Sunday, July 31, 2011

VIDEO:No AirPlay Show [N.A.P.S] - Real Talk w/ J Rawls & Methuzulah

Hip hop talk right here

Directed & Edited by Rick Foy for Dvid Films

VIDEO: Who the F*CK Is Boog Brown?! - Episode 04

Boogie Brown Girl Entertainment & High Impact Multimedia presents: WHO THE F*CK IS BOOG BROWN?!, a series of vignettes offering a candid & intimate look at up & coming hip-hop artist, Boog Brown.

Episode Four: The Scene
Boog talks about getting to know the underground scene in Atlanta, GA

Watch Episode Three: Boog talks about relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, GA
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Watch Episode Two: Boog talks about her hometown of Detroit, MI
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Watch Episode One: Boog discusses the music she was exposed to in her household as a child.
Vimeo: 22732171 or on YouTube: watch?v=ZR9yAYBR9v8 

Follow Boog Brown on Twitter: @boogbrown
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Want to learn More about Boog Brown?
TheNewContent Interview: 3cc1y42u

Want to See More Boog Brown Videos?
"U.P.S." dir. by w. feagins, jr for high impact multimedia 8vrz9Uv0IyY

"Marinate" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films E5i-1xuSYCI

"The Best Part 1" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films zei0wbi8zhw

"The Best Part 2" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films 4WOOE4rnAMk

"The Essence" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films 0SGeFP68VfY

Purchase Boog Brown & Apollo Brown's Mello Music Group release "Brown Study" online by visiting: 

iTunes us/ album/ brown-study/ id389212586

Amazon Brown-Study-Boog-Apollo/ dp/ B003XIO6T2

Underground Store store/ detail.asp?UPC=MMG012CD

Bandcamp album/ brown-study


Friday, July 29, 2011

VIDEO:Rock With Me ft. Trü.ski The Transmitter


Rock Most's first single "Rock With Me" from his sophomore effort "Rise & Shine" featuring and produced by Trü.ski the Transmitter. Directed by Artemus Jenkins

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VIDEO: Stalley-"Pound" (Directed by Walu)

"Pound" is off Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights (Download at Check out more at and Follow @Stalley. "Pound" is produced by @Rashadmusic.

Monday, July 25, 2011

VIDEO: Clan Destined - War Games [Promo]

DAMN! Clan D ain't playing. Dope promo right here!

New Clan Destined music video directed by Rick Foy for Dvid

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Quick preview of ghetto Manga luke cage tribute magazine. I mean Real quick
Music: gutter Snippin off the bloodlust vol 2 album



Hey! Your Sunday just got BETTER!!!!

1. SLik D - Fro-Powah Hour Intro
2. Purity Ring - Lofticries
3. Machinedrum - I'm A Brat
4. Tall Black Guy Productions - Luv Dancin
5. Eddie K & Minus - Psychedelic
6. The Please - Princess
7. Lips - Everything To Me
8. Thundercat - It Really Doesn't Matter To You
9. Nat King Cole feat. Just Blaze - Pick-Up
10. Issac Aesili - Can I Be
11. Kalima - Merry Go Round
12. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Notorious
13. Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortus
14. Tall Black Guy Productions - We Can Ride The Boogie
15. Elaquent - Grimey and New
16. Naturel - The Bullets
17. FlexFab & Chief - Invasion
18. Khaleel & DJ Premier - Hot Flames
19. Consequence feat. Rapper Big Pooh & eLZlhi - Crying Broke
20. Ta-Ku - Night (Albsurealude)
21. fLako - Mirror Box
22. Beatsofreen - Harmonics
23. Hazel - I Can't Wake Up
24. Toro Y Moi - Freak Love (Freddie Joachim Remix)
25. Jean Grae - You Don't Like It (So What)
26. Roddy Rod - Nautili
27. DJ Center - In A Song (DJ Spinna Back From The Future Remix)
28. Erik Rico & Marc Mac - Just Love
29. Dinner At The Thompson's - I Can Do Anything
30. Deloach feat. Porche - Body Building
31. Slum Village - Get This Money (Mister Bibal Remix)
32. VerBS - Feelings Getting In The Way
33. Floyd The Locsmif - A Vibe Called Bless
34. Floyd The Locsmif - Liquid City
35. Gyedu Blay Ambolley - Simigwa Do (LeFtO Edit)
36. Adele - Rolling In The Deep (1-O.A.K. Remix)
37. Letherette - Furth & Myre
38. Mathias Stubo - 1979


