Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School Of Sharks Presents: MarQ Spekt & Huey P Capone – Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow by Steadybloggin

Gezzuuuss! y'all won't be able to go to bed after knocking this timeless joint tough. SMH

words by MarQ Spekt

If it’s one thing the game is missing, it’s fun. Not silly, nonsensical fun, but the fun mc’s used to have spitting and sharing their craft. We decided to keep the gems dropping because the movement has been growing on some a fan a day shit. You gotta appreciate the people who appreciate you. In doing this and with this new era of sharing music, I decided to open up the vaults a lil bit. This project originally done in 2003-04 embodies this totally. Bare in mind I’ve been doing art and being creative for a long time. This project was something organic between two friends who grew up in the culture like it was an eye of a hurricane or middle of a tornado. We weren’t some 2nd or 3rd hand account type people we were there. You’ll feel the hunger and rawness in the music, but I think you’ll also hear the fun as well. In conjunction with the good peoples over atSteadyBloggin‘/Philaflavas/TROYBlog I present to you
Snakeyes VS Stormshadow

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