Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christopher “Jax” Thurston (March 15, 1976 - November 4, 2008)

Agggh, yesterday was recap day for me. When i went to work I was thinking " Right here is the last time i saw and spoke to Jax" then going through the night just reliving when I got the text from Senor kaos. And he telling me to create a image to let the people know the deal. Calling my business partner telling him the word at 3am. Creating the pic and posting it on myspace. Then answering the question as the morning came in. Mad calls and text that morning and me being fucked at work because of the death.
Yea, last year around this time was just wild. But I had to keep my composure and keep ish moving.
It hit my kinda of hard the following week listening tributes. But You try to keep in mind that when your time is up in life. It's up.
My dude did to much for what he loved. I listen to too many people excuses of why they can't do what they actually can do. And after a while you got to roll with the people that's not talking but doing. My dude was doing it with rhyme book in hand on the daily. With plenty ideas to make it happen. But the fly thing is the tributes he get from other artist or organization after his death. Because Jax was a good person who helped others with their craft or with his advice and time. I can say so much. But other people will be doing the same today. So i salute the lad that's in a better place rocking that mic. 100 fam


Señor Kaos said...


I still have the last text message he sent me that night. And still have his phone # in my phone, something in me can't delete it.

Every once in a while I go past it, like "let me call jax and see what he doing" It's still hard to believe he's gone.

But know this, he brought us all together, I wouldn't know Goldi if I didn't know Jax and Flux nah mean.

So today we celebrate the homie, who was all about giving, and looking out for his peoples.

Love Ya Brothas.
- Señor Kaos

samax said...

that's what's up. RIP Jax.