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Invizzibl Men (Karniege + Marq Spekt) - Interview

This a throw back interview with Karniege and my dude Marq Spekt who was at the rest this weekend and is also rocking the broady in the jungle collabo shirt with his group and jungle45. The album dropped august 19 and has been getting fly reviews. Peep the videos and try to cop the album and I got a sneak peek of the next Invizzibl Men video. crazy!!!!!!

In store now!!!

Charles Hamilton - Stay On Your Level (Produced By Pete Rock)

Okay. the track is done by PETE ROCK and the joint is crazy. That dude Charles Hamilton has been doing video blogs for every damn, hip hop site on the net. Nice hustle

Charles Hamilton - Stay On Your Level (Produced By Pete Rock)

The Gulf Coast waits: Will it be another Katrina?

By STACEY PLAISANCE and BECKY BOHRER, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS – With a historic evacuation of 1.9 million people from the Louisiana coast complete, gun-toting police and National Guardsmen stood watch as rain started to fall on this city's empty streets Sunday night — and even presidential politics took a back seat as the nation waited to see if Hurricane Gustav would be another Katrina.
The storm was set to crash ashore midday Monday with frightful force, testing the three years of planning and rebuilding that followed Katrina's devastating blow to the Gulf Coast.
Painfully aware of the failings that led to that horrific suffering and more than 1,600 deaths, this time officials moved beyond merely insisting tourists and residents leave south Louisiana. They threatened arrest, loaded thousands onto buses and warned that anyone who remained behind would not be rescued.
"Looters will go directly to jail. You will not get a pass this time," Mayor Ray Nagin said. "You will not have a temporary stay in the city. You will go directly to the Big House."
Col. Mike Edmondson, state police commander, said he believed that 90 percent of the population had fled the Louisiana coast. The exodus of 1.9 million people is the largest evacuation in state history, and thousands more had left from Mississippi, Alabama and flood-prone southeast Texas.
Late Sunday, Gov. Bobby Jindal issued one last plea to the roughly 100,000 people still left on the coast: "If you've not evacuated, please do so. There are still a few hours left."
Louisiana and Mississippi temporarily changed traffic flow so all highway lanes led away from the coast, and cars were packed bumper-to-bumper. Stores and restaurants shut down, hotels closed and windows were boarded up. Some who planned to stay changed their mind at the last second, not willing to risk the worst.
"I was trying to get situated at home. I was trying to get things so it would be halfway safe," said 46-year-old painter Jerry Williams, who showed up at the city's Union Station to catch one of the last buses out of town. "You're torn. Do you leave it and worry about it, or do you stay and worry about living?"
Forecasters said Gustav was likely to grow stronger as it marched toward the coast with top sustained winds of around 115 mph. At 8 p.m. EDT Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said Gustav was a Category 3 storm centered about 175 miles southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and moving northwest near 17 mph.
Against all warnings, some gambled and decided to face its wrath. On an otherwise deserted commercial block of downtown Lafayette, about 135 miles west of the city, Tim Schooler removed the awnings from his photography studio. He thought about evacuating Sunday before deciding he was better off riding out the storm at home with his wife, Nona.
"There's really no place to go. All the hotels are booked up to Little Rock and beyond," he said. "We're just hoping for the best."
There were frightening comparisons between Gustav and Katrina, which flooded 80 percent of New Orleans when the storm surge overtook the levees. While Gustav isn't as large as Katrina, which was a massive Category 5 storm at roughly the same place in the Gulf, there was no doubt the storm posed a major threat to a partially rebuilt New Orleans and the flood-prone coasts of Louisiana and southeast Texas. The storm has already killed at least 94 people on its path through the Caribbean.
The storm could bring with it a storm surge of up to 14 feet and rainfall up to 20 inches wherever it hits. By comparison, Hurricane Katrina pushed about 25 feet of surge.
Mindful of the potential for disaster, the Republican Party scaled back its normally jubilant convention — set to kickoff as Gustav crashed ashore. President Bush said he would skip the convention altogether, and Sen. John McCain visited Jackson, Miss., on Sunday as his campaign rewrote the script for the convention to emphasize a commitment to helping people.
Surge models suggest larger areas of southeast Louisiana, including parts of the greater New Orleans area, could be flooded by several feet of water. Gustav appears most likely to overwhelm the levees west of the city that have for decades been underfunded and neglected and are years from an update.
The nation's economic attention was focused on Gustav's effect on refineries and offshore petroleum production rigs. The combination of prolonged production interruptions, such as occurred when Katrina and Rita damaged the Gulf infrastructure, could trigger rising prices.
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said Chevron Corp. decided not to close its Pascagoula refinery, which processes 330,000 barrels of oil a day.
Billions of dollars were at stake in other wide-ranging economic sectors, including sugar harvesting, the shipping business and tourism. The Mississippi Gaming Commission ordered a dozen casinos to close.
The final train out of town left with fewer than 100 people on board, while the one of the last buses to make the rounds of the city pulled into Union Station empty. By 7 p.m., police were making their final rounds. Every officer in the department was on duty, and 1,200 on street were joined by 1,500 National Guardsmen.
The only sign of life on St. Bernard Avenue — a four-lane artery through the partially rebuilt Gentilly neighborhood that flooded during Katrina — was a brown and black rooster meandering along the street.
"When the 911 calls start coming in, we'll know how many people are left in town," said police superintendent Warren Riley.
Even as they pressed to complete the evacuation, officials insisted there would be no repeat of the inept response to Katrina's wrath. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said search and rescue will be the top priority once Gustav passes — high-water vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, Coast Guard cutters and a Navy vessel that is essentially a floating emergency room are posted around the strike zone.
West of New Orleans in Houma, he wished passengers well as stragglers boarded buses for Shreveport and Dallas.
"It's going to be hot on some of the buses. It's going to be a long trip," Chertoff said. "So it's not going to be pleasant, but it's a lot better than sitting in the Superdome and it's a lot better than sitting in your house."
Melissa Lee, who lives in Pearl River, a town near the boundary of Mississippi and Louisiana, was driving away to Florida Sunday. Before she left, she heard neighbors chopping down trees with chain saws, trying to ensure the tall pines that surrounded their homes wouldn't come crashing down.
"I sent my son out with a camera and said, `Go take pictures of our backyard. Because it's going to look different when we get back.'"

