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VIDEO: Pharoahe Monch "The Warning" feat. Idris Elba


Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) album out March 22nd. "The Warning," directed by Todd Angkasuwan, also contains a portion of Pharoahe Monch's title track, W.A.R. featuring Immortal Technique.

Kanye West & Mos Def – Blue Note Jazz Club Freestyle


Kanye and Mos Def at The Blue Note Ft. Robert Glasper Experiment check out. check out Robert Glasper Experiment Ft. Lupe Fiasco @ The Blue Note Jazz Club right here

Kanye and Mos Def at The Blue Note Ft. Robert Glasper Experiment by cisconyc

VIDEO: staHHR is a fiyah starter for hip hop!!

My name in the hook off a dope ass track. YES!!

This a joint stahhr performed at the kool herc fund raiser in the ATL. Her voice was dang near gone before performing but she still rocked that joint like a champion! Fly track by lex boogie from the bornx all day

Ben Styles Conversations with Corey Davis

The young lad and crew gets busy!

Ben Styles catches up with Artist/Tattooist/Videographer Corey Davis a few days before his Atlanta premiere for "J is for Junkie" to discuss inspiration, lifestyle brand, marijuana, and more! 

Watch the "J is for Junkie" trailer here:

Filmed by Ben Styles for in association with Greedmont Park TV

Music by AFTA-1 x GAS'D and Michael Uzowuru

Apollo Brown - Never In A Million Years (music & video)


words by mello Music Group
In celebration of the release, here is the track "Never In A Million Years" which is another standout from the album. In addition to the free mp3 download, check out the mini-video to "Never In A Million Years" that provides some imagery to go alongside the song.

Apollo Brown - Never In A Million Years from Mello Music Group on Vimeo.

School of Sharks: Huey P Capone "Sun Sun" -SUN SUN (newness)

You already know!!!

New School of Sharks track……H.P Capone produced by Illastrate and Lex Boogie. Scratches by Amdex of Clan D. Floating newnesss….

DOWNLOAD: School Of Sharks Sun Sun Huey P Capon

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Friday, February 25, 2011

staHHr performs 'Unbreakable" live


photo: TT COLES)
staHHr performs her first single 'Unbreakable' off her upcoming album 'Mother Ntr with a Molotov' live for the first time on her Bornday...February 24, 2011. Poodie The Byz on the vocals. Produced by Dug Boogie

Thursday, February 24, 2011

jasirix- American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires


jasirix latest video "American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires" was filmed on location in Madison, Wisconsin, where thousands of hard working Americans came together in unity to fight back against a Governor bought and paid for by Billionaires to break up Unions and deny workers collective bargaining and a living wage. "American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires" was produced by Cynik Lethal and directed by Paradise

Scott Walker works for multi billionaires
John Boehner works for multi billionaires
while corporations get billions in welfare
and millions in this country been out of work for years

Sarah Palin works for multi billionaires
American workers vs multi billionaires
they wanna end social security and medicare
while millions in this country don't have a dime to spare

Can main street get a bailout
Tell the president our checks weren't mailed out
Tell the house of representatives and senate
And whatever business got the stimulus and spent it
Now they getting record profit that's tripling with no limits
But they cutting jobs and unemployment benefits have ended
How we gone live with no income coming in
And the little help we get is cut from the budget then
What's the role of government
Do workers stand a chance if multi billionaires are running it
Oh now you worried bout the deficit and cutting it
But when them banks needed billions you had enough for them.
Them car companies you had bucks for them
2 wars rebuilding 2 countries guess we stuck with them
the average citizen just ain't lucky then
cause we be getting pimped so I guess we getting fucked again

Rush Limbaugh works for multi billionaires
Bill O'Reilly works for multi billionaires
while corporations get billions in welfare
and millions in this country been out of work for years

Sean Hannity works for multi billionaires
Crazy Glenn Beck works for multi billionaires
they wanna end social security and medicare
while millions in this country don't have a dime to spare

