Thursday, June 16, 2011

New! ODDISEE "Al Mawrada" - Sudan Inspired Instrumental & Photos

A sweeett tack right here!!!

Words Mello Music Group

Oddisee's "Odd Seasons" VINYL EDITION is out now via Mello Music Group!!

Today, enjoy the free MP3 download of the track "Al Mawrada" one of two songs on the bonus 7" vinyl that comes free when you pick up the wax. "Al Mawrada" features funk inspired synths, flutes, and organ, backed by driving symbols and a steady guitar lick that stands alone as an instrumental. Al Mawrada is a neighborhood in Omdurman, Sudan where Oddisee used to hang out with friends and family. He recalls hearing the music coming from rickshaws and pickup trucks, as well as the hustle of the people passing by. This instrumental is inspired directly from those childhood experiences while the synths horns are a classic staple in Sudanese music today.

The photo is one Oddisee took when he was last in Sudan: check more photos from the trip here:

Oddisee "Odd Seasons" Out Now + Double Vinyl Includes Free Bonus 7" Vinyl!!

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