Entourage Promo (HBO)

Man, It's seem like the power of the pencil and pad is poppin this year. Let's keep that art alive people and get paid for it also. This my show right here!!!!!

Grotesk For 5Boro NYC

U gotta love this I tell u!!!!

Artist Grotesk designed for 5Boro NYC a skateboard deck and matching t-shirt. The artist used his collection of stickers as an inspiration for the design. But not any stickers, weare here talking about the stickers that are placed in NYC next to store gates, letting owners know who to call in the case of malfunction. Grotesk collected lots of them and now used them for this design.
Both Goresk x 5Boro NYC pieces will be released on September 15th on the 5Borowebsite.

Crooks & Castles And Hellz Flash Drives

This some creative ish right here

Together with Mojo Laboratories, Crooks & Castles and Hellz created USB flash drives. The Crooks & Castles drive comes in the form of a bullet, the Hellz one is more standard and comes in a square form. Via CtotheJL/CrazySteez.
There is now info if and when these will actually be released.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Orleans orders mandatory evacuation

Wow! I hope and pray this hurricane don't become a sequel to hurricane katrina 3 years ago. The best thing is the people seem bettered prepared and the situation isn't being overlooked.

By BECKY BOHRER, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS – Residents were ordered to flee an only partially rebuilt New Orleans Sunday as another monster storm bore down on Louisiana nearly three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina wiped out entire swaths of the city.
Hurricane Gustav, which already killed more than 80 people in the Caribbean, strengthened quickly into a Category 4 and was poised to become a Category 5 storm, packing winds in excess of 156 mph. It slammed Cuba's tobacco-growing western tip before moving away from the island country into the Gulf of Mexico.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin used stark language to urge residents to get out of the city, calling Gustav the "storm of the century."
"This is the real deal, not a test," Nagin said as he issued the evacuation order Saturday night. "For everyone thinking they can ride this storm out, I have news for you: that will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life."
Forecasters were slightly less dire in their predictions, saying the storm should make landfall Monday afternoon somewhere between western Mississippi and East Texas, where evacuations were also under way. It's too early to know whether New Orleans will take another direct hit, they said, but city officials weren't taking any chances.
The mandatory evacuation of the city's west bank, where levee improvements remain incomplete, was to begin at 8 a.m., with the east bank to follow at noon. It's the first test of a revamped evacuation plan designed to eliminate the chaos, looting and death that followed Katrina.
The city will not offer emergency services to those who choose stay behind, Nagin said, and there will be no "last resort" shelter as there was during Katrina, when thousands suffered inside a squalid Superdome. The city said in a news release that those not on their property after the mandatory evacuation started would be subject to arrest.
Many residents didn't need to be ordered, with an estimated 1 million people fleeing the Gulf Coast on Saturday by bus, train, plane and car. They clogged roadways, emptied gas stations of fuel and jammed phone circuits.
At the city's main transit terminal, a line snaked through the parking lot for more than a mile as residents with no other means of getting out waited to board buses bound for shelters in north Louisiana and beyond.
"I'm not staying for 'em any more," said Lester Harris, a 53-year-old electrician waiting at a bus pickup point in the Lower 9th Ward. He was rescued from his house by boat after Katrina. "I got caught in the water and spent two days on my roof. No food, no water. It was pretty bad."
