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PRE ORDER: Brown Study (Boog Brown + Apollo Brown) - 'Brown Study (w/ BONUS Boog Brown - 'Grind Season Mixtape' CD!)' (Audio CD)

Pre order the dopeness and have some thing to look forward to in the future

Atlanta Flavor Over Detroit Drums - Brown Study is a Complex Mix of Poetry & Pride. Brown Study is a rare vintage of Hiphop that chronicles Atlanta emcee Boog Brown's walk through life. Behind the boards is Detroit producer Apollo Brown (The Reset) crafting head nodding beats reminiscent of Pete Rock in his prime. Boog drops universal jewels throughout her heavily textured rap poetry. Brown Study is the soundtrack for anyone living the beautiful struggle.
Pre order:Brown Study (Boog Brown + Apollo Brown)

Big K.R.I.T. - Somedayz (Official Video)

okay, It is a younger generation of hip hop heads with some sense. They not coming from Up norf but yea. I'm feeling this joint in more ways than 1

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

jasirix-Real Gangstas

words by jasirix

Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan and Jasiri X go on location to New York and Chicago to show the world who the Real Gangstas are, you know the ones who collapsed the economy and were rewarded with billions of dollars. Produced my GM3 "Real Gangstas" is not meant to be a diss song, but a defense of young Blacks and Latinos who are made out to be scapegoats for our country's ills, while the super wealthy continue to add to their tremendous fortunes at the expense of the poor and middle class. Special thanks to Edward 6X for directing the Chicago shoot.

Verse 1
Gangster means organized crime
to exploit the poor or the blind using fortified lies
before you use the word think more than five times
they use to run with the cops they are borderline swine
with a 360 deal still a whore to the signed line
like a child still amazed at how quarters and dimes shine
real gangstas make billions making slaves of civilians
making slaves of ya children making slaves do the killin
really the games brilliant create the pain and the illness
then sell you the medicine that they claim will heal it
Real Gangstas don't need guns to leave ya brains on the ceiling
they teach ya self hatred and leave ya chained by ya feelings
almost insane from dealing with ya everyday problems
they in every state mobbin doing heavyweight robbin
intimidate congress giving orders to the president
that's why all were selected before we elected them

Verse 2
If you spent ya whole paycheck and you ain't even saved yet
and you still in great debt then are you still a slave yes
800 billions in bailouts is what the banks get
Goldman Sachs Merrill Lynch throw up ya gang sets
Money talks but Ebonics isn't its language
that's why any black man teaching economics is dangerous
Real Gangstas are the 10% Satan and his apprentices
banking discipline businessmen raping pillaging innocents
master plans intricate Africans witnessed it
at the hands of the wickedest bastards and damn hypocrites
scamming riches with cash derivatives on wall street
then slash ya benefits ask the senators cause they all meet
to send soldiers to secure the Iraq boarder
before BP and Halliburton New Orleans had black water
if ya land resources you getting attacked for it
cause Real Gangstas run the world on the backs of the poorest

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Black Hippy - Zip That Chop That

It seems that the next generation in Cali are far from that ring tone music ish. NIICCEEE!!

Black Milk - Deadly Medley (feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Elzhi)


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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Too much heat on this track!!

<a href="">EKUNDAYO! by Ekundayo</a>

Friday, August 20, 2010

GZA's Wu-Tang Clan Documentary (trailer)

Man, been waiting to see this for a long ass time!!!!!The GZA has created a documentary about the Wu-Tang Clan thats 10 years in the making.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VIDEO: Spontaneous Acts of Life - Installment #2

Post this joint on your blog!!!
On August 15, 2010 Georgia-based artists, Brandi Pettijohn, Goldi Gold, Flux Wonda and myself (W. Feagins, Jr.) teamed up again to hit the streets of Atlanta looking to capture the Spontaneous Acts of Life. In this second installment we explore Atlanta's Historic West End.

Soundtrack provided by producer, Lex Boogie.
Visit to see the photos from our excursion.

*The spontaneous acts of life are essentially just the random moments that occur throughout our daily lives. Look around. Life is happening.

Filmed with a Panasonic HMC-150. 720p. Edited using Final Cut Pro 7.x. Color grading - Magic Bullet Mojo.

Contact Us:
Brandi Pettijohn

Goldi Gold

Flux Wonda

Lex Boogie

Spontaneous Acts of Life - Installment #2 from Will F on Vimeo.

