Monday, April 9, 2012

84 AREA.COM: What’s He Living For?: An Interview with Yamin Semali

Glad Sheldon is back in the 84 area. Thumbs up!!!

Photo by: Will Feagins Jr[@HighImpactDsgns].
Heyyyyyyy EVERYBODY!!! Oh how I’ve missed you! I am back! I am back! I promise!

At A3C in October,  as I walked around in my drunken stupor,  I had the opportunity to formally meetYamin (AmDex depending on how long you’ve known him) and even though I cannot remember much of the conversation (please remember I stated I was drunk) I do remember how humble he was when I told HIM that he was a part of Clan Destined.  Over the next few months I kept hearing his name and he kept popping up on my Twitter Timeline so why not interview the cat…Right?   The interview is a bit formal since it was done via email.  Enjoy and such!:

How long have you been involved in the Atlanta music scene?(i.e. DJing, Performing)
Since 99, 2000. I’ve done all aspects from promotions with Redd Distribution and Loud Records, artist contact, radio host and MD at WRAS Rhythm and Vibes, deejay for countless events and artists, beat battle champ, and all of that was before 25. Three years later, I’ve found new and better ways to keep going.

How do you describe your sound?  READ

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