Mike Mayer, owner of Jefferson Indoor Range and Gun Outlet in suburban Metairie, said sales of guns and ammunition were up.
"My business doubled," he said. "People are afraid of coming back after the storm. ... They want some protection when they walk back in."
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff planned to travel to Louisiana on Sunday to observe preparations. And likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, were traveling to Mississippi.
Despite the stern warnings from Nagin and others, the expected arrival of 2,000 National Guard troops suggested officials were expecting stragglers.
Stephen Sonnier left for Katrina, but not this time.
"I'll never leave again. Just being away, worrying about it last time? I'd have rather been here," Sonnier said as he helped his friend Bill Espy use an electric drill to fasten metal hurricane panels over the window of his reconstructed flower shop.
Sonnier had just marked the third anniversary of Katrina on Friday by placing flowers on a makeshift memorial to a woman named Vera who was struck by a car after the storm. Her body lay unattended for days before neighbors built a makeshift brick tomb around her. Pictures of that grave with its spray-painted epitaph: "Here lies Vera, God Help Us!" became one of the symbols of the post-Katrina mayhem.
Many residents said the early stage of the evacuation was more orderly than Katrina, although a plan to electronically log and track evacuees with a bar code system failed and was aborted to keep the buses moving. Officials said information on evacuees would be taken when they reached their destinations.
Some began arriving Saturday in Arkansas, where the National Guard prepared to shelter thousands for weeks. At least 15,000 people sought refuge in the inland state in 2005, following Katrina and Rita.
Meanwhile, as many as 500 critical-care patients were being airlifted from hospitals along the Gulf Coast to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, a spokesman said. The patients were being taken to about 20 hospitals around North Texas.
Traffic late Saturday night was stop and go on Interstate 10, heading west into Houston from the Louisiana border, as Texas prepared to house up to 45,000 evacuees, even though that state's eastern stretches were within the range of where Gustav could make landfall.
In Beaumont, not far from where Hurricane Rita roared ashore as a Category 3 in 2005, residents were boarding up homes and leaving. In neighboring Orange County, officials were inundated "by thousands" of people calling to register for evacuation assistance, a county spokeswoman said.
To the east, Louisiana residents were checking into hotels along Alabama's coast. Mitch and Laura Tucker of Mandeville brought along their dog, Roux, whom they saved during Katrina.
"We don't know what we'll be going back to," he said.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Man this shirt design has been in the back burner for a minute. Why you ask? It's based of the the public respond to every ladies tee shirt that we put out. Crazy!!! So we end up printing over and over the popular shirts like the Black girl rules and the altoid or the afro chick shirt. But I was thinking this was the time to put that joint out. The term was coin by Lyn Collins who got a gangsta ass song with the same title and album with background music by james brown band. But we got this joint in black, olive and brown from small to xtralarge. The words are in a light gold metallic ink. sweeeetttt!!!!
Shit let the world know you feel good without saying a word mama!!!!

More fly artwork with cd covers!!!

Dread Meets Greensleeves: A Westiside Revolution" cover


shout out to my dude flux for lacing the cd cover

URB’s Power Issue

I'm diggin the cover tough

Here’s the cover of URB’s new Power Issue.