When did the American worker become the enemy
Why is wanting a living wage such a penalty
What happened to justice and liberty
These billionaire haters wanna crush us literally
On the box is Murdoch and his foxes
And if you watch it you might as well be an ostrich
They terrorists cause they hold facts hostage
24 hours straight of we hate what Barack did
If you want to unionize your a communist
But if you buy a congressman they just call you a lobbyist
It's so obvious but here's where the problem is
they act like regular Americans but they sloppy rich
Why you think they wanna cut taxes
cause every single one of them in the higher brackets
This ain't white or black it's class warfare time for action
Just look at wide the gap is

American workers vs multi billionaires
The middle class vs multi billionaires
while corporations get billions in welfare
and millions in this country been out of work for years

Rupert Murdoch is multi billionaires
the Koch brothers are multi Billionaire
they wanna end social security and medicare
while millions in this country don't have a dime to spare

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Download it now and thank me later!!!

words Dj Fudge
It’s 2011 and it’s time to put you all up on this mix cd for the new year! Let us introduce you to Hush Hush Volume 5. If you’re not aware, Hush Hush is a mixture of downtempo and hip hop instrumentals from Atlanta’s veteran, DJ Fudge. This is the 5th volume in the series. This time around DJ Fudge decided to pick out new up and coming producers like Shade Cobain, Illastrate, Eric Lau, and Melo X as well as veteran producers such as Fat Jon, DJ Spinna, King Brit and Pete Rock.
DJ Fudge blended these tracks so well that he created a mosaic vibe that will make you want to play this mix over and over again! Be sure to check out DJ Fudge at MJQ Concourse in Atlanta as well as various projects that are in the works.


ATL Indie Hip Hop Top 10 Now & Then pt1

This the first part of this video which talks about underground legends that held ATL down

ATL Indie Hip Hop Top 10 Now & Then from Evereese Hamilton on Vimeo.

In the spirit of "Top 5 Dead or Alive: The Show!!!", the brilliant minds from Tru Skool ATL and I collaborated to bring you the Top 10 hottest Atlanta independent artist, past and present. We gathered premiere Atlanta Tastemakers and sat down to discuss who were the best independent artist of the last 15 years. Please enjoy, and weigh in on some of your favorites, and as always, spread the word.

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Do yourself a big favor and listen to these two tracks from J- Haze album "Haze + Brown" the full project will be available Feb. 28th

VIDEO: STARCHILE (Massive & Divine)-Bust This


City of Ink's 4th anniversary on Friday Feb.25 2011

Friday FEB.25, 2011 from 7pm-11pm

Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 Foods That Help You Sleep

We'll see how this work

By Melanie Haiken,

Should you let yourself have that midnight snack if you're having trouble sleeping and you think hunger might be part of the problem? Here are five foods that can actually help you drift off:

Can't Get a Good Night's Sleep? 5 Surprising Reasons

1. Cherries. Fresh and dried cherries are one of the only natural food sources of melatonin, the chemical that controls the body's internal clock to regulate sleep. Researchers who tested tart cherries and found high levels of melatonin recommend eating them an hour before bedtime or before a trip when you want to sleep on the plane.

2. Bananas. Potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants, and bananas are a good source of both. They also contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which gets converted to 5-HTP in the brain. The 5-HTP in turn is converted to serotonin (a relaxing neurotransmitter) and melatonin.

3. Toast. Carbohydrate-rich foods trigger insulin production, which induces sleep by speeding up the release of tryptophan and serotonin, two brain chemicals that relax you and send you to sleep..

4. Oatmeal. Like toast, a bowl of oatmeal triggers a rise in blood sugar, which in turn triggers insulin production and the release of sleep-inducing brain chemicals. Oats are also rich in melatonin, which many people take as a sleep aid..

5. Warm milk. Like bananas, milk contains the amino acid L-tryptophan, which turns to 5-HTP and releases relaxing serotonin. It's also high in calcium, which promotes sleep.

Greedmont Radio presents the "J is for Junkie Soundtrack" Produced by Asston Kusher. Mixed by DJ Fu.

