Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Gritty Committee: "Dope Girl Magic" Boog Brown Live @ Apache Cafe

Untitled from Lex Boogie on Vimeo.

Written by MeedyMek

I can't think of a better way to Introduce our Gritty Followers to Boog Brown other than to let Mike Tyson Do it...your main objective out here is to do nuttin but,Eat Eat Eat Eat MCS,for lunch, breakfast....Since Boog Brown is "On her Grind Like She Neva Ate",you better keep your plate close cause she goes Innnn! 
The Gritty had the opportunity to catch Boog in action last night as she mashed up de stage at the Apache Cafe.Boog definitely had heads in control as she sprinkled them with a lil "Dope Girl Magic". 
If you don't know who Boog Brown is you better do your homework,she is the Most Gritty Chic spittin on these streets in Atlanta.

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