URB #155: The Power Issue explores the various definitions of power within the escalatingly closer worlds of independent and “mainstream” music and culture. From booking agent Tom Windish to executive producer of Charlie Rose, from NahRight’s Eskay to a first look at MySpace Music’s relaunch, the power to create and distribute information and art is changing by the minute.

Hitting newsstands momentarily.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paul Rodriguex x Incase Signature Collection - Skate Bag

Damn, this just make me want to get a skateboard so I can be labeled a poser for a day. hahahahaha. But this is gangsta for real!!!!

The skate bag has space for all your skateboarding equipement, including the board, sneakers, as well as many other little pouches and spaces for anything else that you could need on the road.

Let's face it, to date skate bags have always been looking a little strange. Incase brings the first good looking bag in this area. The Paul Rodriguez x Incase Skate Bag will be released on the 2nd of September.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Andy Howell Launches ArtsProjekt

This is so crucial!!!!!!!!

" ARTSPROJEKT,, an interactive and culturally relevant online community for the arts, pop culture and action sports announced its launch today. ARTSPROJEKT will feature original art, illustrations, and designs by artists, celebrities, action sports stars and micro brands, as well as offer artist profiles, portfolios, online product galleries, collaborations, artist interviews, and more. ARTSPROJEKT will also represent and manage artists, as well as host exhibitions curated by some of the best artists in the world, create limited and open edition reproductions of its artists’ works for sale worldwide, and establish working and collaborative relationships with major media brands. At launch, ARTSPROJEKT artists and brands include Lil Jon, Shepard Fairey / OBEY, Santa Cruz Skateboards, legendary skateboard artist Jim Phillips, Skateboarding Is Not A Crime, Bullet, Crooks & Castles, Blood Is The New Black, Hellz Bellz, Guttersnipe, legendary skateboard pro and artist Steve Caballero, Mars-1, Alex Pardee, and DALEK.

In addition, the company announced the launch of skateboards on-demand through its strategic relationship with Zazzle. Zazzle’s engineering team collaborated with Howell to develop a truly authentic product that is produced within 24 hours, a first for the industry."

Here above you see decks by Obey, Poets & Thieves and Andy Howell.


I'm still more of a 10 deep fan. But I can respect this dude word and vision 110%. Shout out to PLUSH 357 who's out in vegas right now. Got to get at them to find out what's poppin. But respect!!!

piece of mind trailer

Damn this is so gangsta fam!!!!!!The dvd is coming out soon.

The feature length documentary that chronicals 2 years in the life of 4 Los Angeles based graffiti writers. Filmed on 16mm, Super 8mm, and several video formats, Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs have truely captured the essence of what its like to be a young graffiti artists trying to make a name. The gritty footage ranges from streetsign tags to rooftop billboards, giving the audience a peek into the world of graffiti that has never been seen before by an outside culture.

piece of mind


naw this is dope for real. But it's past hip hop. It's about how older heads is beefing with younger heads while keeping the eye on the prize. We got to school each other for real so we all can get ours together


10Deep is gangsta son!!! This the fall 08 lookbook online. The first part. The second part usually be the complete opposite of what you see in their first lineup. These joints always become the motivation when creating tees on our part because these cats still create like their a small independent brand, hahahaha. You got to love it.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008



His name is Omen514. He hails from Montreal and he is fresher than yo’ grandma’s garden. He’s been around for a hot minute too. He has been a big presence in the Canadian scene for a while and he also spent a few years in Taiwan doing pieces. Respect.

Kanye West - Good Morning (Full Version)



A lot of my peoples in this show. so I got to show them love with this joint


FRIDAY AUGUST 29th @ 8pm | $10 Cover
UNIVERSAL TRUTH | 3800 Moss Side Avenue, Richmond VA
@ the corner of laburnum & moss side

Starring Mic Legacy of United Black Colonies | Soul Logistics
Featuring Mike Flo of RBG Family | VIVA FIDEL
With Guest Appearances by Ayaba Bey | taj anwar
& a gangload of suprises so get there early

Brought to you by Crew Love | Happily Natural | Soul Logisitics
FMI: | call 804-687-8157 | email:
Happily Natural Day | 2008 Rosewood Avenue Suite C | Richmond VA 23220

September Issue of Brothers Perspective Magazine

I love when my peoples work it out. This my dude third issue of his magazine. I was very fortunate to be in the first issue Brothers Perspective Magazine earlier this year. I missed plugging the 2nd issue but I got him this time around. Check both links out. And If your a artist doing your thing get at him because he support the creative movement tough!!!!!!

