Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama-Mao T-Shirt in China


Here is the Obama-Mao t-shirt, known locally as the “Oba-Mao” which is a raging seller in China as their communist public sees parallels between socialist U.S. President Barack Obama and Chairman Mao, the first communist head of state in China.

he shirt has been a hot seller around the country since before the Obama election of 2008. While the U.S. media has been restrained in identifying Obama with Marxist causes, the Chinese themselves have had no such restraints. They like him.

Ahead of the president’s trip to China, the Chinese realized that an entire country wearing Obama-Mao t-shirts would probably embarrass the president back home in the United States. For our sake they would rather that Obama look more like a statesman. So they have banned public wearing of the political t-shirts and banned them from stores.

A CNN reporter found out just how serious the Chinese government is at hiding the t-shirts. Reporter Emily Chang did a video report for the news channel from a public marketplace while showing the t-shirt on camera. She was immediately accosted by a uniformed Chinese security detail who momentarily arrested her and the camera crew. She was eventually freed, but the vendor disappeared.

For a description of the t-shirt we can share that it is two sided with Obama dressed in the Red Army communist fatigues of Chairman Mao. The front of the shirt says “Serve the People” using Chinese writing, while the back says “Oba Mao” in English. Read more about the t-shirt here.

With or without the shirt, Barack Obama is more adored in China than any other U.S. president in history. The like him for a variety of reasons which are to a great extent related to their shared sense of values.

Obama’s father was a card-carrying Marxist and his mother was a communist sympathizer in the 1950s back when it was not very cool. Obama’s childhood was immersed in the communist philosophy of his parents which served as a springboard for all that followed. After election Obama stacked his White House with an eye-opening number of unabashed communists.

And it is therefore no surprise that Obama has favored socialist policies in the short time he has been president of the United States. His view is to make government the nurturer and provider for all things, including automobiles, healthcare, home mortgages, and banking. He is attempting to implement the same programs in the United States that have been part of communist society for decades.

That is why the Obama-Mao T-Shirt is so popular in Çhina. And because of the implications of an adoring public and favorably disposed government, the Chinese are attempting to hide it for this trip.

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