Monday, November 23, 2009

4-IZE-“Illuminated Animals”

What happens when ultra emcee’s collaborate with a generous dose of realness? You encounter "Illuminated Animals!" 4-IZE and fellow beast emcee’s are shining new light on Hip Hop with the "Illuminated Animals" project. The project is presented by Upstairs Studio, an Atlanta based recording studio whose clientele include De La Soul, MF DOOM, Musiq Soulchild and more.

“Everybody has a beast laying dormant inside them” says 4-IZE. “Illuminated Animals was created to shine light on that beast inside of us all. Waking up that sleeping monster takes conscious effort and knowledge of self. That’s exactly what everyone on the project does with hopes to inspire all those who listen to do the same – Wake up their inner monster!”
4-IZE is joined by fellow emcee’s Señor Kaos, Punchlyne, and 4-IZE’s brother Number 2. Lending their soulful essence are vocal artists Anthony David, Scar and Yirayah.

The entire project is produced by Floyd the Locsmif (50 Cent, Ceelo Green, O.C, J Live) and DJ Rasta Root (CEO Smokin Needles Records & DJ/Manager Phife ATCQ).
"Illuminated Animals" will be released on Monday November 23, 2009 and will be available for free download at
Tracklist is as Follows:

1.) Classic Example – ft. Señor Kaos & Punchlyne
2.) Rollin Like A Gee – ft. Scar
3.) Hard To Quit The Rhyme – ft. Señor Kaos & AnthonyDavid
4.) Listen Carefully – Skit #1
5.) Ultra Beast – ft. Punchlyne & Number 2
6.) Would You Do It – Interlude
7.) Foods, Fruit & Animals – ft. Punchlyne & Señor Kaos
8.) When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong
9.) Dat Ain’t Gone Ride – Señor Kaos & Punchlyne
10.) Wrong Kid Died – ft. Number 2
11.) Nobody – ft. Señor Kaos
12.) Badger Milk – Skit #2
13.) Vibe Awards
14.) Caterpillars – ft.Anthony David
15.) Don’t Nobody Care – ft. Yirayah
16.) Can’t Stop Thinkin bout You – ft. Anthony David
17.) Outro

“Illuminated Animals” is the follow up project to “Fantastik 4-IZE” album which 4-IZE released independently in the summer of 2007. His first album includes appearances from Ludacris, Big Rube, Number 2 & M.P. With featured production by L.T. Moe, Honorable C-Note, Omen, Floyd The Locsmif, J. Igloo, Montana Trax & Morgan The Mexican. “Fantastik 4-IZE” is available for purchase via

About 4-IZE: 4-IZE took what was once an insult in his childhood years, and used it as his moniker to serve as a constant reminder of how he learned self-confidence in his struggle to be an individual.
Originally from the West Suburbs of Chicago (Oak Park), Illinois, 4-IZE has been in Atlanta for 10 years. In 1999, 4-IZE relocated to Atlanta, GA in order to further his musical career. Hip-Hop fans have already experienced a taste of his lyrical abilities on both 3X Platinum albums by Def Jam South recording artist, Ludacris. Using every letter and every word as a verbal weapon in his battle to reach success in the music industry. He uses his glasses as his third eye to see his way through the world.

If you are interested in a tangible copy for review purposes, or in interviewing 4-Ize about "Illuminated Animals" please contact:
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