Thursday, April 21, 2011

VIDEO: HAS-LO "Untitled #1 (Hold On)"

No Doubt!!!

words Mellomusic group

The second video, Untitled #1 (Hold On), was directed by Antonio Battle who also came up with the visual concepts. The song is one of the most autobiographical on the entire album. With the passing of Has-Lo's Grandmother the video's cemetery scene was meant to match the track's lyrival content and emotive weight. It was a visit to a lost relative on the anniversary of their passing. Other scenes such as the record store were more textural, to give listeners a setting to go with the music. It was also designed to emphasize the fact that music is a part of how Has-Lo copes with life's trials. Putting a video to this one was important for Has due to the personal nature of the track and since not everyone catches the layers of meaning within a song on just a listen or two: sometimes visuals help to key people into the themes.

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