Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo seemed wowed by Panasonic's 3-D footage of Olympic events and skiers who appeared to send snow flying into the laps of the audience.

David Lesch fidgeted with his 3-D glasses during Panasonic's demo but said the 3-D picture on the company's 103-inch plasma screen was excellent.

However, it may not be effective for all TV programming, he said.

"I cannot imagine that I will watch CNN in 3-D," said Lesch, sales director at AV Media, which sells electronics. "But for sports, yes. To watch soccer and ice hockey -- anything -- that would be great."

These next-generation televisions would be able to play shows in 2-D or 3-D. They also would be able to show video games in 3-D, which Sony demonstrated at the expo in Atlanta.

Sturgeon, of HDTV Magazine, said JVC is working on a type of 3-D technology that's different form the strobing glasses used by Panasonic and Sony.

JVC's version uses polarized glasses to separate the right-eye image from the left-eye image and is more pleasing to the eye, he said.

Aside from the kooky glasses, people who want to watch television that jumps off the screen will need something to watch. The process of making live television work in 3-D probably would involve a major conversion of broadcast equipment.

Also, Blu-ray is said to be working on a product that would play three-dimensional movies at home.

Panasonic and Sony said they're still working out some kinks in their 3-D entertainment systems. The TV makers hope to ride the wave of popularity of improved stereoscopic 3-D movies, such as recent hit "Up," that are being shown in theaters.

Perry, of Panasonic, said he expects 3-D TV to be common in homes within five to 10 years. Technology that will make 3-D TV possible without glasses should be ready in 10 to 15 years, he said.

Michael Bridwell, spokesman for Digital Projection, a company that makes high-end 3-D home theaters, said 3-D is the biggest technology coming to television and home movies in the foreseeable future.

Well, at least "until we get to holograms," he said.

Monday, September 21, 2009

VivaFidel interview w/

viva fidel interview w/ "Bomb It" director for pt. 2 (yes it never ends)
in Chicago @ Meeting of the Styles 2009 Chicago feat. Graff artists from all over the world!
BOMB IT! The global graffiti documentary. Featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from 5 continents...
Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writers in action on 5 continents, BOMB IT tells the story of graffiti from its origins in prehistoric cave paintings thru its notorious explosion in New York City during the 70's and 80's, then follows the flames as they paint the globe.
Viva Fidel is a HipHop is an edutainer who uses all elements of the culture to reach a wide audience of progressive listeners and leaders! Viva Fidel performed live at Meeting of Styles 2009 w/ N.E.S. in Chicago new songs from their collaboration album entitled: "ANTI-EXCLUSIVE" available online. also checkout

Free Troy Davis Rally/Teach-In on FTP MOVEMENT

Time: September 21, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Kennesaw State University
Organized By: CEDP/ FTP Movement/ Amnesty International

"Paranormal Activity"

Coming to theaters on September 25, 2009.
Starring: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer

After a young, middle class couple moves into what seems like a typical suburban starter tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night. Especially when they sleep. Or try to.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


words by staHHr

That's correct, buy a t-shirt, receive a FREE cd, with a bonus track not on the original release. The shirts are available in sizes s-2xl and available for just $20, with a FREE CD ( $10 value). I'll take it one step further for people in the metro Atlanta area and SHIP FOR FREE. What's better than that? Paypal customers, send payments to and be sure to include the size you need and shipping address. Postal money orders and money transfers are available for those of you that dont have Paypal accounts. Cooperative Economics!!

Paradise. Gourmet-club™

Man, I really don't drink coffee but if somebody gave me this as a gift. Oh yes!!!!

Designed by Artel Artyomovyh | Country: Ukraine

Bureau of Graphic Design “Artel Artyomovyh” developed package design for “World’s best coffees” gift set of сoffee briquettes (Paradise. Gourmet-club™).

Set consist of 8 most popular types of coffee in vacuum briquettes. Package designed to symbolize traveller’s suitcase. Simple, low-cost solution of package allows easily either to demonstrate content in coffee-shops or to transport and present collection.