DOWNLOAD: Lyric Jones- Gotta Go feat. Aleon Craft & Playboy Tre


From JONES ST. scheduled to release September 23rd.

released 24 July 2011 produced by Raydar Ellis (Hobo House Productions. ASCAP, B. Ellis) By Lyric Jones (Jones 4 Lyric Publishing. SESAC, J. Clinton)
guest featuring Aleon Craft (Wood Beaded Music. ASCAP, M. Thomas) & Playboy Tre
Ness Lee on (background vocals) Mixed by Chris Sacco

Saturday, July 23, 2011


BOOYAKA SHOT!!!! 3 is the magic number son!!!

CK 3 YEAR QUICKIE (10 Songs)

Subscribe to for CK 3 YEAR DELUXE (23 Songs) from: 

Moka Only ❑ Uncle Imani of The Pharcyde ❑ Megabusive ❑ Shabazz Palaces ❑ Anon ❑ Mr. Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher ❑ Lab Waste (Thavius Beck + Subtitle) ❑ Yaggfu Front ❑ Lex Boogie ❑ The Presence (Uncommon Records) ❑ Busdriver ❑ Moonsatellite ❑ Count Bass D ❑ Open Mike Eagle ❑ P.U.D.G.E. ❑ Crown Nation ❑ Damage from YAGGFU ❑ Aquil ❑ Tall Black Guy ❑ Teebs ❑ Whygee ❑ 87


A BRIDGE between Mainstream & Underground...between the YOUTH & ELDERS...between the PAST & FUTURE...Meet BIGREC. |
Microphone Beast. Undeniable Presence. An Irresistible Force. This New Orleans-born (504), Oklahoma-bred (918), ATL-certified (404) emcee is poised to merge the mainstream & underground in hip-hop. Equipped with one of the most commanding voices since KRS-ONE, meet BIGREC. REAL HIP HOP IS BACK!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Video: Kanye West & Jay-Z ‘Watch The Throne’ Documentary

This is pretty dope right here

Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch The Throne Documentary from introspective on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Gotta Be Karim-Beverly-EPK


VIDEO: Who The F*CK is Boog Brown?! Episode 03

Boogie Brown Girl Entertainment & High Impact Multimedia presents: WHO THE F*CK IS BOOG BROWN?!, a series of vignettes offering a candid & intimate look at up & coming hip-hop artist, Boog Brown.

Episode Three: The Relocation
Boog talks about relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, GA

Watch Episode Two: Boog talks about her hometown of Detroit, MI
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Watch Episode One: Boog discusses the music she was exposed to in her household as a child.
Vimeo: 22732171 or on YouTube: watch?v=ZR9yAYBR9v8 

Follow Boog Brown on Twitter: @boogbrown
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Want to learn More about Boog Brown?
TheNewContent Interview: 3cc1y42u

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rare Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Dirty Thoughts [documovie]

peeped this out at Man! this wild ish made my day and proves there is only ONE dirty . hahaha

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DOWNLOAD: DJ Rasyrious That Feel Goodness: Volume Yum (1)

I gotta support my New jeru EO lady right here. Her first offering in the dj game. Give it a full listen. You'll appreciate the music on this joint

Words by DJ Rasyriou

Do you enjoy feeling free and just good all the way around? Well let me tell you; That Feel Goodness will make you feel just that and then some! Rasyrious’ debut mixtape That Feel Goodness: Volume Yum (1) is a delicious blend of hip-hop, soul, electronica and house that is geared to the true music lover. We invite you to download, burn and blast it in you car or you can stream it from your PC. Either way you’ll be feelin’ it like I did mixing it. Thank you in advance for listening and enjoy!

