Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Of Sharks Presents: The Broady Sessions

Everything has a origin. Saw this joint at the Gritty Commitee. Salute to the massive!!!

Words from Marq Spekt

Well… I had gotten a couple g’s for a single (back when you could get dough like that for like 2-3 songs lol) but it was a hectic time in my life. Lot of hustling but I was supposed to do a whole album for Subverse. I actually was spending like days at a time wit Big Juss and Scienz of Life, just chilling and vibing and recording. I had met Doom in 99 and used to just build on the phone wit him a lot as well. He actaully told me when I get my budget he’d produce my whole shit for like $200 a beat. Shit was looking really, really good for the kid goin into 2001, when my single dropped. I felt like my album was gonna be an underground classic. Shit I even ran into El-P in Atlanta....READ

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