For the development of African people through Art, Culture, Music and Self Awareness. The Constant growth of the people through self Awareness and Constant Change. September Issue of Brothers Perspective Magazine / Journey 3 Vast Aire, Tableek of Maspyke, Ptah, Supastition, Pose 2, Dj Hen Boogie, 9th Scientist, David Walkers Appeal, Kwame Nkruma, Ursula Rucker, Marcus Garvey.


If you love original art, hip hop and comics. This is the magazine for you son!!!! I'm cop 2 of them joints this friday. Dude is a family man that's still putting work. You got to respect his gangsta!!!! y'all do the same also

it's 52 pages long, with original comics from Nat Landry (Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy), Garland Watson (Return Of The Backpackers) and me, Samax Amen (Manchild:Birthday Boy).
Hip hoppers will dig the article featuring DJ Kool Herc and reviews of that new Nas joint, and the Mighty Underdogs new plate Droppin' Science Fiction. as an added bonus, i featured my art series Pay*Triotic in these pages, and much, much more!
COP THAT for just $10 plus shipping, homey!

Monday, August 25, 2008


(Mr. Soul, Miya Baily and Goldi Gold)

Man, I was mad as hell because I had my brown hand towel to wipe my face so i would'nt look sweaty in the face and end up leaving that joint at the crib hahahahaha. But you know JUNGLE45 reppin. A couple of people took pics. Shouts to berry who came to the show from alabama with camera in hand. But it's like once JOHN CROOMS come in the spot, you can put your camera away because he gonna come with the fly shots. If you went to the show you know where i was at and with who, O yea i was chillin. Like mentioned earlier, appreciate the support, heads sent a brother love before and after the event on all levels. aight


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Roland Berry x Reebok CL SW Canvas Mid "City Series"


Reebok continues to work with Roland Berry, a collaboration that we have seen now for several seasons. This time the worked on a different sneaker then usual - the CL SW Canvas Mid.

"Berry has given a very simple silhouette a rather complex appearance though the use of various types of graphics, colours and materials. Each pair of kicks draws upon classic imagery from their assigned city, for instance Los Angeles features a cool blue colorway, whilst the uppers are littered with paisley print and graphics of palm trees and low rider bikes.

New York is represented by Berry’s reinterpretation of the city’s subway system and notoriety for graffiti, whilst Mexico City’s most obvious inspiration comes from the colours of the national flag. Turning back the clocks, London finds itself in medieval history, while Moscow uses imagery from the Soviet era. The Tokyo themed sneakers feature nice details, but will not see a release in these parts due to the usage of graphics depicting the Japanese army during wartime, which could cause sensitivity issues." Via Streething.

The series will release step by step between September and October of this year.


US hoops back on top, beats Spain for gold medal

By BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer

BEIJING (AP)—Arm-in-arm, they climbed onto the middle of the medals platform, the spot that for so long was U.S. private property.

Some players flashed their Olympic medals to the crowd. One pretended to take a bite, just to make sure it was real.

Yep, it was gold—the color the Americans always used to win but hadn’t since 2000.

Culminating a three-year mission to end years of embarrassment, the U.S. team survived a huge challenge from Spain, winning 118-107 in the gold-medal game Sunday.

Order was restored in international basketball.

“Much respect to Spain, but the U.S. is back on top again,” LeBron James said at a press conference attended by the entire team.

But not by that much anymore.

After overwhelming everyone for seven games, the Americans led by only four points with under 21/2 minutes to play. Then they proved they could handle a close game that it seemed would never come in Beijing.

Their prize: the first U.S. gold medal since the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Argentina won the bronze with an 87-75 victory against Lithuania.

Dwyane Wade scored 27 points for the Americans, who found a much gamer Spanish team than the one they humiliated by 37 points earlier in the tournament. Kobe Bryant added 20 points.

In a game so devoid of defense that it felt more like an NBA All-Star game than one with a title at stake, the Americans had too much offense down the stretch. Bryant converted a clutch four-point play with 3:10 remaining, holding his finger to his lips to quiet the rowdy Spanish crowd behind the basket.

Wade added another 3-pointer that made it 111-104 with just over 2 minutes left, and only then could the Americans relax a little.