***The download is FREE but Love Donations are happily and graciously accepted. ☺

For Booking inquiries please email:
released 17 July 2011
Drops and final mix done by Amond Jackson at Salem Psalms Library - Atlanta, Ga.

VIDEO: InsideOut Episode 1

This gonna be dope! Smh at the ending of this video. Some people just don't get it

The first EPISODE of a long serie about INSIDE OUT PROJECT !

Since the TED Prize winner JR announced his wish in March to turn the world Inside Out, thousands of people have participated in what we hope will be the world's largest participatory art project.

This is the first Episode documenting the project.

Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

The official joint!!!

New Album - Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey "Daily Bread" New Single "Volume"

this joint knocks right here!!

Words by Mellow Music Group

Ascending production star Apollo Brown started making waves in 2009 after winning the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Championship. The next year he signed to Mello Music Group and released a series of critically acclaimed albums: The Reset, Brown Study (selected by iTunes as one of

the Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2010), Gas Mask (with his group The Left, which made DJ Premier's Top 25 list in 2010), and most recently the instrumental opus Clouds. It's been a busy couple years. Add into the mix Hassaan Mackey of Rochester, New York, and the new group Daily Bread was formed.

The two had worked on individual tracks before, "Odds Ain't Fair" from The Reset, and "How We Live" from Gas Mask. Both songs became top sellers off their respective albums, giving the two an indication of their chemistry. Hassaan has one of the best voices in Hip-Hop today: deep, gravelly, low-key, and swirling with emotion. While Apollo has cornered the market on grimy Detroit production along with the likes of Black Milk, Mr. Porter, and a few select others.

When asked about the lead single "Volume" Hassaan said:
“yo man, that was the first beat Apollo played when I walked
in his crib in Detroit… this was the first song I wrote to when I got there, and we knew it was the lead joint. It was dumb early in the morning, I had just gotten off the train from New York. Apollo had picked me up and I started writing it at Apollo's crib and finished it in the studio that night, recorded it, and it was in the pocket. We knew that was the opener!”

Daily Bread will undoubtedly be compared to previous Apollo Brown releases but this one, to put it the way Hassaan says, comes "back with that grit". The album seems to be ready made for fans of D.I.T.C., Gang Starr, Black Moon, and M.O.P., while maintaining it's own artistic integrity. It is an album of really very rugged and raw rhymes developed and written at a time when Hassaan was going through a lot of personal issues,

dealing with loss, hardship, and basic survival, so the lyrics come across as emotive but not in any way weak - just raw. The beats are straight forward gritty dripping with soul, and bang out the speakers with the best of 'em. Interspersed throughout the album are clips from 70's blaxploitation films that lend a feel as though the album is from a different era entirely, like it was first made on vinyl 20 years ago, and delivered to us fresh in an era of glitchy, computerized, auto-tuned music that often lacks the punch that Daily Bread delivers.

at itunes  now!  CD pre-orders  Vinyl  pre-orders

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VIDEO: The Dark Knight Rises POSTER

This poster go HARD!!! it be dope if they use it

VIDEO: Ultra Beast ft. Anthony David - Hard To Quit The Rhyme (TEASER)

It's calling them!!!! Hard to quit the Ryhme

Ultra Beast Back At It Again, Now Accompanied By Anthony David. Its So Hard To Quit The Rhyme...

VIDEO: "Diamonds" - Methuzulah feat. Rasheeda Ali at Apache for Hodge Podge (7/15/11)

No Doubt!

