Sunday, July 31, 2011

VIDEO: Who the F*CK Is Boog Brown?! - Episode 04

Boogie Brown Girl Entertainment & High Impact Multimedia presents: WHO THE F*CK IS BOOG BROWN?!, a series of vignettes offering a candid & intimate look at up & coming hip-hop artist, Boog Brown.

Episode Four: The Scene
Boog talks about getting to know the underground scene in Atlanta, GA

Watch Episode Three: Boog talks about relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, GA
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Watch Episode Two: Boog talks about her hometown of Detroit, MI
Vimeo: or on YouTube:

Watch Episode One: Boog discusses the music she was exposed to in her household as a child.
Vimeo: 22732171 or on YouTube: watch?v=ZR9yAYBR9v8 

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Want to learn More about Boog Brown?
TheNewContent Interview: 3cc1y42u

Want to See More Boog Brown Videos?
"U.P.S." dir. by w. feagins, jr for high impact multimedia 8vrz9Uv0IyY

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"The Best Part 1" dir. by B. Price for Late September Films zei0wbi8zhw

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Purchase Boog Brown & Apollo Brown's Mello Music Group release "Brown Study" online by visiting: 

iTunes us/ album/ brown-study/ id389212586

Amazon Brown-Study-Boog-Apollo/ dp/ B003XIO6T2

Underground Store store/ detail.asp?UPC=MMG012CD

Bandcamp album/ brown-study


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Craig said...

you know I'm feeling this one. HAAAAA! She mentioned the gods! HAAAA! Love Boogie Woogie! FANGGGGG!