They began to celebrate during a break after some technical fouls on Spain with 26 seconds left, then partied at midcourt when it was over with “Born in the USA” blaring over the arena’s speakers.

“We played with great character in one of the great games in international basketball history, I think,” U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said.

Nobody else had been close to the Americans in Beijing. This team’s only Olympic competition had been history, in a Dream matchup with guys named Jordan, Magic, Bird and the rest of the U.S. team that dominated the Barcelona Games in 1992.

Forget comparisons to those guys. The Americans were lucky to be better than Spain on Sunday.

Rudy Fernandez scored 22 points and Pau Gasol had 21 for the Spanish, the reigning world champions who were hoping to win their first Olympic gold.

U.S. players appreciated the challenge, hugging the Spanish players afterward. Bryant had an especially long embrace for Gasol, patting his Los Angeles Lakers teammate on the back.

“They did what they were supposed to do,” Gasol said. “We fought hard all the way.”

Seeming to appreciate the moment, after congratulating Spain, the team joined in a circle, jumping up and down at center court and waving triumphantly to the crowd as Krzyzewski applauded on the sidelines.

“I know that we had a tough road ahead of us. We knew that these guys weren’t going to roll over and give up that easily,” U.S. forward Chris Bosh said. “So we had to be men, and that’s what it takes to win.”

The Americans had won their first seven games by 30.3 points, including a 119-82 rout of Spain. But they never had control of this game, giving up open looks from the perimeter and plenty of points in the paint against the defending world champions, who were playing without injured point guard Jose Calderon.

Bryant, who waited so long to finally wear the red, white and blue, hit two 3-pointers in a big fourth quarter to add the gold medal to his collection of basketball hardware. The three-time NBA champion and league MVP pounded his hands toward the floor in celebration at the end.

James scored 14 points, while Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul had 13 apiece for the Americans, who had won bronze medals in their last two international events, the 2004 Olympics and ‘06 world championships.

The U.S. started planning for this game after the Athens Games four years ago, the low point in its hoops history, following a sixth-place flop two years earlier in the world championships. Jerry Colangelo was given control of USA Basketball and constructed a national team program in 2006, requiring those who wanted to play to commit to three years.

He got Bryant and James quickly on board and landed almost everyone else he asked for, finding a group of NBA stars eager to give up their summer to get back what they felt belonged to their country

And he needed all of them against a Spanish team that on this day would have likely beaten any other recent U.S. squad.

“Being a part of the ‘04 team, we really didn’t get the opportunity to showcase our talent,” said Wade, one of four holdovers from Athens. “We really wanted to come in and help lead this team.”

Jason Kidd ran his record to 56-0 in senior international play and collected another gold to place alongside the one he earned in 2000, becoming the 13th U.S. player with multiple golds.

That elite list, which includes Michael Jordan and seven other Dream Teamers, could grow in 2012. Paul and Dwight Howard said they would be in London if asked, and perhaps half this team could join them.

James ran out for pregame warmups with his finger in the air, already believing the U.S. was No. 1. But even though the Americans were shooting better than 70 percent for most of the first half, it would take a long time to prove it.

James and Bryant were both on the bench after picking up two fouls in the first 31/2 minutes, and though Wade came in and picked up their scoring load, the U.S. reserves couldn’t open their usual cushion.

Spain hit seven of its first nine shots, leading for much of the first quarter. A quick burst of 10 points by James and Wade had the U.S. advantage up to 14 points with 4 minutes left in the half, but Spain chipped away and trailed only 69-61 at the break.

“We faced some incredible teams here,” Bryant said. “We knew coming in that Spain was going to be a big problem.”

Fernandez’s 3-pointer cut it to 91-89 with 8:13 remaining in the game, but Bryant answered with a bucket and then a 3, and things seemed safe when James scored to make it 103-92.

Spain made one last push to close within 108-104 on Carlos Jimenez’s 3-pointer, but Wade hit one on the other end, and the final score became lopsided when the Americans hit a bunch of free throws after the Spanish became frustrated and were called for the technicals.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

10 Deep Promo (winter 08)

Man 10 deep is the realest!!!!

Stay Creative Lighting Collection by Dizel&Sate

Man, it's so many ways to flip what we as artist do. Let's get that joint poppin fam!!!