J is Junkie is a documentary by Corey Davis. Check out the trailer


I think Flux gonna be working on that cd cover. Shots to bprice for the visuals
Snippet from Melaphyre's next video..


You got dope music for your morning people!!! shouts to frolab/span>

1. SLik D - Fro Powah Hour Intro
2. Radiohead - Feral
3. Dirty Art Club - Red Giant
4. Pac Div - Take Me High
5. Saigon feat. Devin The Dude - What The Lovers Do
6. Vitamin D presents Stay Hi Brothas - Valentines Day
7. Duffstep - Backseat
8. Mode - Stepping Stones
9. Res, Ab Live & Talib Kweli - Say You Will Remix
10. Mphono feat. Flying Lotus - Cut Form Crunch
11. Salva - Beached
12. Roddy Rod - Line Dance (Shine Mix)
13. Taprikk Sweezee feat. Earl - Newend
14. Kotchy - Good Luck
15. Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins ) - Interview #4080
16. Chima Anya - Top Banana (6 Foot 7)
17. Rah Digga - Check Me Boo ((9th Wonder Still Checkin' Remix)
18. Pharoahe Monch - Clap.One.Day
19. Dutchmassive / The Hobbyshop Hero - Crew Faces (for Understanding)
20. Jesse Boykins III - Nectar
21. Tall Black Guy vs Michael Jackson - Stay With Me
22. Tall Black Guy - Thrill Seeker
23. Kindred The Family Soul feat. Snoop Dogg - You Got Love (Jag Mix)
24. B Young - Feel That/ Carry On
25. Total Science feat. Darien Brockington & Phonte - Wasting Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
26. Jesse Boykins III - Before The Night Is Thru
27. Raekwon - Sweep Week
28. The Clubhouse feat. Coco (of Quadron) - Sleep
29. Laws & Prynce Cy Hi - Honor
30 Ke$ha feat. Andre 3000 - Sleazy Remix
31. Dibia$e - Smoothsailin
32. Chris Brown feat Kevin McCall - Real Hip-Hop Shit
33. Tabi Bonney - Get Me
34. Murs & Terrace Martin - Fresh Kicks
35. James Blake - I Mind
36. Om'Mas Keith - Uh Oh It's Love

Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

Directed by Hype Williams. "All Of The Lights" by Kanye West feat. Rihanna and Kid Cudi with vocals by Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis.

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Oh yea!

Designer Brent Rollins (W.I'M.F. 02)

The origin of some of them classic designs

Designer Brent Rollins (W.I'M.F. 02) from Gasface on Vimeo.

What do "Boyz N The Hood", "Do the Right Thing" and "Mo Better Blues" have in common ?
This guy on a bike.

Some people know him as "The Ego Trip designer", some others as a signature "... x Stussy" or "... x Nike"
and everybody know the Hip Hop album covers he created (remember that ill "Stimulus Package" ?)

Born and raised in South (Central) L.A., the Bike Guy now lives in Brooklyn where he talks...
First Step In the Arena, Spike Lee's Influence... and Visions of Biggie Smalls​


I remember reading about these cats in the very issue of the fader magazine that's pictured above. The 'Now issue". Them young lads hustle hard from what I read about them. And the hustle payed off because they performed on the jimmy Fallon show with The Roots which got the internet buzzing and made Fader magazine look like the truth! hhahaha. which I must agree. #thumbsup

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anthony David "4Evermore" feat. Algebra & Phonte Official Video


Video: The Legendary: A Film About The Roots

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

Words by shamz

For the latest from OKPTV, we get an intimate mini-doc on the hardest working band in the biz, and now 4 time Grammy award winners, The Roots. Cam Be (director/editor) and Jeff Baraka (Interviewer/co-producer) tagged along with The Roots for a few stops on last year’s Hennessey Artistry tour, and got some great footage. Says Cam of the vid: “In this film I wanted to not only highlight the versatility of a group that has played with most everyone in the industry. But also capture candid moments of real human beings just trying to share the gifts they have been given to the best of their abilities.” Props to Cam, Jeff, and Bradley Murray for this.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I phux with this. Ked stay on his grizzly

Monday, February 14, 2011

Video: Happy Gritty Luv Day

Gritty love baby shouts to lex boogie classic!!!

