Wednesday, October 12, 2011

VIDEO: Dillon Aint Playin Promo


'Dillon Aint Playin' is the latest failure from, Dillon. Dillon Vaughan Maurer that is.
This is a video to prove to you that you should buy it, probably at least 10 times.

'Dillon Aint Playin' is an EP from Dillon w/ production from Paten Locke, Batsauce, Willie Evans Jr, Anthony Accurate, Supa Dave West & Diamond D. And Dillon. And Raps also from Boog Brown.

It will be released in early December by Dillon - he's hooking up 300 copies only. The EP will be put together by Dillon & his goons by hand with organic & recycled materials. (For the ladies)

Dillon is NOT playing. So you can't either. Go to RIGHT NOW to pre-order the EP, get the T-Shirt, the hoodie, the canvas tote bag, the private chef dinner, all that.

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