Viva Fidel-Never Always

You know what it is!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

k-os - The Anchorman [Mixtape]

Do yourself a very big favor! Download this joint and enjoy the most underrated dude in the music scene

Download:k-os - The Anchorman [Mixtape]

9th Wonder & Buckshot "Concrete Jungle" Music Video

Oh! you know this get play!!!

9th Wonder & Buckshot are currently mixing their 3rd studio album together, entitled, The Solution. "Concrete Jungle," an unreleased track from 9th Wonder & Buckshot's vault, was directed by B Green.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VIDEO:"ONE" by Hot Heavy & Bad


Joi Gilliam & Devon Lee are Hot Heavy & Bad!
"One" is the first video from their forthcoming album.
Produce by roni nicole for Moving Pictures.
Directed by da'shon is. for 9th Temple Productions.
Cinematography by Jafari Bernard.

Monday, August 9, 2010

D-Nice Presents True Hip-Hop Stories: Pharoahe Monch

D nice is back with them true stories!!!!

In this episode of True Hip-Hop Stories, Pharoahe Monch discussed the making of the Rawkus classic recording "Oh No" featuring Mos Def and Nate Dogg.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

De La Soul "The Return of DST"

Play this new track way past 10 and your neighbors might come over and joint in

Download: De La Soul "The Return of DST"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fashawn - The Ecology / The Score (Official Video)


Ecology /The Score featuring Planet Asia from Fashawn's debut album "Boy Meets World" in stores now. Directed by Punit Dhesi.


Your friend will think you the ish once you put them on to this joint. Bet that!!!

<a href="">THIS IS GOOD by Ekundayo</a>

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spree Wilson signs to Jive

Congratz to Spree. dude is a talented brother. he's gonna win!!!

words by Corey Davis
Spree Wilson has become the epitome of the American Dream. He recently invited us over to document his experience signing his first record deal with Jive, and tells us how it all happened. From him being homeless freshly after moving to New york to the life changing moment when he meet Q-Tip.

Music by Spree Wilson
Shot by Corey Davis

Music by Spree Wilson
Shot by Corey Davis


Dude been inspired so expect good music people


Video: Theophilus London "Hey Wonderful"

I phux with dude right here!!!

Hey Wonderful - Theophilus London from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

DoubleTake: BOOG BROWN Live at the Apache Cafe

Boog Brown is a beast!!

On June 11, 2010 Lyric Jones celebrated her 22nd birthday with an all-star lineup at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta, GA. The event was billed "Double Take" and featured performances by a mixture of hip-hop & soul artists such as Avery Sunshine, CoCo Jones, Stanza, Chantae Cann, Small Eyez, The Remnant Cru, Boog Brown, The 5ive, Ness Lee and Lyric Jones herself. Hosted by Alias.

Clan Destined at the Stay productive2 show feat AraBlak

Dope beats with Dope lyrics to MATCH!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Video: Rhymefest - One Hand Push up

Rhynefest get GULLY!!! hahaha

84Area MixTape Volume #1

you know I got to support dude with this!

Download: 84Area MixTape Volume #1.


oh! It was fun. Music in video By Hollyweerd

Behind the scene of Cheba Cheba video shoot Ft Adrift + Meth

This is gonna be wild!!!

THE BEHIND THE SCENE VIDEO FROM YESTERDAYS SHOOT FOR Adrienne Bka Adrift 'S "CHEBA , CHEBA FEAT. FORMERLY MOJO SWAGGER ... "METHUZULAH" TRACK PRODUCED BY : Corey Presley VIDEO DIRECTED & SHOT BY : William Feagins Jr. BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO SHOT BY : Goldi Gold + SUPPORTING CAST : @Elsie Swann @Poodie Kinte @Yamin Semali @Ebanezer Mathhues @Dia Easley @Meedy Meek @Lex Boogie @Nicole Hazard Newton @Angie Hiphop-angel Griffin @Bethsheba A. Rem @SideStreet Ked

Sunday, August 1, 2010



<a href="">LUST by theDOLLDAZE</a>

"LUST" NEW SUMMER BUZZ SINGLE OFF HER LATEST PROJECT "MYSTIC NOVEL:to be cont..." to be released January 2011.

World is Listenin (snippet) - Viva Fidel prod. by IBMCs (ESH)

Viva Fidel keeps putting in that work!!!

IBMCs (ESH) Viva Fidel "World is Listenin"
promo vid prod. by GPI Films
IBMCs & Viva Fidel "world is listenin" - coming soon
feat. many guests worldwide
stay tuned!
Follow: @vivafidel