Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shah Wonders NEW SITE!

My new website and skateboard+t-shit brands! Pinksick™ ( ) and mmora™ ( and the blog

It's an incredible refurbishment of my portfolio, blog and online store! As usual I'm bringing nothing but the best in Illustration, Design and products in my recognizable "Shah Wonders" style! And, If you know me it doesn't stop there. I will be teaming up with the industry's leading Artist, Film Makers, Celebrities,Technology Wizards and Tastemakers in the World to help revolutionize the way we view and apply art to our daily lives! This is only the beginning! I will be adding new designs and the likes thereof, weekly and sometimes daily, so always stay tuned and keep the pulse on what is about to become a beautiful thing! Enjoy.

In addition,I would like to personally thank all of my friends, fans and colleagues for your acknowledgment and indisputable support. Thank You,


Shah Wonders

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