Friday, July 19, 2013

Uptown XO (of Diamond District) - Finding My Way (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Director's Statement: "The video for "Finding My Way" takes cues from the boom bap style production of the track and imagines Uptown XO as two sides of the same young man, coming of age during the mid-nineties in Washington D.C. During the first verse XO takes on the persona of a street minded hustler, spending time in alleyways, shady housing, and rooftops. While for the second verse he portrays the role of a government insider, working to enact change through the political system on Capitol Hill. These twin lifestyles echo the flip side of the same mindset, much like the dichotomy of the District itself." Mp3: CD: Vinyl: Diamond District emcee Uptown XO releases the video version of his first single "Finding My Way" from the album "Colour de Grey". A.B. The Pro produces, adding a percussive funk loop to XO's introspective lyrical mood. XO explores all he's been through - from childhood evictions and lost memories, to the battle for his soul: "Lost erything in life and had to start all over / I had to cope with the pain, now I can't stay sober." As always a picturesque tour of Washington DC from Uptown XO. Twitter: Facebook: Product: CD, LP, Mp3 Artist: Uptown XO Album: Colour de Grey Release Date: February 5, 2013 Mello Music Group Copyright 2013

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