Saturday, July 2, 2011

VIDEO: Hennessy Artistry presents 'The Art of Blending'

This is very dope right here!!

Hennessy is proud to present ‘The Art of Blending,’ a vibrant documentary that details their musical experience in 2010, through the eyes of acclaimed filmmaker Thibaut De Longeville. A hip-hop, skateboarding, street culture connoisseur and “reformed sneaker addict,” the French director is best known for the famed documentary about his once addiction, ‘Just For Kicks.’

In ‘The Art of Blending’ film, De Longeville documents the musical icons that Hennessy brought together for a special once-in-a-lifetime event - including Chaka Khan, Q-Tip, Mary J Blige, The Roots, Eve, Bobby Brown and Erykah Badu. A one-off opportunity to watch some of the most esteemed and innovative artists in the world, all under one roof, celebrating their dedication to music and creativity. Each electric performance is encapsulated through De Longeville’s signature style of filming: stunning, picturesque shots are met with his unique ability to capture characters truly in their essence.

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