Sunday, May 31, 2009


photo and words by Goldi gold
video by Bprice

Let me tell you something. I'm from jerz and you can't sit there and tell me. The kid. That your dope. Your word don't count to me. You got to show and prove fam. And during the revealing we'll decide, better yet, I'll decide if you need to be walking around promoting yourself like that.
That's what your peoples is suppose to do. But anway, StaHHr is dope. Let me repeat this again. StaHHR IS DOPE!!
Shit! This video is proof right here. I mean I didn't start believing this after the video. The skill has been seen and heard many time. This message is for you, the people. The people who get tired of hearing there is a lacking of something that's right there in your face.
Let's use this as a example. The lost art of Female emcees and you know somebody, let say like StaHHr murking mics every time she touch the joint. What can yo do? What can you say? Support the sister and tell everybody and their moms about here. And after that, And just like that. They'll be saying the same thing "StaHHr is dope" hahaha. Enjoy the video peoples

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Anonymous said...

just all kinds of love and support from fam!! wow, that's so fresh goldi gold! im honored that you would even mention me. much love always!