Don't Worry

My dude 24/11 Cleftywolf have extended his photography to shooting urban videos. I know how this cat do so expect some real life classic hood joint from him. And this a great start right here. hahaha

More Than a Game

This documentary follows NBA superstar LeBron James and four of his talented teammates through the trials and tribulations of high school basketball in Ohio and James' journey to fame. Release Date: October 2, 2009

The Black Keys – Blakroc Project


Blakroc Project from Myrhax on Vimeo.


All Photos by: Todd Johnston

Yo!! People can talk bad about Myspace all they want but i've met some dope people on that site. People i've known for years now. My how time fly. But this sister Mori-Moto formely known or still known to me as Thrasher Betty designed these sneaker and happen to be the model in the pics. Yea, 2 for 2 baby. But she create art that you need in your life. I see them joints hanging more in stores more than anything. but she's dope and she's pretty cool. hahaha. Peep some of the kicks yo!


This sad news happened yesterday. R.I.P

According to reports, legendary X-Ecutioners DJ Grand Master Roc Raida died this morning at the age of 37. Though very little information about the turntablist's death is available at the present time, the following statement was made by his representative; "The legendary Grand Master Roc Raida has passed away this morning...Family and friends will miss him dearly. Please give the family their privacy."

Busta Rhymes, for whom Roc Raida DJ'd, also tweeted about the universally respected turntablist's passing, saying ""I am sorry 2 say that on this day at 2:05 Sept 19th we lost another incredible life...Dj Roc Raida died 2day my personal Dj is gone... I just wanna thank everyone 4 ur love and support and ur prayers...We will never let ur name die Roc...We love u and will 4ever miss u...RIP."

Neither Busta nor Roc Raida's rep revealed the cause of the DJ's death. His rep denied rumors that his passing was the result of a car accident, as previously reported, saying only that he had been hospitalized last week, and that his death was "unexpected."

Roc Raida was a founding member of The X-Ecutioners, also known as The X-Men, a DJ crew who brought east coast turntablism to the forefront in the mid-90's.

Raida was also a respected producer, who released six solo albums in addition to his work with the X-Ecutioners, and worked with artists from Ghostface, Fat Joe and Black Thought to Linkin Park and Pink. He will be missed.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce 9/12/09 Pt 3 (Goodie Mob Reunion Edition)

Yea, good thing peoples



This is part 3 of the show that aired on 9/12/09 featuring a special guest interview with Jabari Graham who is one of the promoters of the upcoming Goodie Mob Reunion Show taking place in Atlanta on September 19th! We've also added some additional classic hits from Goodie Mob to this podcast to celebrate their return to music!






Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sonosheet cover art

Man this Bat Man and Robin cover is CRAZY!!!!!

In the 1960s and 1970s, Japan saw an explosion in the popularity of sonosheets — cheap, flexible phonograph records printed on thin sheets of vinyl. Widely available from a variety of publishers, the most popular sonosheets featured theme music from TV anime, manga and tokusatsu, and they often came packaged inside booklets featuring colorful artwork. The sonosheet boom was short-lived, though — many companies went under as the market became flooded in the 1970s, and the phenomenon all but disappeared by the 1980s. Here is a small sample of the vast array of sonosheet cover art from that era.

check the rest right here:Sonosheet cover art

Del tha Funkee Homosapien & Tame One - Flashback

This shit is funky!!!!!!

"Flashback" is the first video from Del & Tame's collaboration album Parallel Uni-Verses album, due October 13th on Gold Dust. The video was shot at their performance in Brooklyn, and various other spots throughout the city

Goodie Mob on Good Morning Atlanta


Sam Cooke's label developing a movie on soul star

I think this story is need to be seen

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Good Times," indeed.

On the heels of successful movies about Ray Charles and Johnny Cash, plans are underway to bring the life of soul star Sam Cooke to the big screen, the head of his record label said on Wednesday.

The project is still in the early stages of development, with writers working on an adaptation of Peter Guralnick's 2005 biography "Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke," said Jody Klein, the president of ABKCO Music & Records Inc.

"In the next couple of months, I should be able to make an announcement on the film," he told Reuters.