Words by iam90percent

Zulu Nation's own, Methuzulah, performing "Diamonds" featuring Rasheeda Ali on the flute, live at Apache Cafe in ATL for Hodge Podge with 9th Wonder (July 15, 2011). Look for his upcoming EP "Long Story Short." For more on Methuzulah visit, Gem, Mathhues. or For more on Rasheeda Ali visit blackdiamondsuite,, or

If you like Methuzulah and/or Rasheeda Ali, please comment, "like", subscribe; I have more and will be posting more of Atlanta's premier indy talent.

VIDEO: Homeboy Sandman Performance & Interview (2011 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival)

Homeboy sandman never fail to impress

performance footage and interview clips of Homeboy Sandman recorded at the 2011 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

Friday, July 15, 2011

VIDEO:Urban Ellegance Jewelry / Noire 3000 Summer 2012 Fashion Show

MAN! This sister been working real hard with her product so I'm real glad to see her shine and gezzzuuss lex boogie murked this track!!! power Couple they are!!!

WORDS meedy

On July 9th 2011 Urban Ellegance Jewelry made its Runway Debut in the Noire 3000 Summer 2012 Fashion Show, amidst designers who have shown in Milan,New York and other major fashion arenas.
Here is a montage of the Urban Ellegance Segment of the show.Thanks to everyone who came out and supported myself,the models,designers,and Master of Ceremonies/Creative Director Mr. James Cornelius Lewis...So humbled to have been apart of this standing room only event!

RASheeda Ali- Spirit Light (Remastered)

Hear it for the first time AGAIN!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

VIDEO: Dawud Anyabwile Video Biography

Dope Bio video right here!!!!!

Emmy Award Winning Artist Dawud Anyabwile speaks briefly on his life as an artist, his family and achievements. Dawud's resume ranges from airbrushing t-shirts on the streets of Philly to character designing for Nickelodeon's "Wild Thornberry" and "Rugrats" television shows, to creating and marketing the legendary hit comic book series, BROTHERMAN! Dawud continues to instill hope and inspiration to aspiring artists throughout the diaspora who also seek to find their voice in an industry that is in need of cultural diversification

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Shoes: Daily Bread Mixtape (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown)


Today Mello Music Group presents The Official Daily Bread Mixtape, mixed by DJ House Shoes , starring Rochester NY emcee Hassaan Mackey and Detroit producer Apollo Brown . The 45 minute original mix is the jump off for Apollo Brown and Low Budget mic smasher Hassaan Mackey's new album Daily Bread.

The House Shoes mixtape features a variety of past tracks, collaborations, features, rare and unreleased tracks, along with new material including a sneak peak at the track "Weak Won't Do" from the upcoming Daily Bread album, and the Apollo Brown Troubled Waters Remix of The Trenches featuring Sean Born. Other mix guests include Invincible, Nick Tha 1Da, Danny Brown, Black Milk, Emilio Rojas, Diamond District, Kenn Starr, The Left, Elzhi, and more.

Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) will be in stores August 9th on CD, Vinyl, and Digital!!!

VIDEO:A look into "Ghetto Dreams" w/Common&Nas - B.Kyle

This is a very dope video right here!

Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins takes the camera to Common & Nas as they colloaborate on a song entitled Ghetto Dreams. Here is a look into what the icons have to share about the venture. Have Fun! -B.Kyle

Featuring: Common / Nas / No I.D.
Director: Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins
Editor: Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins
Cameras: Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins / Brandon MccLovin / LyVell Gipson
Sound: Curtis Newton
Graphic Design: Alex "Lexx" Grigoryan
Coordinator: True Talent

Gifted Entertainment
for more info, visit

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

it's ON!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A.ware – Sunrise [Official Music Video]

Thumbs way up on this video. Salute to the young lad

words by Corey Davis

Greedmont TV presents the first music video from A.ware’s(Mach Five) Lady Heroin project, “Sunrise”. [Directed by Corey Davis | Prod. by Bonobo]

DOWNLOAD: A.ware – Lady Heroin

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rasheeda Ali rock ATL spots in JULY

Photo by Bruno Nguyen

Check out the spots below where she will be playing live with very talented artists from hip hop, funk and jazz musical backgrounds in the ATL.