The Swedish graphic design studio Dizel & Sate have used a tri-color palette on an innocent white background for their new lighting collection, which is a tribute to the fashion capital of Paris. Wayfarers, art deco, Kate Moss, the 1950s, black humor, modern architecture and dizzying adventure form the basis of their illustrations.The collection is also a statement about the importance of an individual's creative freedom.

Dizel&Sate is made up of the design duo Slobodan Zivic and Thomas Petersson. They work with graphic form and design, primarily within architectonic environments. Zivic and Petersson also work within fashion and have released their own collections of paintings, prints, wallpapers and t-shirts.

The Stay Creative Collection is manufactured by Bergo Belysning, a Swedish lighting company, and designed by Dizel & Sate.


Keep the movement going people!!!!!!

Classic Big Daddy Kane Interview (Flyest Ever)

I saw this on This joint is gangsta!!!! Kane came with some extra smooth ish on this. I think i actually saw this on video music box back in the days!!!

Hollyweerd The Edible Phat Teaser

You gotta appreciate this fam for real!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's jungle45 day tomorrow with art shows first we have the 'Converted Gem' The Michelangelo Sistine Chapel Remix Art Event done my biz partner KERMIN MIDDLETON
located at the AUTO SHOP LOFTS during the Art Stroll 6:30pm -10pm

Then the TRANSGRESSION artshow featuring MR. SOUL and GOLDI GOLD at THE CITY OF INK

The fly part. Both event are walking distance from each other. So park the whip and knockout two art shows with one stroll!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jay Electronica’s RTB Tour Diaries: De La Soul

Man, I luv seeing heads respecting the real and DE LA killed that joint!!!!

Jay Electronica's RTB Tour Diaries: De La Soul from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Body Of Lies - Trailer

Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz is that dude!!!!!!

In4mation x Vans "Denim/Houndstooth" Halfcab

This kicks are crucial!!!!

Hawaii’s In4mation is at it again! In4mation, have teamed up with skate footwear heavyweight Vans to unleash a new take on a classic with the Vans by In4mation denim/hounds tooth Half Cab!

The Vans Half Cab is a legend among skate shoes and was Steve Caballero’s second signature shoe, originally released by Vans in 1991. Steve is a vertical skateboard pioneer, having invented many of the tricks that are standard today, including the Caballerial (fakie 360° ollie). The In4mation crew has been skating for decades, so it is with great respect that they merge the distinctive In4mation look with the Half Cab. With classic workman style updated for the sneakerhead, the Vans by In4mation Half Cab features a denim upper with hounds tooth accents as well as classic Vans touches like the original vulcanized waffle outsole. As the shoe is worn during skateboarding, the denim will breaks out to reveal more houndstooth beneath – a hidden layer of fabric – and the look of the shoe will change and evolve the more it is skated.

This In4mation x Vans offering will be released on December, 12th and will be limited to just 500 pairs worldwide, available exclusively through the In4mation website and storefront located at:

1050 Ala Moana Blvd.
B1 Bay 5+6 Honolulu
HI 96814

Find Copies of Images on Internet (or Any Image via TinEye Search)


TinEye, which helps you find images on the Internet. It’s an amazing search engine, it can even find images of yours that have been copied and used in other images on the Internet (ie, stolen without giving the copyright holder credit).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You gotta luv it with when two fly ladies (JWASTAR & FLY LADY DI) can build and appreciate each other. Check the interview son!!!!
Fly Lady Di interview


This dude right here is a problem. Bastard Graphics

Monday, August 18, 2008

Game shows off his Madden skills with our KAOS

Damn playboy. I left a comment your page before viewing the video.Wow!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thunder' rumbles past 'Dark Knight' with $26M

This was sort of a given. Ben Stiller got a fan base and did you expect the bat to stay #1 forever, gezzuuusss!!! And I didn't know tom cruise was in this movie.

LOS ANGELES (AP) It took four of Hollywood's biggest stars to take down Batman. The DreamWorks-Paramount comedy "Tropic Thunder" with Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Tom Cruise debuted at No. 1 with $26 million, bumping "The Dark Knight" to second place after four weekends on top, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The Warner Bros. Batman flick pulled in $16.8 million to raise its total to $471.5 million. "The Dark Knight" passed the original "Star Wars" ($461 million) and now stands as No. 2 on the all-time domestic charts, behind only "Titanic" ($600.8 million).

