Thursday, June 7, 2012

VIDEO:Killer Mike - "Big Beast" (Official Video, ft. Bun B, T.I., Trouble, & El-P)

YIKES!!!! Killer Mike gives the 2012 "Zombie Apocalypse" its first anthem. Here's the lead single from Mike's new record, 'R.A.P. Music,' featuring Bun B, T.I., and Trouble, with production by El-P. Directed by Thomas C. Bingham. Produced by CFILM1 in partnership with Adult Swim. RAP MUSIC is Out Now Buy at iTUNES: Limited Edition 12 inch Double Disc Vinyl Now Available at

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Jay Lee said...

Actually this is not the first Hip Hop 2012 zombie Apocalypse Anthem. That song was done by the southern hip hop artist Da'Shade Moonbeam on the song "They are Coming.." I love Killer Mike, the song is solid, as well as the album. Can't wait to see what he does next!