Get Familiar


If you in the ATL. back to Back hip hop events to check out this weekend. 4 SURE!!! Shouts to Mr. Soul for that art in the first flyer and Fluxwonda with the second joint!!

"DopeFlow"- Kandi Cole ft. Rogue Venom

Queen kandi Cole & Rogue Venom gets busy for the bay area all day!!!!!

Kandi Cole ft. Rogue Venom
Music Produced by: Mar-Var Productions
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Ricardo A. Brathwaite

Track 10. off of Kandi Cole's "Works well with others" Collab mixtape

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Divine Dezignz #3:Dirty Canvas by Floyd The Locsmif

This joint is very CRAZY!!! I have to go to mood music to cop a tangible joint

Divine Dezignz #3:Dirty Canvas, is the 3rd official installment in the instrumental series by Floyd The Locsmif. This 15 track album has appearances by Stahhr, J-Live, John Robinson, Ekundayo, 4ize, and trumpet player Dashill Smith.
The concept behind Dirty Canvas was to create a sound pallet for the listeners daily "canvas" of life. Moods and tempos of the music range from 84bpms to 111.5bpms.
released 08 July 2011
Produced By: Locsmif for In The Loop Ent. LLC
All Songs Published by: (L. Douglas II, Wax Hunter Music BMI)
Additional Publishing: Track 11(K. Richardson,Impress Official Music, J. Robinson,A Little Science Music, E. Donegan,Nyame Dua publishing///ASCAP)
Track 13(J. Cadet, Only Child's Brothers Music /ASCAP) Track 15(T. Hayes III, GIG 2DA Publishing/ASCAP)
Track 15 Vocals recorded by Amond Jackson at Salem Psalms Library

Saturday, July 9, 2011

DOWNLOAD: DJ Jamad X Moods Music “Good & Plenty” Mix


1. Jneiro Jarel – NASA
2. Fat Joe Feat. Jeezy – Slow Down
3. Slum Village – Earl Flinn
4. Finale x Waajeed – The Senator
5. Little Brother – Tigallo For Dollo
6. Guilty Simpson – What To Do (Oh No Remix)
7. Biggie – Hypnotize (Damaj MoD)
8. Big Boi – Shutterbug
9. Paul White – Hustle (Bullion Remix)
10. Chill Rob G x MF Doom – Powered Coffin Nails (Damaj MoD))
11. EPMD – You’re A Customer
12. Drake Feat. T.I. – Fancy (Damaj MoD)
13. Promoe – Off The Record
14. MC Lyte – Stop, Look, Listen
15. Little Brother Feat. Bilal – Second Chances
16. Slum Village x Wu Tang – Get Your Money (It’s Yours)
17. Schooly D – Saturday Night
18. The Roots – Without A Doubt
19. Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic 3 – It’s Life (You Gotta Think Twice)
20. Run-DMC – Sucker MC’s x Eliot Lipp (Damaj MoD)
21. Mantronix – Big Band B-boy
22. D.Black Feat. Vitamin D – Keep It Going
23. Alex B – Players (J Dilla SV Remix)
24. Gucci Mane Feat. Swizz Beats – It’s Alive
25. Drake x Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader (Damaj MoD)
26. Jay-Z x Lords Of The Underground – 99 Funky Problem
27. Camp Lo – Lumdi
28. Bahamadia – Paper Thin
29. Rah Digga – Check Me Boo (9th Still Checkin Remix)
30. Madlib The Beat Konducta – Beat Provider
31. Mos Def – World Premier
32. Doom – Gazzillion Ear (Dr. Who Dat? aka Jneiro Jarel Remix)
33. Devonwho – Hold Up Zelda – Outro