ABKCO owns all the necessary master recordings and rights to make the movie, but he said casting could pose a challenge. The usual A-list stars like Denzel Washington and Will Smith are too old to play the handsome crooner, who was 33 when he was shot to death in a Los Angeles motel in 1964.

Cooke crossed over from gospel stardom to achieve mainstream pop success with such tunes as "Chain Gang," "Cupid," "Good Times" and the posthumous protest anthem "A Change is Gonna Come." Notably for the times, he owned the rights to his music through various recording and publishing entities he controlled.

Last year, Rolling Stone magazine named him the fourth-greatest singer of all time.

"He had an incomparable voice," Irish rocker Van Morrison wrote for the article. "Sam Cooke could sing anything and make it work. But when you're talking about his strength as a singer, range is not relevant. It was his power to deliver -- it was about his phrasing, the totality of his singing."

Cooke was fatally shot by a motel manageress who said she feared for her life after he stormed into her office after a dispute with a woman the family man had brought back to his room.

Jody Klein's father, Allen Klein, who died in July, managed Cooke. New York-based ABKCO, which also controls the rights to compositions by the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks, is controlled by the Klein family.

The Ray Charles film, "Ray," garnered an Oscar for star Jamie Foxx in 2005. The following year, Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for playing Cash's wife, June Carter Cash, in "Walk the Line." Both films performed well at the box office.

(Reporting by Dean Goodman; editing by Todd Eastham)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Behind the Scenes with dead prez

Critically acclaimed photojournalist Shannon McCollum debuts his documentary, Behind the Scenes with dead prez, at The Hammond House Museum as part of the International Black Docufest this Thursday, September 17, 2009 from 7PM to 9PM. see you there!


I suggestion you be there if your about your business in the ATL

Jay-Z “The Blueprint³” The Making Off Cover Artwork

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodie Mob Marta PSA

Jabari Graham and crew set up a trade deal w marta to advertise this spot on their trains and use of a bus for a mobile press exchange for a PSA for their campaign "Roll w Respect"...which stems off a the soulja girl episode...trying to influence kids to be a little respectful when riding marta...

Goodie Mob Marta PSA from Motion Family on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Some dopenss for the Jaspect artshow. I appreciate seeing this because I haven't started on my artwork yet. Sickness!!! Peep out more right here

by k!ser

collabo design for the jaspects art show. ryan took the photos, i did the graphic stuff... this is for an upcoming art project called polkadotted stripes, which is the new album for jaspects. the art is based off the song 2012. the launch event will be oct 8th in atl..all proceeds go to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Behind the Camera with TT Coles

Shouts to 84area and TT coles!!!

Terra Tarice Coles — who served ten years in the US Army— had a new weapon of choice. Initially, it was the naked condo walls begging to be clothed that inspired a passion in Ms. TT Coles. Almost instantaneously, what began as a hobby with a simple point and shoot camera became a lifestyle that Coles now lives and breathes. READ

A HennRock moment

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Video: Kanye Crashes Taylor Swift’s Acceptance Speech

They was maaaadddd at him!!!! hahaha

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names 2Pac (or simply Pac) and Makaveli, was an American rapper. He has sold 75 million albums to date and is one of the best-selling music artists in the world.[3] In addition to his status as a top-selling recording artist, Shakur was a promising actor[4] and a social activist. Most of Shakur's songs are about growing up amid violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, problems in society and conflicts with other rappers. Shakur's work is known[5] for advocating political, economic, social and racial equality. Shakur was initially a roadie and backup dancer for the alternative hip hop group Digital Underground.[6][7]
Shakur became the target of lawsuits and experienced other legal problems. He was later shot five times and robbed in the lobby of a recording studio in New York City. Following the event, Shakur grew suspicious that other figures in the rap industry had prior knowledge of the incident and did not warn him; the controversy helped spark the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. Shakur was later convicted as a sex offender,[8][9] guilty of sexual abuse for forcefully touching a woman's buttocks. After serving eleven months of his sentence he was released from prison on an appeal financed by Marion "Suge" Knight, the CEO of Death Row Records. In exchange for Suge's assistance, Shakur agreed to release three albums under the Death Row label.
On the night of September 7, 1996, Shakur was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He died six days later of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest at the University Medical Center.[10]