DOWNLOAD: Tuki feat. Scar – Intergalactic Love

Shouts to Tuki a for the dope track and Mister.Soul for artwork

A new track from 1/4 of the group “Hollyweerd” Tuki also, be on the look-out for Tuki’s first solo project “AtlantaForniacation” dropping soon.
DOWNLOAD: Tuki feat. Scar – Intergalactic Love

Waiting for Superman on Dvd Tuesday 2/15/11

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education "statistics" have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, whose stories make up the engrossing foundation of WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. As he follows a handful of promising kids through a system that inhibits, rather than encourages, academic growth, Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying "drop-out factories" and "academic sinkholes," methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems.

Dillon - Space Pimpin Remix (Prod. Batsauce)

No Doubt!!

Taken from the Digi-EP - "Cupid's Revenge: The Ain't Shit Suite (Grown Up Remixes)

Video by: Dillon
Beat by: Batsauce

"Cupid's Revenge: The Grown Up Remixes"

Seedcard Available at Get the card. Get the code. Download the music. Plant the card, and it grows.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gotta Be Karim- Do For Self (Feat. Boog Brown)

Play this dope track quick because it might define your day in the best way!

Monday, February 7, 2011

VIDEO: Damon Dash Gets Greedy [Interview]

Greedmont TV presents a one-part video interview with independent multimedia mogul, Dame Dash [Founder/CEO of DD172]. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Dame about his long and fruitful career as well as some of the upcoming projects he is working on like the movie, "Muscle Car Chronicles" starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy.

[Shot by Corey Davis]

Video: Oddisee, Kenn Starr & Toine Freestyle Over Soulful! Instrumental

oddisee Hanging out at DJ Quartermaine's spot (The Gold Room). oddisee, Toine of DTMD & Kenn Starr decided to kick a few rhymes of this banger by DMV producer Soulful!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Music from mikeflo + staHHr + Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "mountaintop"


VIDEO: Jasiri X Featuring M-1 of Dead Prez "We All Shall Be Free" Produced by Drum Gang Productions.

No doubt!!!

Jasiri X
Revolution's not an act it's an actual fact
an idea that burns until it turns blacker than black
the truth bearer new era like the back of ya hat
the true terror who'll scare ya without packing a gat
through the barrier one carrier then it spreads like malaria
bury us with no fear of oppression every tear is a weapon
When God hears it a blessin
Every tyrant is destined to die that's connected to violent aggression
if arrested remain silent when questioned the wisest lesson
Freedom's the highest expression of life in the present
that's why worldwide the riots are spreading
A righteous message like God set the fires from heaven
Uprising we done crying the young riding
when people get the power dictators go run hiding
we just trying to live like human beings
when we protest in peace police shoot up the scene
look at your computer screen you can see it right through the stream
Let our forming be a warning to every brutal regime

It's a simple math equation it's scientific OK
you put the power in the hands of the people its liberation
and even if you take it away its multiplication
repression breeds resistance and this is our situation
I'm an expert on exploitation mater of ghetto misery
a miracle of modern enslavement given our history
the fire through the wire bullets bombs and the liars
the snitches he counterinsurgency mad vicious
they kill us the freedom fighters but can't kill the revolution
they put crack in our community laughing like it's amusing
but I don't see nothing funny the crackers that's on the money
they only wanna keep us mis-educated like Sonny
They see how we never give up and wonder just how we do it
f#ck a roach we're the scarabs the beetle up out the ruins
you can hear it in our music is resilience part of our experience
you can call it the freedom experiment
you hear it but do you feel it
either join with it or fear it
but I want it in my lifetime period.

Starr Nyce - "Stick N' Move" Music Video (CLEAN)

Another fly video from highimpactmultimedia

Music video for Starr Nyce's "Stick N' Move" off the "Que Sera Sera" mixtape. Available for download at