DOWNLOAD: DJ Jamad X Moods Music “Good & Plenty” Mix

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


YEA! This ninja had a good time!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

 by Melaphyre Etheoryall

Cover artwork by my dude fluxwonda. And this a must listen for any Hip Hop head for real!!! DOPE!!
 June 19, 2011 (Global), Avogadro's #1-(Briarpatch)- FFU!!releases its first digital and 100% investor produced EP by its premier artist, Melaphyre. Avogadro derives from Avogadro’s law which states that equal volumes of ideal or perfect gases, at the same temperature and pressure, contain the same number of particles, or molecules for those of us who may have forgotten chemistry. 
In the music context, Melaphyre is able to combine a collection of abstract yet soulful songs set to the base of eclectic and melodic tracks of melodies and beats into a polished album. 
Briarpatch sets the mood and setting for the album with subjects ranging from self identification in Identifying to inner city conspiracy tales in the Establishment. Briarpatch takes the listener on a first person empowering journey through the struggles of life in a capitalistic and oft times prejudiced based society. 
With minimalist beats by Etheoryall, the album feels like the Pan African audio stylings of a Stanley Kubrik film with a fast paced and well developed style. 
Featured on this album include Boog Brown from Mellow Music Group, Mister Nick of Skipp Coon & Mister Nick, Flux of Binkis, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, and Survivalist. 
Melaphyre, the quintessential wordsmith, brings the colorful lyrics and wit that we have become accustomed to from his previous albums including L.O.T.U.S., Ugliness, & Dan Freeman's Story. 
Avogadro's #1 The Briarpatch will have the listener thirsting for Part 2 of the series Avogadro's #2 (The Preserve). 
Full Promotional Album Release, Avail. June 19th, 2011 
via -FightForUs.bandcamp & 
Fight For Us!! is a privately funded music label and production studio located in Atlanta Ga.
released 19 June 2011 
AvoGadro’s# (Briarpatch) 
Briarpatch - Feat. (Brer Rabbit) 
Identifying - Feat. (Dick Gregory) prod. (MisteR NicK) 
Slumming - Feat. (Boog Brown & Flux) 
GunPlay - Feat. (Mr. Alan Blake on Keys) 
Shepherd’s Tale 
GolD - Feat. (Bull-Shitting Afrikan) Scratches. (CreashuN) 
AchilleS - Feat. (El Hajj Malik) 
LivinG - Feat. (Survivalist) prod. (MisteR NicK) 
The EstablishmenT - Feat. (Dick Gregory) 
TourniqueT - Feat. (G.R.E.A.T. Scott & Ell Hajj Malik) 
prod. (MisteR NicK) 
All - Feat. (Brenda Nicole & Suave) 


Saturday, July 2, 2011


This joint jumps off today!!!

Words Supadope

What can i say about a artist of this magnitude. dubelyoo is going to shock the world with his art and wizdom about the art game and how we as independent artis we have the power to move and change the world. it was a great opportunity to film my good friend for his first upcoming solo show. please sit back and enjoy the seires, you just might learn something.

directed and edited by
supadope for boombox films

VIDEO: Hennessy Artistry presents 'The Art of Blending'

This is very dope right here!!

Hennessy is proud to present ‘The Art of Blending,’ a vibrant documentary that details their musical experience in 2010, through the eyes of acclaimed filmmaker Thibaut De Longeville. A hip-hop, skateboarding, street culture connoisseur and “reformed sneaker addict,” the French director is best known for the famed documentary about his once addiction, ‘Just For Kicks.’

In ‘The Art of Blending’ film, De Longeville documents the musical icons that Hennessy brought together for a special once-in-a-lifetime event - including Chaka Khan, Q-Tip, Mary J Blige, The Roots, Eve, Bobby Brown and Erykah Badu. A one-off opportunity to watch some of the most esteemed and innovative artists in the world, all under one roof, celebrating their dedication to music and creativity. Each electric performance is encapsulated through De Longeville’s signature style of filming: stunning, picturesque shots are met with his unique ability to capture characters truly in their essence.

Chilly-O talks to Greedmont Park


Chilly-O Talks to Greedmont Park about the chilly-o brand, action sports and more.

For Clothing:​chillyoatl