Taking inflation into account, "The Dark Knight" trails both movies in actual tickets sold, however. "The Dark Knight" would need to gross about $900 million to match the number of admissions for "Titanic" and about $1.2 billion to equal "Star Wars."

Warner Bros. expects "The Dark Knight" to top out at about $530 million domestically, said Dan Fellman, the studio's head of distribution.

"The Dark Knight" managed to fend off another "Star Wars" movie this weekend. The animated tale "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," also released by Warner Bros., opened at No. 3 with $15.5 million.

Families made up two-thirds of the audience for "Clone Wars," Fellman said. "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who has an executive producer credit on "Clone Wars," intended the movie as an introduction to his "Clone Wars" TV show debuting this fall on the Cartoon Network.

"It was targeted to a specific audience for specific reasons," Fellman said. "We accomplished that mission, and it will continue in another medium."

"Tropic Thunder" was the third R-rated comedy to open solidly in recent weeks, following "Pineapple Express" and "Step Brothers." Most summer comedies are rated PG-13, since an R rating limits the audience by requiring anyone younger than 17 to come with an adult.

R-rated comedy hits tend to open in the $20 million to $30 million range, lower than their PG-13 counterparts, but often have a longer shelf life in theaters as audiences spread the word. R-rated movies such as "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" and "Superbad" all opened around those levels and went on to become $100 million hits.

"We're thrilled, quite frankly. It played out exactly how we hoped," said DreamWorks spokesman Chip Sullivan.

Stiller directed and co-wrote "Tropic Thunder," in which he stars with Downey and Black as pampered actors who find themselves in a real combat situation while shooting a Vietnam War epic in the Asian jungles. Cruise co-stars as a bald, egomaniacal studio boss.

"Tropic Thunder" raised its total to $37 million since opening Wednesday.

The 20th Century Fox horror tale "Mirrors," starring Kiefer Sutherland as a security guard whose family is terrorized by spirits, opened at No. 4 with $11.1 million.

Woody Allen returned to commercial form with his Spanish romance "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," which opened at No. 10 with $3.7 million.

The movie played in narrower release, 692 theaters compared with 3,000-plus for "Tropic Thunder" and "Clone Wars." Still, it opened far wider than most Allen films, which usually start in a handful of theaters and gradually expand.

"You never can predict how something's going to do, but we felt that the movie is so strong, we just needed to get it out there," said Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Co. released the movie under its distribution agreement with MGM. "The audience reaction is terrific."

Summit Entertainment's "Fly Me to the Moon," a 3-D animated tale about three flies that tag along on the Apollo 11 moon landing, debuted in 452 theaters and took in $2 million, finishing at No. 12.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Media By Numbers LLC. Final figures will be released Monday.

1. "Tropic Thunder," $26 million.

2. "The Dark Knight," $16.8 million.

3. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," $15.5 million.

4. "Mirrors," $11.1 million.

5. "Pineapple Express," $10 million.

6. "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," $8.6 million.

7. "Mamma Mia!", $6.5 million.

8. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2," $5.9 million.

9. "Step Brothers," $5 million.

10. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," $3.7 million.

Kehinde Wiley- World Stage: Africa

I'm inspired by this dude by the power of a 100

Nas Interview On Tavis Smiley Show!

watchable material people

Bolt sets world record, wins Olympic 100 gold


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Puma x Gumball 3000 Behind the Scenes

(Man, sponsorship on a whole nother level) 
Last weekend the Gumball 3000 Race started its 10th anniversary race. The drive takes participants from San Francisco to Beijing. For US stops PUMA served as the primary sponsor. An example to their commitment to motor sports and lifestyle, the brand proudly "tattooed" $53 million worth of automobiles. Read

Redman - Rock the Bells w/ Green Lantern

Now you know this every bit a given, Jerz in the effin house son!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Man this track (Hi tek) is what it's about for real. I bet you'll listen to this more than 3 times.


Lacoste Revan 50 Snake

I gave up my sneaker game a looooooonnnggg time ago. but I still enjoy peeping the freshnesss

A new limited edition Lacoste sneaker has arrived at Size? - the Revan 50 Snake. With a striking combination of leather, suede and faux snakeskin plus fierce orange detailing they will definitely get you noticed.